Teen awaiting trail on a rape charge ...

Teen awaiting trail on a rape charge found dead in jail cell

There are 62 comments on the Altus Times story from Mar 24, 2012, titled Teen awaiting trail on a rape charge found dead in jail cell. In it, Altus Times reports that:

Trent Davis, 19, of Mangum, who was awaiting trail on a rape charge, was found dead in his jail cell Thursday evening.

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one who knows

Oklahoma City, OK

#143 Apr 11, 2012
That 13 year old girl was supposed to go to Falls Creek and never got on the bus, several people on the bus knew about it.
She is still running the streets of Blair with another 14 year old, both who have no business out on the weekends with no one really knowing where they are at or what they are doing..
Unfortunately, the 13 year old (now 14) is spending a lot of time riding around with a 17 year old boy who will soon be 18, he's been told she's jail bait and seems to think it is not a problem..
I agree with several posters on here, where is this girl's parents and why is all this still being allowed..
take it from someone who knows first hand..
Gayla Stowe

Haslet, TX

#147 May 13, 2012
Wow your life must really be that fucking boring your still running your mouth get a life you piece of shit !!! All this talk from you and you don't even live around here nor did you know Trent or Our family but your so quick to talk shit on a dead person it must suck waking up every morning have to look at your miserable self bc you have no life

United States

#148 May 15, 2012
This is all a very sad situation. Young people make bad decisions sometimes as we can all agree. Trent bad ALOT of them. Does it make him a bad person? I didn't know him so i can't judge. The girl that he was accused of rapping is she a bad person? I don't know her either. I have seen post on here that kinfolk of Trent wants to blame her for the incident. It sounds like that was 2there mistakes. And I've seen where people want to blame the jail for his death. Let me say jail is not for the weak. He was in a cell all alone. No mama and daddy or cousins or aunts and uncles to say it's ok and you gonna b ok, it's just you and your thoughts. Sometimes that's just more then some can handle. Is that the jails fault? They are not built to be nice.
Samantha Wallak

Elk City, OK

#151 Nov 4, 2012
I went to school with Trent & from what I know about him, he was full of life, energy and respect. Yeah he got a little silly at times in school but hey... It's school!! After I moved and dropped out of school, I never spoke to him much afterwards. But from the time I was around him, he never did me wrong or anything. He was a very nice kid. Yes he made terrible decisions but we all do.. we're all human. There's not a day that goes by that a single human doesn't make a mistake. And as for "Slowride"... stop hiding being some pathetic screen name and show yourself. It's sad that you have to talk about others children because they made poor choices. His family will never get over what happened. If my kids were to do that I wouldn't want someone to talk about my kids like that. I hope you never have the honor to be called mom/dad. & if u do have kids.. what are you gonna do if ur kids did somethin like what he did? shun your kids? make fun of them because they're gone? tell them they deserved it? That's exactly what you'll do because you're worthless!! Grow up and get a life.
bad apple

Lubbock, TX

#152 Nov 6, 2012
Without god knowing, a bird will not fall from the sky! God let him rape the child, and watched him die!!!! If anyone thinks we always have freedom of choice, read your bible! I feel sorrow for everyone involved! Trials and tribulations!

Atlanta, GA

#153 Jan 18, 2013
I knew Trent. I dated a Ritter boy and him and Trent were close. Trent was in no way a bad person. He had a big heart and I will miss him.

United States

#155 Jun 10, 2013
Susie wrote:
1st of all yes he made a stupid mistake by drinking & driving. 2nd of all he wasn't found guilty of rape. Heaven forbid u make a mistake. U shouldn't judge others .think of others before u open your mouth & state mean & hateful things.
He prob wasn't 'found guilty' yet but he definitely and obviously was. I hope you will one day know what it feels like to have a family member taken advantage of like that. Then I bet you will change your mind! What a horrible person.

United States

#156 Jun 12, 2013
Taken advantage of??? If u are talking about the girl, well let me say she was not taken advantage that young man had girls willing to drop whatever they were doing to be with him in any way possible. He didnt need to take anything from a female.You have a right to your opinion as do I and he was not the only one who had been with her either at that party or prior to. She lies to boys about her age and I know this because a few days after this incident she told my son she was 17 while chatting online and I read the msg so that is a fact..I could go on and on but I wont. I would like to ask all that have anything to say about him to please keep it to yourself. Trent passed away march 22, 2012. Please let him Rest in peace and remember that his family still hurts. To you all he may have been a bad person but to he is a son, brother, grandson, nephew and he had a wonderful life with tons of accomplishments that you couldnt even begin to imagine so please stop with the negativity
iknwubettrthnukn wyurslf

Altus, OK

#157 Sep 17, 2013
I know you and your family . You are no victim here gayla and brian, his parents are . You just are attention seeking . I agree to the point he was someones child and I sure feel for his parents . He did do wrong however and that girl is someones baby too ! she has a family that loves and cares about her too. so before you go running off at the mouth about his family and peoples judgement , then maybe you and Brian should not talk shit about that girl or her family. she has family too . And as far as I am concerned no one should ever take up for drunk driving that is enabling . Its like you are trying to turn him into some angel instead of saying ,he did wrong we love him and that's that . The blame game has to stop somewhere . You live with the scars but remember so will she
that creature

Clinton, OK

#158 Dec 18, 2013
That thing that was claimed she was raped wasn't raped lieing skank she will get hers I promise she was drinking underage and all Trent did was take her home after she had a train ran on her at a party so there he didn't deserve what happened to him but she will Thu smh she's out having sex because her parents aare allowing she claimed rape all because he turned her down and as for marking on her face her bdother did that to make story look believable
that creature

Clinton, OK

#159 Dec 18, 2013
Kelly wrote:
<quoted text>
He prob wasn't 'found guilty' yet but he definitely and obviously was. I hope you will one day know what it feels like to have a family member taken advantage of like that. Then I bet you will change your mind! What a horrible person.
No bitch he wasn't a horrible person so stop talking about my ex like that u nasty swamp thing ik for a fact u had trains ran on u multiple times so leave Trent alone
one who knows

Oklahoma City, OK

#160 Dec 20, 2013
here we are a year later, Trent is still gone and the girl who cried rape is still staying out all night drinking and smoking to her heart's content with her little crew of sluts that do it with her.
you can't rape the willing. The parents of these little bimbos are nothing but bimbos themselves that free load off their families...

Mabank, TX

#161 Feb 27, 2014
No we aren't better with out him!! And that 13 year old said she was 17! And really nohe wasn't drunk! All he drank was a monster
Trents cousin

Mabank, TX

#162 Feb 27, 2014
I'm Trent's cousin and just now looked this up. But I agree with y'all that 13 year old should of been at home doing her nails or other things but unseasonable she had to lie and say she was 17 but we all know how mangum girls can be. Lets just stop bashing Trent. If it was one of us in his position you wouldn't want to be bashed or accused of things you do. And he wasn't drunk he only drank a monster. That's it! Rest in peace Bubba I miss you like crazyy but fly high cowboy:'( ams I shed another tear.
County Citizen

Elk City, OK

#163 Mar 2, 2014
Nobody is perfect. Including me. However, a friend of mine had a child in the same grade as Trent. This was a case of bad parenting. I seen Trent dipping at 13yrs old. When i asked him why, he said "real bull riders dip". When he asked me to buy him another can of dip i said NO!! He said "my parents buy it for me", and he added "they buy me beer too, they dont care." His exact words. I looked at my friend, and he shook his head 'yes' they do. When he wrecked and killed Sierra, yes he was drunk. For most of us, that would have been so tragic we would have walked the strait and narrow. But no, even on probation, he was allowed to go out to the party and (allegedy) rape (another 13yr old). Trents parents were not the only bad parents here, both girls parents or guardians were at fault too. It is the opinion of everyone i know, the world is a better place now.
From Texas

United States

#164 Mar 3, 2014
concerned citizen my ass more like a nosey judge mental gossip! If your so concerned stop spreading gossip after this kid has been passed almost two years and go home and tend to your own children which I'm sure are perfect and never made a mistake!
County Citizen

Elk City, OK

#165 Mar 3, 2014
Its not gossip, nor am i spreading it. It was a first hand account with him and exact words exchanged. Its not about making mistakes, we all know we all make them. Its the how severe they are, and if they include other people. If every mistake or crime were treated the same, everyone would be in prison. I am home to tend to my children to give them love and security and teach them right from wrong. That does not mean they are perfect by any means.
cant beleve this

Elk City, OK

#166 Mar 8, 2014
From Texas wrote:
concerned citizen my ass more like a nosey judge mental gossip! If your so concerned stop spreading gossip after this kid has been passed almost two years and go home and tend to your own children which I'm sure are perfect and never made a mistake!
Its COUNTY Citizen; not concerned.

United States

#167 Mar 14, 2014
To hell with him . Good ridance !!!!!!!!
County Citizen

Elk City, OK

#168 Mar 15, 2014
Bobby wrote:
To hell with him . Good ridance !!!!!!!!
You got it right, the world is a better place. Our children dont need the horrible influnce of children who have no parental guidance. No rules = do what you want. So everything is fair game. If my parents hadnt gave a crap where i was on friday or saterday nights i might have been in deep trouble. However thanks to them i had values and morals to live up too. To not dishonor them or my name or family. Thank you Mom and Dad so much!!!!! Growing up now days is tough enough, without parental guidance of the upmost standards our society in 20 years will be pathedic. Lets bring back the good ole family values on which we used to rely.

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