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Amherst Mystery: Did UMass Researchers Kill Maura Murray?

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Amherst, MA

#1 Mar 29, 2009
Maura Murray, a UMass student, was last seen in or near Amherst during the second week of February 2004. Monday, February 9, 2004 is normally given as the date on which she disappeared, although no one is publicly known to have seen her on Monday.

A dark colored Saturn (1996?) was found abandoned near a sharp curve in the road on Route 112, Haverhill, New Hampshire - also known as the Kangamangus Highway - on the evening of Feb. 9, 2004.

The car was registered to her father, Fred Murray, but was reportedly driven by daughter Maura Murray, a UMass nursing student at the time. It is not known whether anyone else had access to or regularly used the Saturn.

Why did Maura Murray disappear? Was she using nutritional supplements developed by UMass or Amherst area researchers? Did she die or get sick as a result of using these supplements? Was she abducted and murdered? Or is her disappearance a hoax?

The disappearance of Maura Murray is a strange case indeed and may involve many local Amherst area connections yet to be fully explored.

Amherst, MA

#2 Mar 29, 2009
One the strangest things about the disappearance of Maura Murray is the lack of publicly available information. In sharp contrast to other disappearances, almost no information has been released by law enforcement (LE). According to the Amherst Police Department, UMass PD is handling the case.

Very early Friday morning, Feb. 6 (late Thursday night) Maura Murray, while at her post as a security person in Melville Dormitory in the Southwest cluster of dorms, received an unusually upsetting phone call. There are various versions about the origin of the call - whether or not it was from on-campus or off-campus.

Less than an hour earlier, another student, Petrit Vasi, was found lying unconscious in Triangle Street (near Mattoon) from a very serious head injury. It has not been determined whether Vasi fell or was hit by a passing car.

It is not known whether the phone call and the Vasi trauma are connected. It is possible that Vasi was the victim of a hit-and-run. He was transported to Baystate Medical Center's ICU. He did not regain consciousness for at least a few days, maybe a few weeks. At the time, it was not known whether he would even live. If he was, in fact, hit by a car that left the scene and if he died as a result, then LE would have been investigating a case of motor vehicle homicide.

If the Vasi hit can be ruled out as a possible reason for the disappearance of Maura Murray, then why did she suddenly disappear?

Was Murray the victim of a stalker? Was her disappearance and possible death by suicide a hoax to make her stalker think she was dead? Or to draw him to the Haverhill, New Hampshire area where the Saturn was found?

Or was she taking an amount or kind of nutritional supplement(s) that ultimately caused her death? Did she suffer side effects so serious that the developers of and investors in the supplements would have taken a serious financial hit if her condition had become public? Did they abduct and kill Maura Murray?

Or has Maura Murray disappeared voluntarily in order to run out the clock on the statue of limitations as it applies to motor vehicle homicide?

Is there a connection between the disappearance of Maura Murray and that of Molly Bish of Warren Massahcusetts? Is there a connection among the Murray and Bish cases and the case of the attempted abdution of Lindsay Ferguson, a high school track star at Saratoga Springs High School, in October 2005? After all, Ferguson's coach or coaches was/were, according to at least one other student's parents, strongly recommending that his/their runners take high doses of vitamins.

Why did Maura Murray disappear? Is her disappearance connected to the disappearance and presumed murder of Molly Bish and to the attempted abduction of Lindsay Ferguson? These three cases are very strange and certainly have some potentially overlapping details that may be the key to discoverying what happened to Maura Murray and Molly Bish. And what might have happened to Lindsay Ferguson.

Malden, MA

#3 Mar 30, 2009
Today, a poster on the "Where is Maura Murray" thread on Topix Franconia (NH) is saying that Maura Murray, in fact, was asked to leave West Point (USMA). See post # 18181. Although Murray's premature departure as a cadet is stated as a fact, the actual reason for her having been asked to leave WP is not given by the poster. It is made to sound too embarrassing to reveal on the Topix thread, but very relevant, at least potentially, to Maura Murray's disappearance from UMass Amherst.

Why was - if it is indeed true - Maura Murray asked to leave the United States Military Academy at West Point?

Amherst, MA

#4 Mar 30, 2009
Why was Maura Murray asked to leave the United States Military Academy at West Point?

In what sense was she "asked?" Is "asked" a euphemism for told or order to leave?

Or was it merely suggested that Maura Murray leave USMA?

Who asked Maura Murray to leave USMA? A school official? A jealous classmate?

Did Maura have a choice? Did she WANT to leave USMA?

Did Maura Murray leave USMA because she violated school policy or some kind of code of conduct? Did she steal, cheat, get drunk, use drugs, have inappropriate sexual contact, skip classes, disobey orders, etc? Or was she asked to leave for some other reason? Was she asked to leave because she had health problems (not including mental health problems)? Did she have mental health problems that would relate to her disappearance from UMass Amherst.

Did Maura Murray ever temporarily "disappear" before?

How is Maura Murray's departure from USMA relevant to disappearance from UMass Amherst?

If there is a good chance that Maura Murray's disappearance is related to her early departure from West Point, then why all the secrecy about her life at UMass before she disappeared? No appearance on an ATM video, which video itself might or might not exist. No one on the other end of her phone calls who either spoke with her or recalls having spoken with her. No positive indications of her whereabouts on Sunday or Monday before she left. In sum, nothing. Again, it's as if she did not exist before she disappeared.

I question the West Point issue. Maybe it happened, maybe not. Maybe it's relevant, maybe not. But what it represents right now is nothing more than one more bubble of mystery. "Trust me, she was asked to leave West Point, but the reason is a secret."

The REASON Maura Murray's case is so compelling is that there is so much secrecy surrounding it compared to other cases of a similar nature.

Amherst, MA

#5 Mar 30, 2009
I find it interesting that so many people in the Amherst area who are connected to or were acquainted with the late Richard O. Johnson have such an intense interest in the disappearance of Maura Murray. Yet none of them seem to post on this thread. Or on the old MMM forum. Seem to.

It's too bad that Johnson rrecently died from cancer, considering his business interest, and presumably investment, in nutritional supplements that were supposed to LOWER one's cancer risk. Especially considering that his partner in the nutritional supplement business was a former UMass professor of food chemistry and their company, American River Nutrition, has ties with a company REALLY close to where Lindsay Ferguson met up with John Regan.

Richard Johnson was very active in the anti-abortion group Birthright of Amherst Area, which did have a small gallery not far from campus. If you think Birthright is a kind of mellow opponent of abortion, just read up on their darling Dr. John R. Diggs, Jr. Diggs's rhetoric is scary, plain and simple.

Johnson's business partner in the nutritional supplement business was also active in developing a pro-life church in Amherst.

In fact, an address that was given or referred to at least three times on this thread recently (presumably by Det. Columbo's clone, Web Whisperer) was an address owned and developed by Johnson. And just a few days ago, someone from that very address rear-ended me with a Saturn at a nearby stop light.

There's a lot of interest in Maura Murray's disappearance by people from the Amherst area. But it's not very apparent on this Franconia New Hamshire Topix thread. You'd think the people from the Amherst area who are so interested in Maura Murray's disappearance would contribute to this thread at least once in a while. How come they don't? Or do they?

Harrison, NJ

#6 Mar 31, 2009
I believe the leading reason Maura Murray disappeared lies in Amherst, Massachusetts. The Saturn crash on Rt. 112 in Haverhill, New Hampshire appears to have been a contrived event conceived in and orchestrated from Amherst, Massachusetts prior to Maura Murray's disappearance. I believe that Maura Murray may have been using a nutritional supplement, the (possibly excessive) use of which may have either killed her directly or led to her murder.

There are certainly other possible reasons for Maura Murray's disappearance, but I think this is the leading one - at least right now.

Other possibilities, which I hope to mention later, include a simple suicide. Another possible reason involves some connection between Maura Murray and the traumatic head injury received by fellow UMass student Petrit Vasi just days before Murray's disappearance; an injury received less than an hour before the alleged upsetting phone call Murray received late Thursday night (early Friday AM) while at her security post in Melville Dormitory in Southwest.

University of Massachusetts Police Department, which is conducting the investigation into Murray's disappearance, has had little to say about the vanished young student or her life prior to her disappearance.

Harrison, NJ

#7 Mar 31, 2009
I especially invite members of the Five College community and Amherst/Northampton area residents, among others, to contribute to this thread in an effort to find out why Maura Murray disappeared.

There are some interesting connections among the Murray case and the cases of Molly Bish of Warren, Massachusetts and Lindsay Ferguson, an outstanding, nationally competetive cross country runner at Saratoga Springs High School in New York. Maura Murray, like Ferguson, was also an outstanding cross country runner. Bish was a three letter athlete at her high school and a local lifeguard when she disappeared June 27, 2000. Bish was sixteen years old at the time of her disappearance.

Harrison, NJ

#8 Mar 31, 2009
I would like to know whether a truck or other vehicle blocked the departure of Maggie Bish after she dropped Molly Bish off at Comins Pond on the day or day before Molly Bish disappeared.

Or... did any truck or other vehicle block traffic to the Comins Pond parking lot on the day or day before Molly Bish disappeared?

If so, would this have blocked the traffic of the general public in arriving at the beach the day Molly Bish disappeared?

There is a pumping station or well field immediately next to the beach and parking area.

Harrison, NJ

#9 Mar 31, 2009
It's interesting that the home phone of a leading member of the Bish endorsed search and rescue team received a series of phone calls from an ex-priest convicted of having raped two girls during the 1980's.

The rapist, previously released from jail, was receiving a series of calls at his home phone from the prisoner phones at the Worcester County House of Correction during the fall of 2002, and the rapist in turn called the home phone of a leading member of the Bish endorsed search and rescue team. This series of phone calls occurred at the same time as Bish's bathing suit was found.

Harrison, NJ

#10 Mar 31, 2009
Apparently, Maura Murray smashed her father's brand new Toyota Corolla on North Maple St in Hadley early (2AM-4AM) Sunday morning, the day before she is believed to have disappeared.

Amherst, MA

#11 Mar 31, 2009
Did Maura Murray have diabetes?

Did Maura Murray have high cholesterol (probably related to her possible diabetes)?

Was Maura Murray taking a statin drug to lower her cholesterol?

Was she taking some form of vitamin E?

If Maura Murray had diabetes and/or high cholesterol, and if she was taking vitamin E, especially if the form of vitamin E was developed or in development by a former UMass professor, then there's an excellent chance that her disappearance can be explained.

There has been sustained and intense interest in Maura's disappearance by Amherst area people who appear to be connected to the nutritional supplement business.

If Maura's health was compromised by having taken some of the drugs that this group were developing or promoting, then there is a very good chance that her disappearance is related to her possible health issues or her use of certain nutritional supplements.

Because the players are mostly local, it is very possible that the reason for her disappearance can be discovered.

It may seem hard to believe, but in terms of time and money, it beats the hell out of continuing to comb the woods of Haverhill, New Hampshire. Unless there's a reason to keep doing so and coming up with nothing.

What's to lose by looking at the possible Amherst nutritional supplement connection?

Enough time has been squandered on Haverhill. Look at Amherst, too.

Amherst, MA

#14 Apr 1, 2009
Below is from the book "You Staying Young" by Mehmet C. Oz and Michael F. Roizen, et al. The passage below addresses the quest for longevity and briefly notes the corresponding dangers of cancer.

"So how do you change the function of your genes? One way is through the rebuilding of chromosomes. Your chromosomes... have small substances on the ends called telomeres. Think of them as being like those little plastic tips of shoelaces (which are called aglets...). Every time a cell reprodues, that telomere get a little shorter, just as the shoelace tip wears off with time. Once the protective covering of the tip is gone, your DNA and shoeslace begin to fray and are much harder to use. That's what causes cells to stop dividing and growing and replenishing your body. The cell realizes that it is no longer helping the body and it commits suicide (that's called apoptosis), which can contribute to age-related conditions. But your body also has a protein - called telomerase - that automatically replenishes and rebuilds the ends of the chromosomes to keep cells (and you) healthy. However, lots of cells in your body don't have telomerase, meaning that many of them have a reproduction limit - thus putting a cap on how well your systems can be replenished.(TELOMERASE, BY THE WAY, IS OVERACTIVE IN 85 PERCENT OF CANCERS. THAT MAKES SENSE, RIGHT? REBUILDING THE AGLET THAT ALLOWS CELLS TO DIVIDE HELPS THOSE CANCER CELLS REPRODUCE AND SPREAD.)[caps mine for emphasis.]"


What's more or less being talked about here is the subject of antioxidants, the stuff that is supposed to help cells live longer and better, meaning that you live longer and better (healthier). The catch is that what promotes good cell division also can promote runaway bad cell division - cancer.

The very first antioxidants were discovered in an attempt to make rubber, especially vulcanized rubber like on tires and boots, etc., last longer. That research was conducted by and those patents are held by a Connecticut company very familiar to John Regan and to the company, Loeb Partners, that retained Regan's attorney shortly after Regan INEXPLICABLY pleaded guilty to attempting to abduct Lindsay Ferguson.

It appears that these Connecticut chemical companies are connected, through the Gov. Rowland scandal, to someone with a real estate interest in an Amherst residential property near SW that may have been visited more than once by Maura Murray.

Amherst, MA

#16 Apr 3, 2009
If the Rt. 112 crash was staged, maybe it was staged exactly there for a specific and unique reason.

Maybe it was staged there to say, in effect, "Maura Murray was here. Maura Murray was last seen HERE." Something like that.

It seems very coincidental that the driver's employer would have an office right across the street from SW. Yes, it's possibly just a coincidence, but I think it's one the police ought to look into.

Was Maura Murray spirited away from someone stalking her? Probably not, but it's not out of the question, either.

Newton Center, MA

#17 Apr 8, 2009
Here are two things potentially relevant to Maura Murry's disappearance.

The driver's boss had an office across the street from SW.

People who were acquainted with and/or who have or had some association with the late Richard O. Johnson of Amherst have an intense interest in Maura Murray's disappearance.

Newton Center, MA

#18 Apr 8, 2009
Richard O. Johnson was part of American River Nutrition of Hadley, MA. American River Nutrition is in the business of developing and selling nutritional supplements, especially Vitamin E.

American River, "bought" by HQSM, was audited by Rotenberg, the same unknown accounting company that audited Espey Mfg and Electronics, the Saratoga Springs defense contractor located very near the spot where Lindsay Ferguson was attacked.

Gold and silver running (track) medals from the 1920's showed up at a Greenfield MA building connected to Johnson. The medals came from a Naples, Florida condo next to another condo, in the same building, owned by Espey Mfg. I believe the medals were "positioned" in this Greenfield MA building by Espey or someone close to the company.

This Greenfield MA building, connected to Johnson, is the origin of the books that belonged to the child rapist, which is how the information came to light regarding the phone calls from the prisoner phones at the Worcester County House of Correction to the child rapist's home phone and the apparently corresponding calls from the home phone of the child rapist to the home phone of a leading member of a search and rescue team endorsed by Molly Bish's parents. The phone calls occurred in autumn 2002, when Molly Bish's bathing suit was first discovered.

The Greenfield building now houses a business that promotes organic foods and sells nutritional supplements. The nutritional supplement business is run by someone connected to Johnson.

One scenario is... If Maura Murray was taking statin drugs for high cholesterol, and if she was taking too much Vitamin E, she might have died.

Given the intense and secretive interest in Maura Murray's disappearance by people connected in one way or another with Johnson, the nutritional supplement scenario is not without merit. Especially that Lindsay Ferguson's track coach was involved in a lawsuit about allegedly requiring track athletes, such as Lindsay Ferguson, to take excessive amounts of vitamins.

That constitutes a VALID CONNECTION between the Murray and Ferguson cases. There are several other connections. If you want answers, ask John Regan.

By the way, it was Lindsay Ferguson's running coach who "caught" and identified Regan. The same coach accused by parents of other track team members of allegedly strongly recommending that his runners - high school age runners - take excessive amounts of vitamins.

Newton Center, MA

#19 Apr 8, 2009
Let me make this a little clearer. It's not as if American River Nutrition and Espey Mfg. are totally unrelated companies which coincidentally use the same accounting firm.

If you owned two companies, why wouldn't you use the same accountant? One owner, two companies, one accountant. Makes sense, right? The HQSM, Espey biz relationship is on a different level from the regular mom and pop style Main St business, but it's roughly the same idea.

Regan's attorney was paid a "retainer" after Regan inexplicably pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempting to abduct Lindsay Ferguson from a Saratoga Springs High School parking lot.

The "company" that paid Regan was Dove Interests, a company owned in large part (controlled is more like it) by a family closely connected to an office across the street from SW. And closely connected to what I believe is the source of the Molly Bish Reward Fund, or a least a big chunk of it.

Small world, isn't it?

Monroe, LA

#20 Apr 8, 2009
Hi Beagle.. you wrote a book. :-).. Interesting info.
Tourist in Canada

United States

#21 Apr 8, 2009
I saw Maura Murray alive and well in Sherbrooke Quebec, I approached her and said "Hi Maura". She turned toward me and said "Hi" then gasped and looked like she was going to pass out from shock. I have no doubt this was Maura Murray. She is apparently alive and well and living in Canada. When I saw her she was with very handsome young man.

Amherst, MA

#22 Apr 8, 2009
Tourist in Canada wrote:
I saw Maura Murray alive and well in Sherbrooke Quebec, I approached her and said "Hi Maura". She turned toward me and said "Hi" then gasped and looked like she was going to pass out from shock. I have no doubt this was Maura Murray. She is apparently alive and well and living in Canada. When I saw her she was with very handsome young man.
Have you provided this information to law enforcement and/or Maura Murray's immediate family?

Amherst, MA

#23 Apr 8, 2009
Correction: Richard O. Johnson was treasurer of Carotech Associates, Inc. Carotech Associates is intimately connected with American River Nutrition.

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