My name is Kristin and I was living in Altus, Ok. about 11-12 years ago. I made a couple of really good friends but, unfortunately, I lost touch with them when I moved away. I have searched for them over the years, but haven't had any luck. I am hoping and praying that with this small amount of information I have someone can help me find them.
This is what I know about them: Their names are Megan (or Meagan) & JJ (this is what everyone called him)..they are, Megan would be about 20-22 years old and JJ would be about 27-29 years old..they lived on E. Katy Dr., across the street from a family member by the name of Maria/Mary Orta..their mother's name is Imelda. I also remember that JJ was an amazing artist! I still have a picture he had drawn for me; he signed it "Jimmi Sambrano".
If you have any information at all, please let me know. I would very much appreciate it.