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Oklahoma City, OK

#59558 Jan 31, 2014
We are finally starting to heat the stories of the working poor in states that wouldn't expand Medicaid...the real Death Panels.

Their problems wouldn't be relieved by the Republican's plan either, since they don't have health insurance...

I'm glad that their stories are seeing the light of day cause in places like Oklahoma, you never hear them....In Oklahoma, the Republicans treat the working poor like they don't exist because to them, they don't.

Oklahoma City, OK

#59559 Jan 31, 2014
Correction: We are finally starting to hear the stories of the working poor

Oklahoma City, OK

#59560 Jan 31, 2014
The Real Death Panel

Study: Thousands Of People Will Die In States That Don't Expand Medicaid

As many as 17,000 Americans will die directly as a result of states deciding not to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, according to a new study.

Researchers from Harvard University and City University of New York have estimated that between 7,115 and 17,104 deaths will be "attributable to the lack of Medicaid expansion in opt-out states" in a study published in Health Affairs.

"The results were sobering," Samuel Dickman, one of the authors, said, according to the Morning Call. "Political decisions have consequences, some of them lethal."

They projected that 423,000 fewer diabetics would receive medication to treat their disease. If opt-out states had expanded Medicaid, 659,000 women who are in need of mammograms and 3.1 million women who should receive regular pap smears would have become insured, the study found.

"Low-income adults in states that have opted out of Medicaid expansion will forego gains in access to care, financial well-being, physical and mental health, and longevity that would be expected with expanded Medicaid coverage," the authors wrote.

In terms of health coverage, expanding states will experience a 48.9 percent decrease in their uninsured population compared to a 18.1 percent decrease in non-expanding states. Eight million people will remain uninsured because their states didn't expand Medicaid, according to the study.


United States

#59562 Jan 31, 2014
So Karen as a business owner the Chief told you to follow his example and pay all your employees a starting wage of $10.10 per hour but since your employees have been there for years they probably should be at least $15?

What say you?

Oklahoma City, OK

#59563 Jan 31, 2014
KFF poll: Most still don't understand Obamacare, but still don't want it repealed

If this week's Gallup poll hints that there's still a big lack of awareness about the details of Obamacare, this month's tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation proves it. Nearly four years after its passage, the American public is still pretty damned vague about what this whole thing is about....

Consistent with months and months worth of KFF polling, though, while the law still isn't popular the large majority of people—55 percent—want Congress to improve the law, not repeal it. That's continuing bad news for Republicans, who's latest plan would completely scrap the existing law. There's no interest at all in the public for that. Even 30 percent of those who have negative opinions about the law agree that it needs to be improved, not repealed.



Oklahoma City, OK

#59564 Jan 31, 2014
Ace wrote:
So Karen as a business owner the Chief told you to follow his example and pay all your employees a starting wage of $10.10 per hour but since your employees have been there for years they probably should be at least $15?
What say you?
Why yes, they do....

If you weren't such an idiot....you might try looking at the wages of cooks in Oklahoma...especially in restaurants like mine.

You wouldn't even ask if you knew anything about the Restaurant industry, but you don't....and you won't........

Like I said....You wingnuts are on the wrong side....and your staying there...lol

United States

#59565 Jan 31, 2014
• 16 hours ago

We are witnessing the death throws of Liberalism. The MSM will faithfully continue to carry the water, but the world is seeing just how destructive the mental disorder called Liberalism/Progressivism/Democ rats/Socialism/Marxism/Communi sm really is.....no matter what the name is now.


Opinions from around the net...

Oklahoma City, OK

#59566 Jan 31, 2014
So much for that Republican Obamacare replacement plan

For it work, it has to raise taxes......LOL

Here's a big "d'oh!" moment for three GOP senators who introduced an Obamacare replacement plan that mostly would just succeeding in costing everyone a lot more. Some of those new costs come in the form of raising taxes. More precisely, it would end the tax exemption employers and employees get on their health insurance contributions, and tax them up to setting the new exemptions at 65 percent of the cost of an average plan.

That this was a tax hike somehow seemed to escape the notice of Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Tom Coburn (R-OK), Richard Burr (R-NC) until everyone reporting on the plan pointed it out to them. So, with much less fanfare than when they released the plan, the senators have decided to rework that whole tax hike idea.

Some time after the original proposal was released Monday, a new one-page explainer on the tax provisions appeared on Coburn's website, below the link to the original proposal. And it included a huge change. The cap would now be "65 percent of the average market price for an expensive high-option plan" instead of just "an average plan's costs," as the original proposal said. The language in the original eight-page proposal had not been changed as of Thursday evening.
What that change would mean exactly in terms of employer coverage and revenue is impossible to know without specific legislative language, which isn't yet available. But it would reduce the tax impact for most Americans, compared to the original proposal, by significantly raising the threshold for when you start paying taxes on your insurance contributions.

What that means is that the funding for the bill, the funding that would help some people get tax credits to help them pay for what would be more expensive plans, isn't there any more. What started out as a pretty feeble replacement plan from the Republicans just got even more useless.


http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/01/31/1270... ?

Oklahoma City, OK

#59567 Jan 31, 2014
Oops: GOP’s ‘Obamacare Victim’ Story Flops

Republicans are taking fire for exaggerating the plight of a woman under Obamacare in the party’s official State of the Union response, delivered by House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

GOP Exaggerates 'Obamacare Victim' Story In State Of The Union Response

LOL Today's headlines are a hoot

The latest: Democrats are demanding an apology from McMorris Rodgers for "lying" after the local paper Spokesman-Review found inaccuracies and lack of context to the congresswoman's assertion that the woman, Bette Grenier, faced a premium increase of $700 due to the law.

Here's the quote from McMorris Rodgers: "Not long ago I got a letter from Bette in Spokane, who hoped the President’s health care law would save her money – but found out instead that her premiums were going up nearly $700 a month. No, we shouldn’t go back to the way things were, but this law is not working."

It turns out the woman's premium hike was considerably lower than that, and McMorris Rodgers' office hadn't spoken to her directly or validated the claim.

Here's what happened. Grenier was paying $552 per month for a catastrophic, bare-bones plan that was (like many others) canceled because it didn't meet Obamacare's minimum benefits standard. A replacement plan cost $1,200 per month -- hence the "nearly $700" hike. But that happened to be one of the more expensive policies, and a cheaper one was available for $1,052 per month. In addition, the 58-year-old Grenier admitted to the Spokesman-Review that she could probably have lowered that figure by $100 if she bought from the state-based Obamacare exchange, but she didn't want to do that.

She didn't even go on the Obamacare website...

"Bette proactively reached out to the office," he said, "and the Congresswoman's description of her premium increase was consistent with the information she gave us

United States

#59568 Jan 31, 2014

Once Again, Bill Ayers Admits Authorship of Obama's Autobiography:'I Wrote It'

by Debra Heine Jan 31, 2014 9:28 AM PT

Bill Ayers, the unrepentant former leader of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group and avowed ("small c") communist, has admitted on numerous occasions over the past five years that he wrote “Dreams from My Father,” for which Barack Obama has taken full credit.

But Ayers always shades his admissions with a layer of irony, using the now familiar line, "yes I did, and if you can help me prove it, I'll split the royalties with you."


Oklahoma City, OK

#59569 Jan 31, 2014
The truth about the Keystone Pipeline

Wouldn't whatever Keystone yields just be exported anyway? I seem to remember reading that somewhere.

yes. And the Port Arthur facility dedicated to Keystone XL operates in a Foreign Trade Zone that essential waives taxes on exported oil products.

So, American taxpayers are subsidizing not only the pipeline and refineries, but also will not see any tax revenue benefits.

The only ones that will benefit are Keystone investors and Canada.

Finally, all the refineries that will receive Keystone XL tar sands crude operate are in a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), which gives tax benefits to companies that use imported components to manufacture items within the United States (FTZ Act - 19 USC 81a-81u). Usually, refineries importing oil tax-free will still pay taxes when selling the refined products into the U.S. market. By both importing into and exporting from foreign trade zones the companies will avoid paying tax on the product sales. In other words, it’s a great deal for the oil industry, and a raw deal for the taxpayer.


United States

#59570 Jan 31, 2014
COMEDY GOLD! Jon Stewart Laughs in Pelosi’s Face After She Can’t Explain Why O-Care Website Failed So Miserably (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, January 31, 2014, 11:03 AM

Comedy Central–
Last night House minority leader Nancy Pelosi told Jon Stewart that she doesn’t know why the Obamacare website failed so massively. He laughed in her face. Pelosi then said “somebody needs to do something” about it.

And, this was her hallmark accomplishment?



LOL, Pelosi''s face says it all...

Oklahoma City, OK

#59571 Jan 31, 2014
Sen. Mitch McConnell claimed recently that the Keystone XL Pipeline “doesn’t require a penny of our taxpayer money all the president has to do is approve it.” But our research reveals many places that the pipeline project benefits from taxpayer subsidies.

The refineries that are linked to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline as committed shippers will receive between $1 billion and $1.8 billion in tax breaks. They are paid specifically for investing in equipment to process the heavy sour oil the pipeline promises to deliver.

The largest of these refineries, Motiva, is half owned by Saudi Refining Inc., and will receive between $680 million and $1.1 billion in U.S. taxpayer support.


United States

#59572 Jan 31, 2014
Cooks are paid more than a waitress LIAR...so what do you pay your waitresses KAREN JANBAZ?

Oklahoma City, OK

#59573 Jan 31, 2014
So according to Marco Rubio, the GOP might well kill immigration reform because Benghazi. Yes, really:

For his part, Rubio said Republicans told him they feared a repeat of President Ronald Reagan’s immigration overhaul that gave about 3 million immigrants legal immigration status without following through with corresponding security improvements.

Rubio said other lawmakers brought up controversies that have dogged the administration and been favorite lines of criticism among conservatives. They includes the rocky rollout of the new health law and the disclosures about surveillance programs conducted by the National Security Agency.

“They pointed to the IRS scandal and the Benghazi stuff and then the NSA revelations and then the ‘Obamacare’ decisions by this administration as evidence of how the government and this administration unilaterally decides which portions of the law to enforce and which ones not to enforce. And that further undermines,” Rubio said.


Oklahoma City, OK

#59574 Jan 31, 2014
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said Friday that U.S. sales figures for its fiscal fourth quarter would probably come in below earlier forecasts when they’re announced Feb. 20 due to the effects of volatile weather and cuts to the federal food stamp program.

Well look at that; food stamps actually affecting sales results; go figure.

United States

#59575 Jan 31, 2014
Bi-partisan congressional delegation gets snubbed by Saudis a reflection of how far our relationship has fallen under Obama Administration:


United States

#59576 Jan 31, 2014
Silence Reigned, Heroes Died

by Billy & Karen Vaughn 30 Jan 2014 229 post a comment

We are all familiar with the US Marine Corps slogan “Looking for a Few Good Men.” Truth is, America’s military has always had plenty of “good men.” What it seems to lack in spades is good leaders.

Recently we met former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on the set of Hannity. We’d spent most of our day scouring his newly released book, Duty, hoping to better understand the seeming total lack of leadership and direction our military has been subjected to in recent years. In all honesty, there were no revelations in Mr. Gates’s book, only confirmations of what we already understood – this Commander-in-Chief had turned his back on the men and women still fighting in Afghanistan before the lights went out in the voting booths November 2008.

As parents of a Navy SEAL killed in action, perhaps the most difficult words to swallow in his entire memoir were the following:“I never doubted Obama’s support for the troops, only his support for their mission.” First, let it be known that in a warrior’s heart, if you don’t support his mission, you don’t support him.

He is his mission.

How could any president, with a clear conscience, send men and women to fight and die for a cause in which he himself does not believe? To do so is to spit in the face of not only the embattled warrior but also every family member he or she leaves behind… time and time again.

Second, if you truly support those who offer their lives on your behalf, you will most certainly deliver to them a clear, concise strategy for success – also known as VICTORY – whether you believe in their mission or not. This is the least they deserve when they lace up their boots for yet another day (or night) of battle.

From a broader perspective, though, this family is most troubled by a question we have heard many times in the past few weeks:“Why did Robert Gates wait until now to bear his soul on all of these troubling issues he dealt with from 2009 through 2011?” We would very much like an answer to that question, as well.

Eight hundred and fifty US soldiers have taken their last breath on the battlefields of Afghanistan since Mr. Gates left his post and disappeared into silence. They were fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters bound to “Duty” and honor 7,000 miles away from all they loved and all those who loved them. Eight hundred and fifty families greeted flag-draped coffins while Mr. Gates settled into retirement… lips sealed.

From July of 2011 through September of 2012, over five thousand US soldiers returned home seriously wounded. Although statistics are not yet available from October 2012 till present, one can only imagine the enormity. As heartfelt as his words were regarding the reverence he has for our troops, Mr. Gates left us grasping to understand why he waited so long to sound the alarm on this inept administration.

This nation had a right to know. We had a right to cast an informed vote in 2012. We should have been told that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both acknowledged they’d put career before the lives of our nation’s heroes… before the life of our only son. We should have been told that our Vice President, the second in command of our military forces, hadn’t made a sound decision on national defense in four decades. This isn’t a joke. There are no chuckles about Uncle Joe’s ineptitude around the dinner table of a fallen soldier.

Silence reigned and heroes died.

We are better than this.

Billy & Karen Vaughn are Gold Star parents of Special Operations Chief (SEAL) Aaron Vaughn, KIA 6 Aug 2011. Billy is the author of Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17. Read more at http://www.forourson.us .


If this doesn't touch your heart....God bless them.

United States

#59577 Jan 31, 2014
47% are on food stamps so go figure...


United States

#59578 Jan 31, 2014

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