i have the best memories of dick and doras .as a child in the 60s, i went there with my parents. my favorite table was in that small nook with a table of 4 in the front. i used to pretend it was our special table. we Always started with baked clams and soaked up the wine and garlic sauce with awesome bread. we had a table of 10 in 2008, a family get together with family we havent seen in a long time.the food was great.my hubby and i went a couple of times in 2009 for early bird specials , also great. budget tight havent been out to dinner in quite awhile. while driving around today cause i had to drive with that dumb engine light turned off to get the car inspected, i went up and down blocks i havent seen in ages . dick and doras was gone. how sad.but very nice memories.