Benicia Police Arrest American Canyon...

Benicia Police Arrest American Canyon Man on Molestation Charges

There are 76 comments on the story from Aug 31, 2011, titled Benicia Police Arrest American Canyon Man on Molestation Charges. In it, reports that:

Benicia Police arrested 38-year-old American Canyon resident John Edward Gamboa Tuesday evening for actions stemming from his relationship with a juvenile girl who lives in Benicia.A According to police, Gamboa was the youth pastor of a Solano County church where the victim was one of his bible study students.A Lt.

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Blame the Victim

Vallejo, CA

#42 Sep 1, 2011
Andrea wrote:
The minor and him should have been put to jail both. I just find it sick and horrid. Lawlessness!
Andrea, in this country they don't put to jail the victim of child molestation. Yes, I said child, for in the eyes of the law, a 13 year old is still a child.
Blame the Victim

Vallejo, CA

#43 Sep 2, 2011
Dan wrote:
<quoted text>
Guys, I think this person "Blame the Victim" is related to the girl because she defends her so much. Read the article over and over and please try to put inside your head what the girl has done. There is no excuse with what the predator did but I am emphasizing what the girl did too.
Would you allow a man to come in and do those things to you, inside your very own house? She is sick
No, I am not related to the girl, I don't even know her or her parents. I'm just trying (without much success) to let you know that you're on the wrong tack here. You don't blame the victim. It reminds me of the 50's. If a woman gets raped, it must be her fault for wearing tight skirt, tight sweater, etc.

I don't have to defend the girl. She is not on trial. The person who needs a good defense lawyer is John Gamboa. He has at least three felony charges against him according to the article. Oh, before I forget, remind him not to pick up that bar of soap in case he drops it at the shower. I heard inmates do not like child molesters.

Finally, in response to the "she is sick" statement, I think it is you all who is ganging up on the girl who are sick.
Becky Harisson

Napa, CA

#44 Sep 2, 2011
Is this church in Benecia or American Canyon? I am confused with the article. Can anyone tell me where I could meet this Pastor. I would like to interview him for Fox news. The authorities would not release any other information.
Blame the Victim

Vallejo, CA

#45 Sep 2, 2011
Maria Sorongon wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello James. I have had severe back pain due to a hunched back.
I need your help. Could you please tell me where I can find this man?
Are you looking for the eyouth minister? I believe his temporary address is 530 Union Ave., Fairfield, CA. Call this number first,(888) 506-4215, you might need an appointment in order to see him.
Real deal

Fairfield, CA

#46 Sep 3, 2011
Look here I see this fake pastor all the time n he has his church brainwashed. I see right though him. Somthin always said don't trust this guy. That being said when I see him I'm gonna knock his predator ass out.

Napa, CA

#47 Sep 3, 2011
The pastor of this church has nothing to do with this man's fault. You can be a priest or pastor and sin and get tempt. That takes no brain to realize if you are a christian. Judging your fellow brethren is simply casting the first stone. I feel sad that people judge so easily without knowing much about the people involved.
I met him and used to go to his church for a while before I got deported to iraq and now I'm back. He was used mightily to heal my trauma.

I won't surprised if he was the one who took action and supported the parents if the girl. He always did what was right in the eyes of God. You can say im a defender alright. Could care less with what you think as long as I say my piece.

You should all not judge if you do not know these people. Just picture yourself in their shoes. I dont think it's true that the church did not take action besides that parents. May you all see the true
Inigo Montoya

Vallejo, CA

#48 Sep 3, 2011
Richard wrote:
I met him and used to go to his church for a while before I got deported to iraq and now I'm back.
@Richard - you were DEPORTED to Iraq and now you're back? You much have one heck of an immigration lawyer who can reverse a deportation!

Anyway, the previous comment threatening hinting at violence was probably not directing it to the church pastor, but to the "predator" as he called it. Maybe he's referring to the eYouth Pastor who is now in county jail?

Napa, CA

#49 Sep 3, 2011
Thankfully I did. It was a long story. Papers were fixed and now I live a peaceful life. I just wish we all unite and support one another than pass judgment to others that easily. The man in jail is already paying for his fault and I dot think that it is simple to be jailed like that. I do not excuse what he did, but there is a side to each story. Not everything published is perfectly 100%. I net this man because he does teach the bible to the children when I visited this church and he was far from becoming this type of person. It just shows how everyone can get tempted or son even inside the church. No one is righteous and perfect. I don't think people in churches are hypocrites, it depends for each person.

It is not like you screen each perso who goes to church and make shre they love a sinful life you know? Anyone can enter a church and still commit such sinning. Who are we to judge others, let us look at our own faults. Besides we know ourselves more than anyone else. Think about the family he os leaving behind. I read somewhere he had a big family with 4 children and had a decent job. It is so sad and this must have been a nightmare for everyone.

I do not know why the church or pastor was not mentioned to have taken action because I know the head pastor of the guy's church to be very strict when it comes to God's word and he will not protect his name or the church's and hide this mess like what the others are saying. For all I know back in 06 he does does not compromise or focus on focusing on people's needs but what God wants of them. I don't mean to get all religious here but to be straight and bold, this church is not a cult or the head pastor brainwashing anyone. I experienced something I have never experience anywhere and it is far than better. My life changed and I'm now here in America leaving a peaceful life because of the miracles that happened over the last 3 years

Napa, CA

#50 Sep 3, 2011
The girl is sick and she is possessed .Can she go to juvenile for this? Is this what she learned in school and in church? Her parents did not teach her right values.
Patricia Cansino

Napa, CA

#51 Sep 3, 2011
This is the very reason, why church is under an umbrella organization, like Assemblies of God. If you insists of what you want it becomes a cult. Then you produce fruits that is not of God! He does not belong to a church but a non profit organization headed by a CEO. Yes, I am angry....

Who anointed him to be Pastor? The CEO? My spirit is so stirred up specially when I found out who the victim is. I thank God He took me and my family out of that place!!!
I want to frow my fangs and bite the Pastor. He makes my hair turn white again.

I admit committing sexual acts with the head but he wanted me so bad and he was drooling over my dead body. Only by His grace he stopped to flirt with me
Blame the Victim

Vallejo, CA

#52 Sep 3, 2011
OK, OK, so you won't quit blaming the victim. You with Napa ISPs. Hmmmm, Mr. Gamboa's home is in Napa County. Ar you related to him? Do you think you're doing him a favor by this character assasination of the victim? Let's find out.

I cut and pasted all your negative comments about the victim. Here's the deal: print them and give them to the prosecutor and the Benicia PD. I'm sure they'll be so impressed, they'll release John Gamboa in a New York minute. I challenge you, do it!

Here are your un-Christian comments:

Angela Roberts:“ I believe the girl was a flirt. In this situation, she was at fault - or should I say both of them.”

Rico Haley:“The girl who claims to be the victim definitely seduced the man. I would put the parents in Jail and put the girl in rehab for psycho therapy. she is sick than the man. The man must be seduced badly. Poor guy“

Desiree:“I was abused once and would not let this happen anymore. the girl must be a bitch like me. She needed that lustful desire to satisfy her pusy. Same experience with me.”

Jenny Mason “ I would find her to be a victim if she did not like what is being done to her. But she loved it, didn't she?“

Rico Haley:“Se should go to rehab and get treatments for her addiction in these sexual acts. Girl these days either want it or don't. She must have done something too to show she was flirtatious.“

Linda Serrano:“How traumatizing is this for me! Unlike this girl, who probably will find another target in the future to also make herself look like a victim again while she enjoys being touched and kissed!"

Shasta:“I would slap the girl and slap the parents of this girl for not disciplining her.”…. I have come to a conclusion that the girl is mentally ill and she is desiring to experience being touched and molested.

Dan:“There was a consent. She allowed this. She is disgusting.”

Barry:“The parents are at fault and the girl is also lustful”

Cris:“I am angry at the girl. It cause the man's life in jail for her flirtatious character. She is a deep flit and I cannot believe there was not anything done to prevent her from being one.”

Precious:“She needs some deep spanking and slap on the face.”

Trina Perez:“ Maybe the flirty lady seduced him badly?”

Dan:“She is a flirt. Period. I would have symphatize if she did not want any of this to happen.”

Andrea:“The minor and him should have been put to jail both. I just find it sick and horrid.“

Dan:“Would you allow a man to come in and do those things to you, inside your very own house? She is sick”

Allison:“You should all just go to jail and surrender you daughter who is a deep flirt”

Brandy:“ The girl is sick and she is possessed. Can she go to juvenile for this? Is this what she learned in school and in church? Her parents did not teach her right values.”
Mikal Daex

Napa, CA

#53 Sep 4, 2011
You are such a fucki* sicko, blame the victim

Stop trying to put it on us from Napa...

You are a sick bitc* trying to defend your girl. Go and think she is sane for all we care.

Napa, CA

#54 Sep 4, 2011
Are you related to the girl Blame the victim? obviously you wont stop defending your girl and I do not know why you cannot let people express their opinions. You are the only one here trying to defend her. Obviously you are her or her relative. You make me laught so hard.
Blame the Victim

Vallejo, CA

#55 Sep 4, 2011
No, Dan, as I said in an earlier post, I do not know the girl nor her parents.

Mikal Daex, stop calling me names.

OK, boys and girls, let me spell it out to you. John Gamboa is is deep doo-doo. His position is indefensible, especially after he admitted the crime to the Benecia detective. His best hope is leniency from the court, or to plea guilty to lesser charges. The prosecutor and/or judge will look at his background, remorse (to judge if he will re-offend) and community support before making any decisions. If the support you're giving him is trashing the character of the child victim, you're NOT HELPING his cause at all.

John has a wife and what, 4 kids? I feel sorry for them. He will languish in jail or prison for a long time, and will register as a SEX OFFENDER for life and will be on Megan's List. He cannot even live near a school, maybe daycare, and will be shunned by neighbors. And that's when he gets out. While in prison, he will be in grave danger from other inmates, because they HATE child molesters. He'll be lucky if they only beat him up. He can get raped or killed!

So, boys and girls, go ahead, BLAME THE VICTIM. John Edward Gamboa will thank you fir it. Not.

Napa, CA

#56 Sep 4, 2011
I am laughing so hard as I read your comment Blame the Victim.

@Dan - Why waste time with this person trying to prove we are all on the man's side? He or She is truly related to the victim.

Blame the Vitcim- Create your own forum. Why not be a spokesperson for the kid.

For all I care! I will continue to post what I think despite you trying to stop me or the others.
Mikal Daex

Napa, CA

#57 Sep 5, 2011
Blame the victim- stop this fckng nonsense. I know what you are pointing out. I'm not trying to defend the predator at all unlike you defending the victim just because the article states this story. All Im talking about is how the girl also caused a lot of damage despite her being a minor and safe in the eyes of the law. I'm not saying she is the reason but she had a big part, or it ist best to say the both of them are at fault but the predator is the one responsible. I would have symphatized the victim if she did not want this at all but she wanted it so badly
Blame the Victim

Vallejo, CA

#58 Sep 5, 2011
Mikal Daex wrote:
I would have symphatized the victim if she did not want this at all but she wanted it so badly
Even if what you are saying is 2,000% true, it means NOTHING to the court. In the eyes of the law, a 13 year old is a child, incapable of making consent. And look at the age difference: 38 to 13. Slam dunk, legally speaking.

Obviously you're not taking my advise, so I'll pack up and go. On my way out I might drop off a copy of all your comments to the Benicia PD.

Napa, CA

#59 Sep 5, 2011
Why are you taking so much of your time to defend your case? Isn't he inside Jail paying for the price?

I am not here to prove the man innocent, Balme the victim. the cild has immoral values which should be taken into consideration.

Everyone has the right to share their opinions here so you do not have to threaten us or argue. Just let everyone share their opinions. I feel sorry for the child yet this should be a learning lesson for her too and her parents. Why do you have to threaten people here who are blaming the victim too?

I am not saying all this prove the guy innocent. I know he deserves to be in jail for what he did. He did commit a felony. I am talking about what the girl did too which I also did not agree with at all. She should be disciplined and prohibited from having all these privileges. Why don't you accept that fact she also did not act right? I know she is 13 but she should be careful from now on.

San Jose, CA

#60 Sep 6, 2011
Deceivers and the deceived can often sound Really good... Sin, repentance, forgiveness and restoration are key in our faith as found in the bible and yes we are rescued by our Savior, Jesus. HOWEVER, many groups treat the pastor like he is Jesus, and do everything short of calling him that. The question becomes: Which Christ do you believe? The Jesus in the picture frame? The Jesus on TV or in the movies? The Jesus who calls himself your "pastor"… OR the Jesus of the Scriptures? If your Jesus isn’t the Jesus of the Bible, I can’t get down. The Bible warns of False Christ’s and imposters. Pay close attention, to the TRUTH in the Bible and you'll recognize the FALSE that Jesus warned us about.
Real deal

Los Gatos, CA

#61 Sep 7, 2011
I will cast the first stone , matter a fact I'll drop a freaking boulder on any child predator I come across . U wanna blame a underage girl for dressing sexy or provocative , that's product of our environment , a grown man knows right from wrong n he should damn well know u don't harm with kids in any way. Or u will face consequences.

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