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Amelia Ohio


#1 Sep 7, 2008
Never take your loved one to Eastgate carespring. It's located in Eastgate, accross from UDF, near Meijers.

The staffing is horrid. You loved ones are not properly cared for. The CNA's are so hard working, and the facility treats them like crap. They have too many residents. At night they have over 20 people to care for. They have to get up EVERY resident on their unit, which means the residents are not washed, and are gotton up as early as 3 am on Pavilion the Alzheimer's Unit. Other units start at 4-5am which is still too early. If the aides cannot get their residents up, then they are repremanded. We aides do not want to get your 90 year old mom out of bed at 4am. Resident's should be able to sleep till they wish unless they need to be up in order to prevent illness and to get assistance eating. Breakfast in bed should be more common place.

My hugest commplaints about this facility are:

Staffing: ask a CNA how staffing is in their honest opinion. If it's bad, then you know you loved one is not being cared for, hard as we try no one can properly care for 25 residents.


No chuck pads- these are cloth or disposible pads that can be used to prevent the beds from getting wet from urine. These prevent the resident from haveing to be tossed arround too much. They also come in handy when there's skin issues. When the skin becomes red or starts getting bed sores, keeping the resident open to air (no attends, adult diapers), clean and turned greatly speeds healing. This nursing home chain has no pads because of the cost to supply and wash them.

No Hospital gowns: families must provide PJ's. Gowns come in handy when someone is ill. There's no sense in dirtying 5 nightgowns from home when they can wear a hospital gown if they like. Also a person may need a IV for fluids or anti-biotics. Gowns snap at the sleaves and makes changing them easier than have to have an nurse remove the IV line. There's never an RN in the building to get to these IV's quickly, so your loved one would have to lay in a soiled gown till an RN could come and deal with the IV line. It's all about money!

The facility does not provide wipes, soap, deodorant, fixodent, hair brushes..

They have no activities. Just bingo. No evening activities at all. The "resident sponcered" bingo excludes residents that need assistence because there's no staff availible to help read the cards.

They spend money on flat screen TVs when what they need is staff and supplies to care for their residents right.

I would not send my dog to this place. Look elsewhere.

Sardinia, OH

#2 Jan 6, 2009
Thanks for posting this comment. I was going to apply to this facilty as an aide. Not now! Good luck!

Fort Thomas, KY

#3 Jan 22, 2009
wow, what a story...well i know a few family members that work there and they would say your full of crap!!!!

Fort Thomas, KY

#4 Jan 24, 2009
Both my grandmother and mother have been in this facility. I agree that staffing is poor during the busy portions of the day, but the facility is in compliance with the law. However, unlike most facilities in the area, it is clean and does not smell like stale bodily fluids. Most of the staff is very caring.

However, I ever visit 3x a week and I would recommend that others with family members in such facilities visit that often to catch problems. You can't dump a vulnerable person in a facility and hope for the best. Even the best facilities have issues.(My mom got a bedsore while she was in a local hospital). As for real dumps, check out Sunrise in Amelia. It smelled worse than a kennel.

Fort Thomas, KY

#5 Jan 24, 2009
As for the issue with gowns, it depends on who's paying. If you're self-pay, you provide clothing and personal care. If its insurance or Medicaid, personal care items are provided under the terms of insurance or Medicaid. My grandmother would not be happy with a hospital gown. I do her laundry a couple of times a week so that she can wear her clothing and not institutional items.

Cincinnati, OH

#6 May 25, 2009
My mother started off in rehab - which the one girl was extremely rude to her and she ended up getting sick since she was not put on a med that she was sent there on from the hospital, which in return kept her from being able to move without getting sick. Once I got her back on that med she started doing better and is now ready for rehab again. While she was on the rehab unit she was WELL taken care of but once she was moved upstairs she was forgotten about. I am in the process of getting her back in rehab to get better care. The aids in the rehab unit are totally awsome. You have to remember, they are there to take care of your family memebers but if YOU do not keep up on their care then that is your fault. They seem just fine with my mom.

Mason, OH

#7 Jun 17, 2009
I agree ... do not send your loved one to Eastgatespring. They make so many mistakes. When my dad was there they messed up his medicines, causing him to get ill and he had to go back to the hospital. The aides work so very hard and some of the nurses are nice, but others have "attitudes" and one has to keep pushing in order to make sure their loved one gets the proper medicine and care. When my dad was there I talked to the families of many other residents, many of which were appalled at treatment here. Often the caregivers do not follow proper hygenic precautions and dreadful stool infections such as C-diff have gotten passed around. I will never ever send my father here again. They have no hospital gowns for anyone, even Medicare or private pay patients. The worst part about this place are the mistakes in medicine when meds are given or not given at the proper times -- even outright forgotten!!!! Don't send your loved one here unless you plan to continually monitor the care your loved one gets ... and keep after the nurses and demand records of medine he/she had been given. I've heard too many nightmare stories, including errors with heart medicines. Demand to see the medical records periodically, because they will try to cover up. Sometimes the doctor(s) on staff charge to see the patients, but I know of a woman who was sick and did not get to see the "staff" doctor for a couple weeks when she was critically ill and kept asking for help. She ended up critically ill in the hospitsl.

United States

#8 Aug 12, 2009
Wow! Your a good story teller! I have worked there, and everyone I worked with or I know that has been a resident or an employee would say you have no clue what your talkig about!!!! But nice try!

Burlington, KY

#9 Jan 7, 2010
This facility is far more better than others I've worked at.The onlly complaint I have is that I witnessed and reported abuse and neglect of a few residents on pavillion.
For example One aide brused a woman's hair with a toothebrush,another bent a residents thumb because she was aggravated she wouldn't get dressed fast enough.The only thing I have to say to the ones that did these things....oh and the nurses for not TERMINATING this soon to be nurse in training is,I feel sorry for you when it's your turn to take the places of the helpless ones you hurt!

Granada Hills, CA

#10 May 6, 2010
I have the ultimate complaint about eastgate but I won't share it until tommorow afternoon May 7 2010. I'll give you a little taste. One of there nurses stole jewelry from patients at her last nursing home. Believe me I know. I'll give you names and places tommorow if eastgate doesn't respond. For those of you that are not happy with eastgate you are going to love this.

Granada Hills, CA

#11 May 7, 2010
Well I was hung up on and verbally abused by Tracey Curran so now you know. She is the Director of Nursing at Eastgate. When she worked At the Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield Ohio she told me that when her patients died she would take there wedding rings so the Masonic Home would not keep them. All belongings of Residents belonged to the Ohio Masonic Home as payment for there keeping. This is the kind of people they not only hire but put in management positions. I have one more thing about Tracey Curran that is even worse than this but I'll wait for an Eastgate reaction. It involves something she did healthwise to me intentionally. You will resad more about this later.

Bethel, OH

#12 May 28, 2010
My mother is a resident in the rehabe area at Carespring. My sister and I got on the web to search for their web site to see if we could shoot a note to the nurse on duty to keep them informed about a possible medical issue with my mom, my sister ran across this site. Now that I have read these complaints I am worried about the quaility of care my mother is getting. I was not worried before. The facility seems clean and I didn't smell any of the "usual" nursing home smells. The staff, while few in number, seemed to be caring and ready to help when we needed them. My only concern was the swelling in my mother's legs, and I thought that while she was not eating dinner or at therapy she could be put back in the bed to raise her legs instead of sitting in a wheel chair. Im not complaining about this yet, we have let them know our concerns and the aide on dute seemed to understand, I had hoped she was being honest, now I am wondering....

Bethel, OH

#13 May 28, 2010
Hey gnageturs would you be willing to give me the names of the aide that abused the elderly in the pavillion. I'd like to make sure they haven't been moved to where my mom is. I hate to think someone like that would be taking care of her in my absence. My family spends a great deal of time there, but we do have full time jobs and my dad is old too so there are times she has no company.

Granada Hills, CA

#14 May 30, 2010
I am telling you that this place must look at there employment practices. Tracey Curran is a thief. She stole from patients at the Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield Ohio.I have former and present employees that are willing to step forward on this. Her sister (Sherry Sheiber) left under the same suspision. Eastgate gave Tracey Curran a management position? My next email is to the idiots tht employ this trash.
anonexeastgateem ployee

Ashland, OH

#15 Jun 5, 2010
Those are some serious accusations Terry. If this is actually true, then the board of Ohio would have suspended her license. So the reliability of your accusations is a little questionable. I use to work there, and would work there again if my circumstances were to change. As for the rest of you, ever hear of the ohio ombudsmen or ohio department of health. You come on a site like this accusing people when you should go to people who can acutally investigate these obvious "false" accusations. Eastgate has NEVER failed an inspection by the state, that says a lot! I would put any of my relatives in there at anytime without concern.

Burlington, KY

#16 Jun 10, 2010
Well "EX" employee I can't speak for the other floors,but as for pavillion without a doubt when I worked there the neglect and the abuse was overlooked many times.Certain employees were allowed to sit most of their shifts in the dining room studying or just b-s ing.No accusations here,just calling it like I seen it.

MKW she no longer works there I'd just suggest a nanny cam if I were you.

Granada Hills, CA

#17 Jun 18, 2010
Heres the deal,you call Tracey Curran. DON Ask her if she took wedding rings from deceased residents at Springfield Masonic Home. Property that belonged to the home upon the residents death. I never said she got caught nor did she keep it for herself, let me know what she has to say and I will respond.

Hillsboro, OH

#19 Aug 21, 2010
Terry, it seem to me that you have a personal reason to namer Tracey Curran in your comments. I think that you are making these comments to get back at her about something far beyond anything to do with being in the position of DON at Eastgate, and I don't that is is fair that you are bashing a facility for a personal problem you have. I think you are a sick person, and needs to seek help.
You have made these actusations but have you done anything about them? You probably haven't because they are not true.

Hillsboro, OH

#20 Aug 21, 2010
About the care at Eastgate. I don't think you know what you are talking about. We give good care at Eastgate, and as far as our staffing, we have good staffing. Yes maybe when you have call offs, then you might fall shot, but even then they are trying to call in someone. When you do the schedule you schedule to staff the units with the amount of nurse aides, you don't know that you are going to have call offs on a certain day to staff more on that day. Have you ever had to do scheduling before to staff a facility? Well maybe until you do, you need to keep your mouth shut about how it is staff, and why!
About not providing wipes, hospital gowns, etc. There are reasons why we don't provide certain things, and it is not Money. For the wipes, no we don't provide wipes, because we want to us Wash cloths such as you use at home. Do you use wipes at home to wash with? We want our facility to be as much like a home enviroment as possible. As far as Hospital gowns, no we dont' supply them, because we like to see the resident be able to be dressed and come out to the dining room to eat their meals, to they can talk with other residents while eating, etc., but if they do want their meals in bed they do get served in bed. Most of the residents in the Rehab go the phyiscal therapy therefore they need to be dressed, and they is another reason. You really have no idea what you are talking about why we don't have certain thing at Eastgate, but that sure don't make it a bad facility.
My mother and father both were in Eastgate, and they got very good care while they were in there, and I would recomend anyone to go into Eastgate.
We send comment cards out to all of our residents when they discharge from our facility, and we get some very nice comments back. We also get residents back that have gone home, and have had to have Rehab, or nursing home care and they have came back to Eastgate over, and over again. If it is as bad as you say it is then we wouldn't have residents that want to keep coming back, would we? I think that you are a person that is just misible with yourself and you don't have a kind word to say about anything or anyone. I am not saying we are perfect at Eastgate, because there is no place that is perfect, but we are a lot better than a lot of Nursing Care facilities out there. We care about our residents, and we care about our staff, and Eastgate is a very nice facility. Our cleanliness goes above and beyond, and we want our facility to be clean,and odor free for our residents, and we work hard to keep it that way. We don't want Eastgate to be just like any other nursing home we want it to be the best that it can be, and we do strive to make it that way, and yes there are bumps in the road to achive that, but we try every day, 7days a week.

United States

#21 Aug 25, 2010
Call Tracey Curran and ask her if she took wedding rings (belonging to her employer) off the fingers of deceased residents. Thats when you will hear a lie and thats ok because I know the truth as does she......and yes Amelia (and I think I may know who you are) I do have a problem with Tracey, she somehow involved herself in interefering in my life several years after we split. I have no problem with letting people know that she is not the trusting person she puts on to be.

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