Lindsay has decided she would like to share more information about her illness with you. At first she was worried about how people would perceive the situation and her. The more she has thought about it though her mind has changed. She would like people to know what is going on and bring awareness to Toxic Shock Syndrome. I am sure many women reading this have a vague idea of what this is but very few of you I am guessing realize the honest chance of getting it or how quickly and severely it can change you life. The myth of this syndrome is that you can only catch it if you wear a tampon for to long. In truth there is a long list of ways you can get it and some of them do include tampons. Every women should make sure they know the risks they are taking and also inform the young women in their lives. Lindsay was deathly ill within a 24 hour period of time. She woke up Friday morning with like flu symptoms and that is all she thought was wrong with her. She went to bed that night hoping she would feel better by the morning. Will found her the next day with blue lips and in a stupor. By midnight Saturday night her kidneys had went into full failure and she was in a coma. Her blood pressure was extremely low also, because of this they had to put her on every blood pressure medicine they could. This stopped most of the blood flow to her extremities. It took over five days for her to be able to maintain her own blood pressure. In that time all of her fingers and toes died. She has know had to have them amputated. She has a portion of one finger on her left hand remaining. Other then that all of her toes and all of her fingers are gone. Thankfully her kidneys have made a full recovery but her life is still forever changed. She is going to need to relearn how to do everything. So please women read more into what could happen and inform your children, grandchildren, nieces, and all women you love. Until this happened to Lindsay I believed Toxic Shock Syndrome was something of the past. I have added a link below for you to read up more on it yourself if you would like. Again thank you all for your support in our families time of need. God Bless!