Prosecutor says no deals for Bordelon

Prosecutor says no deals for Bordelon

There are 52 comments on the The Advocate/Sunday Advocate story from Jan 30, 2006, titled Prosecutor says no deals for Bordelon. In it, The Advocate/Sunday Advocate reports that:

The District Attorney's Office isn't interested in offering Gerald Bordelon a deal to spare him the death penalty, even if he agrees to a life sentence, a prosecutor said in court Monday.

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observers of justice


#22 Jan 7, 2009
I can't help but wonder if our Dear Governor Bobby Jinday realizes what he is possibly going to be served with here shortly.

If Gerald Bordelon gets his way, Bobby Jindal will be able to use Gerald as a prime example of how he feels towards Child Rapist and Murders. Gerald hopes to have a death warrant on Jindals desk this year. I expect Bobby to jump for joy at being able to sign a death warrant for a child killer.

He should just go ahead and call Perrilloux and that him for playing politics with Gerald's arrest, 4 year trial preparation and fiasco of a trial- oh, thank Charlotte Herbert and Judge Bennett while you are at it. Hell, Stewart even participated in all the shananigans during the trial of the century in Livingston parish....admitting right after court that he only got on 10% of his case. Now, why do you reckon that was- whose payroll was he actually on??? In Livingston parish- hmmm, we can oh so imagine. So Bobby, guess what- you may very well be getting to make known your true political nature in 2009. Gerald is actually fixing to give you the gift of a lifetime....if you all just knew the politics behind the case- all the witnesses testimony withheld, overrulled on and objected too by the DA. Hell, Stewart fed the ADA all his defense starategies before the trial. Herbert knew what she had coming at her to begin with.

Keep adding to the story....go ahead. I will just keep taking notes.
observers of justice


#23 Jan 7, 2009
Elected Prosecutors' Crucial Role in Death Cases The police officers' and the prosecutors' actions described in these findings were intentional, were done in bad faith, and are outrageous.-Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt[83]

A prosecutor has enormous discretion to pursue either the death penalty or a life sentence; to accept or refuse a plea bargain; and to decide whether to put the full strength of the government's power behind a particular prosecution. The elected prosecutor is aware that a death penalty trial will be given heightened media coverage. If an election is looming, a death penalty case provides a tempting opportunity to garner free advertising and to portray an image of toughness.

Generally, this broad discretion is unreviewable. As long as a case fits the minimum criteria, courts cannot second guess a prosecutor's decision to make a particular murder case into a death penalty case. Moreover, once the decision to seek the death penalty is publicly announced, it is very difficult to reverse the process, even in the face of strong evidence of innocence.

A Notch On Their Guns

Some prosecutors brag about their death penalty convictions as if they were notches on their guns. They campaign for office, knowing that it is almost impossible to appear "too tough" on crime. For example, Bob Macy, the District Attorney of Oklahoma City, proudly lists as the first item in his campaign literature that he has sent 44 murderers to death row.[84]


#24 Jan 11, 2009
When Gerald was first arrested in EBR Parish- Scott Perrilloux went to the EBR DA and ASked for the case to be transferred to LIV Parish and they obliged......The EBR Detectives turned over all the info they had collected on the case which was inclusive of timelines written by both Jennifer and LAna, ANd another by Gerald's sisters. Also included was tape recorded statements by both parties, specifically Cindy LAndry, Gerald's sister. This tape included information specifically about the arrest and conversation between Cindy and Gerald that took place in her driveway right before Gerald brought the FBI to the site where Courtney laid.

During that conversation Cindy Landry told Gerald exactly what the FBI Profilers told her to tell him....That Courtney deserved a proper burial and if he knew anything about her location to tell the police so she could have a proper burial. Also, swearing to her brother that if he was charged with the DP that she would help fight his battles in court. FBI Agent Mary O'Toole had harrassed Cindy in her home- including jumping up and down on Cindy's wooden floor demanding Cindy to help them, admitting there was no other way to proceed without Cindy's help. The FBI now have this information on a tape recorded statement by Gerald himself. The ADA Charlotte Hebert continued to withhold all of this evidence from the defense throughout the suppression hearings, continuing through the entire trial for 4 plus years, she never handed this information over to Mr. Sibley and to Mr. Stewart whom were both continually informed that this info was given to EBR Parish Detectives. Bills of particulars were supposed to be filed to obtain this info. Herbert continually lied saying she did not have this information when she did. Furthermore, she told the Judge,"We will never know what Cindy Landry told her brother, kept Cindy from testifying about the occurrances of the arrest and conversation she was refering to....all the while the PD's never spoke to Cindy about the actual events and could not cross examine others properly because of thier lack of communication.

So in turn the Judge rules that the FBI did not use Cindy and no promises were made so they could use the confession....Later during the trial, Chalotte Herbert sure was quoting the same conversation while waving the cassette tape around the courtroom and later quoting what Cindy told her brother during the exact conversation she earlier told the Judge, "We will Never Know What Cindy said.." She even was quoting Cindy in her closing arguements of the trial.....Herbert knows she withheld information...Oh, and while Herbert was waving this tape around, She had Scott Perrilloux reading the Majority of the informationwithheld during the Suppression Hearings written by Cindy Landry which he also refused to submit as evidence along with The FBI Profilers Business cards in which they hand wrote Thank you notes - one specificall Thanking Cindy for her assistance. Scott did not want to submit those to the court neither,...yet people take oaths to tell the truth, the whole truth etc.....All the while the DA keeps the truth off the stand.

That is Livingston Parish Da's Office....


#25 Jan 11, 2009
The Warden monitored Gerald's communication's after the escape, handed it over to the DA and others--The ADA Herbert even quote one of Cindy 's letters to Gerald in her closing arguements of the Trial when talking about the possibility of Gerald bringing Courtney to the trailer in MS which very well could have happened. This is in a letter ver batim. The night the FBI was called to MS because Gerald was stopped in Gloster, questioned him and let him go about 3 am. They have no idea if Gerald went to the empty trailer (which was never checked and vacant the whole time) picked her up and moved her to EBR that night or not. He sure stayed in the motel right by the river where she was found that night-early am. and the next night.
Gerald did provide info to others about relocating the body, yet no one has knowledge of this because of thier failure to investigate, communicate, and follow through with thier jobs.


#26 Jan 11, 2009
How the Judge can tell the FBI while on the stand, "that someone need to check the law because it may not allow the FBI to use a citizen to do thier job for them when they cannot do it thirself during a custodial investigation," and rule that they did not use Cindy Landry at the same time is beyond me. Why SIbley did not submit the FBI busicards thanking Cindy for her assistance is also beyond me.
Why Stewart failed to get off his ass and cross examine anyone is not beyond me because we are speaking of Livingston Parish.


#27 Mar 8, 2009
An inmate that did become suicidal while up for a DP case can manipulate the law- state - thereby having the state put him to death whether guilty or not. As Louisiana law reads, it allows a capital defendant to plead guilty without a trial, go straight to penalty phase by jury, waive mitigation at penalty phase- most often assuring the DP, then waive appeals, and be executed without review.

How ethical is this?


#28 Mar 15, 2009
Another thing the Da and Judge accepted to be true was that when the Gerald led the FBI to the crime scene, upon Gerald being placed in the Car the FBI was driving- that Agent Mary O'Toole got in the car with him and did not talk to him...not a word. This was to their advantage to present to the court without O'Toole being questioned about it- no testimony from her for cross examination, truth or anything.
Now, you tell me if you are a FBI Profiler and someone just told you where a body is located and you are left alone with them, that you would sit there with your mouth shut- not questioning him about anything....I think not. How stupid it is for the Judge to accept case without all testimony involved.

Also, when they first drove up and Agent Methvin saw the underwear hanging on a piece of tall grass- he stated, "there is no way that has been there for 11 days.." this too was kept from others knowledge.

Why on earth are they still questioning Gerald to this day about whether he is sure He did not move Courtney's body, or if he is sure she was dead on that day...

Is it because they understand the amount of Acetone in her system could not have just appeared all on its own...Did they get the psychiatrist report who analyzed the death threat letters sent to Gerald which states that she died only 4-5 days before she was located, which jives with the actual coroner's report--not Gerald's testimony.

Why the coroner that made the actual report- his testimony was kept off the stand also..and the defense went along with it. ADA claimed he could not be located, whereas the family had him located within two days of trying....his office knew where he was the whole time. Another trick by the DA to keep info from the Judge.

O'Toole claims to be so smart, Tunkel claimed something would be done about the death threat letters, Methvin is too egotistical to believe anyone else has a brain besides himself, and Safarik- his threats were withheld, name and all from the entire case file as though he never was around.......lies lies achieve a death penalty win.

They let one officer sit back and observe and tell what he wanted rather than putting the testimony of all those involved on the stand to tell the WHOLE truth and let the Judge make an honest well informed opinion.


#29 Jun 25, 2009
Prejudice and arbitrary factors are the only way the court can get out of there decision that will effect all those on death row, maybe even the US.LASC has been requested to make a precidential decision in LA and the US. So death row inmates waive appeals and they are called volunteers for suicide. Only, most have waived their appeals after the first bout of appeals, not beffore any appeals. Gerald is asking for them to go ahead with their penalty of death just like Perrillooux allowed an all white jury to do. Never allowing them to read Jennifer's death threat letters or the letter from an expert psychiatrist that testifed in the Catholic church cases- in federal court. Liv court - Judge Bruce Bennett personally saw to it that he was disqualified- doing the disqualifying himself- said he was not good enough to testify in his courtroom.
They did not allow the actual coroner to testify either. He was not able to be located for a supheonea. Another wrong and cover up by the defense. The misquito abatement lady was believed over a Doctor of etimolgy too. Prejudice and arbitrary this is.

Do the people in Livingston parish realize that out of 22 cases that received the death penalty in LIV parish, only two have not been turned around by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Only two.
20 have been sent back for new trial, new penalty phase, due to error of the LIV parish court system. This is not mentioned on the Da's resume. Oh no, we can't have the truth be told. That LIV have problems having cases turned around due to their error.

The jailors, prosecutors, judges and defense in that parish are all sleeping in the same bed at night. No matter the case- drugs or murder- they all sleep together.

Why the LASC has not investigated this is beyond the imagination. If they did a thorough job as one would expect....the courts, public and outside LE would have their chins hanging to the floor. It would be news of the century.


#30 Jun 25, 2009
Why would the Judge look an FBI officer in the eye while the FBI is on the stand and state that you need to look up the law because I am not sure it states that you can use a citizen to do your job for you when you cannot do it yourself during a custodial interrogation? Why would the judge not look it up, or the Da, not to mention the FBI agent? The Judge acknowledged exactly what the FBI did, but ruled it was okay this time, I will let you get away with it for now because I am going to convict this person regardless of following the law- but just be prepared for the next time you use a citizen to do your job for you!!!!!!


#31 Jun 28, 2009
Why is the victima nd witness law titled just that if it the prosecutors in LA do not even acknowledge the witnesses?
Go Figure


#32 Jul 21, 2009
Out of 500 people in the Jury Pool, 1 person was black and dismissed for living in Hammond being told she was not supposed to have received a supheonea. The pool was all white- which is not acceptaable in a parish which is one of the homes of the KKK. Along with the fact that the Chief of Detectives told the Defense attorney he had 8 cousins in the jury pool, and Stewart did not stand a chance of winning- right in front of witnesses. The jury pool should be proportionate racially to the population. Wonder if this was the case in the rest of the Capital Defense trials in Livingston Parish, and the Jury should have been asked if they were or knew KKK members (in any parish in the US which has such a status quo.)
thisstateiscrimi nal

Nashville, TN

#33 Jul 22, 2009
Go Figure wrote:
Out of 500 people in the Jury Pool, 1 person was black and dismissed for living in Hammond being told she was not supposed to have received a supheonea. The pool was all white- which is not acceptaable in a parish which is one of the homes of the KKK. Along with the fact that the Chief of Detectives told the Defense attorney he had 8 cousins in the jury pool, and Stewart did not stand a chance of winning- right in front of witnesses. The jury pool should be proportionate racially to the population. Wonder if this was the case in the rest of the Capital Defense trials in Livingston Parish, and the Jury should have been asked if they were or knew KKK members (in any parish in the US which has such a status quo.)
Imagine being accused of a serious crime by a woman in a womans' state ( Tennessee ). The south is not only guilty of decades,if not centuries of racial profiling/discrimination but also gender profiling/discrimiantion. The real kicker, the accuser can brag on the internet about getting away with her crime.
thisstateiscrimi nal

Nashville, TN

#34 Jul 22, 2009
The woman perjured her statement to the police and admits it.


#35 Aug 13, 2009
Out of over 20 cases in Perrilloux's district that was sentenced to death, all were overturned by the Supreme Court of LA due to errors in the cases, of course this is not advertised on the Da's resume when he is up for election.
For such a political person being in such a position....he should be seriously investigated along with others in his office.
Just start by looking at how many black jurors ever existed on a jury in his district for capital cases, going further to see how many were even in the jury pools.
Go Figure


#36 Aug 13, 2009
Michael wreary's case:
An all white jury, only one black questioned in pool and struck by DA without cause.


#37 Oct 12, 2009
From the Proclamation of the Six Woes

Luke 10:46, Jesus replied,”And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.”


#38 Oct 12, 2009
SO what is Perrilloux going to say if the LASC rules Gerlad's penalty is excessive due to prejudice, arbitrary factor, and such as it actually was due to the behavior of Judge Bennett in the Court room, and the ADA lying directly to the courts- nobody stopping her, and the total lack of representaion by Wayne Stewart, for he did not cross any witnesses, he just sat there and let the ADA tear up his witnesses...with no reply. none, notta. He just sat there, would not even look at his witnesses.....not to mention the extent that they all went to keep the death threat letters off the stand

Baton Rouge, LA

#39 Oct 17, 2009
Why is everything a black/white issue now well its really always been that way if a black thinks they not getting what they want they turn it into racist and all of other dumb stuff. Just funny how blacks always looking to point fingers at people when they not on the top of anything.


#40 Oct 17, 2009
you assume I am black.......I could be purple, green or yellow..........what a racist comment you made....when others were stating facts.

Livingston Parish is home of the KKK and would never intertain a black jury.....actually as the Chief of Detectives told Wayne Stewart, He personally had eight cousins on the Jury and the case was a rap before it ever started....suppose you don't get that either


#41 Oct 17, 2009
Charlotte Herbert lied her face off to the JUdge to get this conviction..............she will take a fall for it also......God knows everything, and he will see to it all is made known by what she did to get this confession on the record, even if it meant lying to the Judge about the evidence she had.......she knows she did it, and I am sure Perrilloux instructed her to do whatever it took. She was holding recorded evidence in her desk of a conversation she told the Judge on record that he would never have knowledge of,,,later putting the same exact evidence onto the record.........she cannot cover up what she did, God as my witness......she knows, and has no more a conscious than those she convicts to death......

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