New York Primary Election Sept 14: Wi...

New York Primary Election Sept 14: Will you vote?

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Stratford, CT

#10025 Sep 11, 2012
anyway too wrote:
Actually, Mrs. Magic Underwear purchased her dress with money that should've been paid in taxes.
She could've bought every woman in america a dress with the amount of money that they've hidden in the Cayman Islands.
Obama is now up by over 10 points in the polls. Stop pretending to be elite supporting Mitt, he wouldn't even look at you blue collar greaseballs.
"envy is very unattractive"

United States

#10026 Sep 11, 2012
how stupid are you wrote:
Who are we fighting in Afghanistan and why?
Osama was in Pakistan, not Afghanistan.
Al quaida is not in Afghanistan so why is obama letting our troops stay there and be killed?
Ask your mother she blows, I mean she knows everything.
Teddy R

San Francisco, CA

#10027 Sep 11, 2012
John Joseph Smith wrote:
I don't care about the haircut, everyone makes mistakes in their youth. The dog issue is more relevant, as is the alien underwear, and him belonging to a cult.
You consider these lame Obamatron attempts at deflection and character assassination 'relevant" issues?

That tells us about all we need to know about the "relevance" of the reat of your silly post ...
John Joseph Smith wrote:
Unlike the birther hicks, the people asking for Mitt's tax returns have a leg to stand on.
Horsecrap. Private info of rightful interest only to Obama's own IRS - and they have no problem with Romney's tax returns.

Another bullsh!t "issue" being flogged by the Obama/Axelrod/Wasserman-Schult z/Farrett propaganda ministry in a desperate attempt to distract Americans from demanding Obama defend his miserable record of incompetence and epic failure on Job #1.

John Joseph Smith wrote:
Aside from that, Paul Ryan isn't qualified to be a mayor.
If the GOP thought they had a chance, they would've done better than these two. They actually manage to make a worse ticket than McCain and Palin. Jeb and Marco are waiting until 2016.
So THIS is your idea of a compelling argument why Americans should return a pair of DEMONSTRATED incompetents to office for another 4 years, so they can re-double their destruction of Americans' interests, packing the SCOTUS with extreme leftists Justices, selling Americans' security interests down the river to Putin and Medvendev, continue emptying the Treasury for the benefit of their political cronies and adding another 5 TRILLION to the debt?

Teddy R

San Francisco, CA

#10028 Sep 11, 2012
Really wrote:
<quoted text>
He actually hasn't said anything. When asked what tax loopholes would be closed he said "my campaign will disclose that after the election". When asked why he won't say he stated "If I told you I wouldn't win this election" and when asked about energy policies he stated "ill discuss that when members of the press are not around"

Cite and link your authoritative sources for these alleged verbatim quotes from Gov. Romney, please.
Teddy R

San Francisco, CA

#10029 Sep 11, 2012
democrat wrote:
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is Navy, Marine vet
Comment: In 1961, a young African-American man, after hearing President
John F. Kennedy's challenge to, "Ask not what your country can do for you,
but what you can do for your country," bla bla bla ...<rest of plagiarized Jeremiah Wright apologia snipped>

And he's also a full-blown hater - racist, White-hating, America-hating d-bag scumsucker that damns our nation and blames America for 9-11 and justifies the murderous actions of jihadis that killed 3000 Americans on 9-11.

Your point?

Never mind responding - you can only make yourself look even more ridiculous if you do.


Ithaca, NY

#10030 Sep 11, 2012
I sre hope Obama pack the court with leftists,the reps have no trouble trying to pack the court with right wingers.Now somebody show me verbatim,where it says in the constitution,that rightwingers are better than eftwingers.Just rightwing bullshit that they are more american and more patriotic then leftwingers are.Sheer and utter nonsense,from the nuts on the right,matches their doom and horrible scenarios,that will happen when Obama is re-elected.The right always needs something or someone to demonize and denigrate,it's a way of life for them.
Teddy R

San Francisco, CA

#10031 Sep 11, 2012
JoeSchmoe wrote:
<quoted text>Let's just see what the Rev said.
<more Jeremiah Wright horsecrap hate speech snipped >...
Gee - you left out this gem of the Rev's anti-America hate rant:

"The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing 'God Bless America.' No, no, no, God damn America, that's in the Bible for killing innocent people," he said in a 2003 sermon. "God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme."

"God damn America." Thanks Rev - you incomparable scumbag.

Howcum that didn't make your lame attempt at lauding this sociopath as some kind of stand-up guy worthy of any respect?

Or his telling his congregation on the Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001, with nearly 3000 dead innocent Americans and the 1st reposnders who tries to save them still lying under a smoking pile of rubble in downtown Manhattan, and families still trying to explain to kids why their Mom or Dad won't ever be coming home from work again, this scumbag posing in the pulpit oas man of God, a disciple of Christ tells his congregation that these innocent people HAD BROUGHT AL QAEDA'S HEINOUS ATTACKS ON THEMSELVES because of 'America's own terrorism.'

"We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye," Rev. Wright said in a sermon on Sept. 16, 2001.

Even Obama denied to the New York Times being at the church on the day of Rev. Wright's 9/11 disgusting sermon. "The violence of 9/11 was inexcusable and without justification," Obama said.

You, Sir, are a despicable scumbag for even attempting to justify this man's (Wright's) wholly unacceptable hate speech.

Dismissed. GTFO.
Teddy R

San Francisco, CA

#10032 Sep 11, 2012
Out Foxed wrote:
<quoted text>
When Clinton speaks they listen... =3L2513JFJsYXX&feature=rel ated
Who cares.

Bubba's not running. Neither is Hillary. Neither will be in a 2nd Obama administration.

So what's your point in posting this link?
Teddy R

San Francisco, CA

#10033 Sep 11, 2012
Northwoods Ponytailed Hippie Wastoid wrote:
I sre hope Obama pack the court with leftists,... <snippage>.
Yes. I'm sure you do.

Ithaca, NY

#10034 Sep 11, 2012
Bubba's not running,but only a fool,thinks he won't have an impact.He is well liked by the people and he brings needed energy to the campaign.He will also bring in big and small money donors,to keep Obama on an equal financial footing,with mittens.
Out Foxed

Bronx, NY

#10035 Sep 11, 2012
Teddy R wrote:
<quoted text>
Who cares.
Bubba's not running. Neither is Hillary. Neither will be in a 2nd Obama administration.
So what's your point in posting this link?
I think you have been hanging around with too many gay guys in SF and taking it up the butt. The post was in response to an idiot that posted about Osama. The video link shows how Clinton was trying to get this bastard Osama but the Republicans said it was the tail wagging the dog. Maybe you don't remember or are you just stupid!

Ithaca, NY

#10036 Sep 11, 2012
Teddy R,I see you are real full of internet courage tonight.Nothing like acting tougher then nails,when you can hide behind the internet,and topixs' no real names policy.If you had been able to comprehend what I posted,you would have read,that I said,I do not always agree with what Wright says.I just made mention of the fact that he served his country with honor and distinction.Ever heard of free speech,it's not popular speech,but free speech.As for America screwing black people he was 100 percent on the mark.Explain why a blackman is 4 times more likely to get the death penalty then a white man,who commits a murder just as brutal,is.Why do blacks get more prison time for crack then whites get for cocaine,it's the same drug.Whites use drugs at the same rate as blacks do,but the prisons are filled with blacks for drug crimes,because cops,dont go into white suburbs.As for despicable scum,you and your mother certainly are.You wouldn't have the balls to say that to my face.At least Wright served,which is more then romney,cheneylimbagh and a whole host of right wingrs like you did.All you are is a sunshine patriot,with your nose up the arse of anyone who's got a lot of money.Snot nosed kid,probably never worked a day in your life.

Ithaca, NY

#10038 Sep 11, 2012
By the way,teddy=peddy,where was your condemnation of right wing evangelicasls who said we deserved 9/11,as punishment from god,for being a sinful nation?Oh that's right.they were white.
Obama is a FAILURE

Utica, NY

#10040 Sep 11, 2012
Obama helped the Muslim brotherhood take over Egypt and Libya and now that area is in chaos, and gas prices go UP every day. Obama is a complete failure across the globe.

Bronx, NY

#10041 Sep 11, 2012
The Department of Defense announced today the death of two soldiers who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

They died Sept. 5, in Logar Province, Afghanistan, of injuries suffered when their aircraft crashed. They were assigned to the 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Killed were:

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jose L. Montenegro Jr., 31, of Houston, Texas, and

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Thalia S. Ramirez, 28, of San Antonio, Texas.

Merrick, NY

#10042 Sep 11, 2012
truebluedem wrote:
By the way,teddy=peddy,where was your condemnation of right wing evangelicasls who said we deserved 9/11,as punishment from god,for being a sinful nation?Oh that's right.they were white.
So anti-American hate speech (that our current President lapped up for years) is fine because the speaker was black and because there is white guy just as bad somewhere? Interesting point of view.

My take, not to answer for Teddy, is that the "right wing evangelicals" spewing hate speech were doing it a room full of nobodies. Our current President was a part of Wright's congregation... which is the only reason HE IS RELEVANT!

The right wing boogie man is not.
God Bless America

Bronx, NY

#10043 Sep 11, 2012
"Why have a civilization if no one is interested in being civilized?"

&fe ature=related

Since: Feb 10

Location hidden

#10044 Sep 11, 2012
Teddy R wrote:
<quoted text>
Who cares.
Bubba's not running. Neither is Hillary. Neither will be in a 2nd Obama administration.
So what's your point in posting this link?
and niether is the REV.
Have a nice night
God Bless America

Bronx, NY

#10045 Sep 11, 2012
I will take Rev.&#8234;Jeremiah Wright&#8236;...

Wright has received a Rockefeller Fellowship and seven honorary doctorate degrees, including from Colgate University, Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Valparaiso University, United Theological Seminary, Chicago Theological Seminary, and Starr King School for the Ministry.Wright was named one of Ebony magazine's top 15 preachers. He was also awarded the first Carver Medal by Simpson College in January 2008, to recognize Wright as "an outstanding individual whose life exemplifies the commitment and vision of the service of George Washington Carver"..

You Republicans can have &#8234;Pat Robertson...&#8236;


Ithaca, NY

#10046 Sep 11, 2012
I'll say one thing for you nac,you excel at talking out of both sides of your mouth.Obama was only a state rep. at the time,and he wasn't attending church,the day Wright made that speech.As for the evngelicals,some of them have huge followings.I previously said,I didn't agree with everything he has said.I just pointed out that he had a distinguished military record,something a lot of flag waving,right wingers of his generation do not have.Hell,Darrel Issa,has a bad conduct discharge.But the point is,he had a right to say it,that's guaranteed by the constitution.It's free speech,not popular speech.

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