Islam is a Cult of Bloodshed-Entertainment. ref:
Atlas Shrugs Indonesia.

A big number of people associate Islam only with violence. Ignorance is the greatest cause of all mistakes that leads people to extremism.

It seems that many adapted an Islam far away from the concept of the Great Prophet. Islam is transformed in diabolic Cults of terror,arson,rape
and massacres.

Islam is a Cult that do not support dialogue nor
criticism neither tolerance. Everyone is really afraid to express what he believes in his own motherland. Islam creates a sense of fear and tension in civilized society. Yet Islam dominates the Metropolis. The question is. Who is the boss?

But why kill Theo van Gogh of all the people who are free in their own country. Is this an Islam Dominus Status?

The assassin Mohammed Bouyeri is in jail. Yet the
Islam Monsters who commissioned Bouyeri are free
enjoying life to the full in Amsterdam ready for another bloodshed-entertainment.

News reaching from Indonesia manifest a comedy of errors of Islam. The Jemaah Islamiah is an Islamic guerrilla network synonyms to Indonesia. In their urge of revenge and hatred towards America. The Jemaah Islamiah bomb America in Jakarta and in Bali! The question is. Islam is in war with Indonesia? Can anyone name which tribe is behind the Islam war strategies against Indonesia?

Amsterdam. 25th.September,2009. My name is Listiani Lestari id:530971312. Converted from Islam by my Dutch husband.