The sex offender was living at 25 n.longbeach ave unregistered for almost 6 months.The house is located across from 2 major bus stops and apar,tment buildings loaded with children freeport police and mayor harwick did not want to know?.The brother he lives with frauds, the nassau county and social security with mental disability and laughs as he runs his 2 businesses and brags about it ,he also thinks it a joke that no one ever checked about the guns in the house and how he is on the job????.The brothers tryed to evict a person who had lended them money,alfred destroyed a car and a detective ekstrom 1st in baldwin never check a fact ,An off duty police officer saw alfred yet told the detective he had a broken foot while running after smashing a windsheild,the brother took the same person to small claims after he and alfred,had said pay now or later?even though it was the other way around said he had connections?A ms .lowey?????The person was afraid since alfred seemed to be untouchable and he said he had people who owed him.The da was told by his superior not enough info to bring up charges,he also denied contact with his attorney.I hope not only alfred but also gregory who tryed to fraud an ex wife ,an ex finacial advisor, and many renters finally get punished for all the things they have done.The nassau county D.A.s office should see why D.W.I.s gregorys, fraud,and little time served alfred 1 year can get away wit hcausing so much pain to others WHO DO THEY KNOW?????????