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IN Property Tax Cap Amendment, Public Question 1

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 11, 2010

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Since: Jul 13

Chicago, IL

#1844 Jul 21, 2013
Well I didn't do anything wrong I bought and resol them usually a day after I owned them and that's what the people before had been paying in property taxes... Now pretty much I bought homes from Indianapolis to soutbend in at least 15 different county's and it was all the same.. people being raped by there local governments crazy high taxes and the roads are like driving on pot holes every 100 yards whole city blocks of abandoned homes in area of fort wayne southbend etc. And when I say I've owned 400 homes in Indiana that's a fact not a number I dreamed up
Ive also owned 1,000s of acres in kentucky of land and still have on hand 500+ acs and pay less than $1500 for all... So trust me I do know what I'm talking about. And if your paying that much on a home and land then it sounds like your doing something should be a lot lower and under farm. Esp if u are over 66 years old..

“You got beat by a master!!”

Since: Mar 11


#1849 Aug 31, 2013
droooooooop itttttt
Reality check

Terre Haute, IN

#1850 Sep 1, 2013
local resident wrote:
When I looked at my assessments, it appeared to me that the way they got around losing revenue from the tax caps was to raise the value of the property. That's shady.
I could go on forever on this one. The property tax amendment was a wolf in sheeps clothing. All it did was hurt our schools and teachers and diverted the taxes away from the public school system. They just raised the money from other places. They get there money but the schools don't. As far as the houses go, the way I see it if you paid 100,000 for a house it's the same house no matter what the market says its worth. We want the price to go up to some inflated number but freak out when the assessed value goes up. Almost all if our problems in this country come down to one undeniable problem. GREED GREED GREED!!! It's ok for someone to pay 15,000 for a house and do nothing to it and sell it a week later for 25,000. That's ok. But don't you dare make me pay taxes on it. You can't have it both ways. The rich think they shouldn't pay taxes and the poor cant. And the lazy people won't. So it ends up being the so called middle class that pays the majority of the taxes. Since the inception of TRICKLE DOWN economics ( what an oxymoron) in 1980, the wealth at the top has gone from 3 trillion to 27 trillion. That's not trickling much now is it. That's a 900% increase!!!! We live in a corrupt society ran by a corrupt government with a system that can no longer function as designed due to plain and simple greed. Deregulation has killed this country. Every system that has been deregulated is a lot more expensive. It's a proven fact. We let the foxes guard the henhouse. Wall steer is nothing more than a legalized Ponzi. scheme. The top one percent of the wealthy own 80% of all sticks. Crooks!!!!! Capitalism is a system based on principals and trust. We now have neither. So of course it is failing. It has too.

Paris, TN

#1851 Sep 6, 2013
taxes are way too high.

Paris, TN

#1852 Sep 6, 2013
Kentucky charges you taxes only on what you paid for the property , not what they the assessor says it's worth. You can do all improvements and your taxes don't go up . I know we live in Ky now. It's great.
Changing my mind

Indianapolis, IN

#1853 Sep 7, 2013
YouLoseIWin wrote:
droooooooop itttttt
I am beginning to agree
Tax payer

Irvington, KY

#1854 Sep 7, 2013
Tax payer

Irvington, KY

#1855 Sep 7, 2013
No good.
For Real

United States

#1856 Sep 8, 2013
Perhaps if jobs were sought after in this county we wouldn't have such issues. When was the last time an announcement was made about new commerce besides retail and restaurants to open? Think about it! Homeowners carry the tax base. I don't know about you, but in the real world, tax bases are supported by both commerce and real estate.
of course

United States

#1857 Oct 12, 2013
Is that you?

Columbus, IN

#1858 Oct 13, 2013
Let's hope this doesn't get voted in.
Big spenders

Franklin, IN

#1861 Oct 17, 2013
If you read the ballot correctly, it states that people who live in mobile homes would not have to pay property taxes. Everyone, including ones who live in mobile homes should vote no for this amendment. It's going to raise taxes for everyone if it passes. What is the benefit if not to raise taxes.
Ball buster

Franklin, IN

#1862 Oct 17, 2013
Cause we need higher taxes ya kiddn rite

Franklin, IN

#1863 Oct 18, 2013
big ben

Sunman, IN

#1864 Oct 19, 2013
I am looking at my tax breakdown and 85% of my tax is going to the school.(east central).thats where we need to focus.a lot of corruption going on there and all over indina.

Sunman, IN

#1866 Oct 24, 2013
I just know that dead gay lawyer was a tax cheat. :-)
Guard Dog

Lafayette, IN

#1867 Oct 26, 2013
I'm not a fan of "property taxes". However, you can rest assured that local governments will have to raise taxes to providing services to the county and the cities. This means, LOIT Taxes, COIT, CAGIT, WHEEL/SUR TAXES, USER FEES and so on. Most all of these taxes are based on your Adjusted Income for the year. Therefore you will pay more. Fees and Wheel Taxes will be "set". But the others are all income based.
Taxed to death

Carmel, IN

#1868 Oct 27, 2013
White trash wrote:
The Founding Fathers started taxes what country you from.As a property owner I'm voting YES and we will be paying more taxes but everybody will be paying more not just property owners.It's time everybody paid there fare share.
fair share? We are taxed to death! I don't want to give the govt any more money but the people always vote to give the crappy schools more money to waste. The cap is still too high. People in apts and mobile homes should be paying the same tax. No reason to just burden homeowners and business owners.

Indianapolis, IN

#1869 Oct 27, 2013
Taxed to death wrote:
<quoted text> fair share? We are taxed to death! I don't want to give the govt any more money but the people always vote to give the crappy schools more money to waste. The cap is still too high. People in apts and mobile homes should be paying the same tax. No reason to just burden homeowners and business owners.
Taxes are already being paid on those properties. If we go by your republifuckyou logic then we should tax each family member that lives under that roof. That will show them.

Overland Park, KS

#1870 Oct 27, 2013
Why dont we stop electing these free spending, no limits, self-serving pukes to office. I'm a union member, and we know where big labor stands (and for good reason, if it weren't for collective bargaining you business owners would have the working class working for peanuts whole you wallowed in your profits like fat hogs in a mud hole) but I believe we should try to put people that have a fiscal conscience in office. Why is it so difficult to try to keep the debt ceiling as a boundry instead of a goal to reach???

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