Friend of Vance Sisco

Columbia, MO

#81 Dec 20, 2009
You have balls first off to talk shit about Vance oh wait a minute this is the only way that you have balls to mouth off about Vance. First off he draws the check from getting hurt from a job and his heart is bad. Also they only recieve medical for Vance and his son, that is all the help that they get from DFS office. Take and smoke that in your own pipe, you drop test Vance any day and not find any drugs in his system.

Fulton, MO

#82 Dec 20, 2009
thts true and if ppl r going to get money tht r taxes pay for then they shuold have a good reson lik the elder and not ppl tht do drugs or sit at home on there asses and whatch tv all day

United States

#83 Dec 20, 2009
Getyourfactsstrait wrote:
<quoted text>
You know what the term Welfare lane really pisses me off! Those on here saying that its welfare lane apparently need to get your FACTS STRAIGHT! I dont think you know as much as you want people to think you do, why dont you sweep around your own doorstep before you sweep around other peoples?! I have lived on AA most of my life and my house is CLEAN THE YARD IS CLEAN! I WORK MY ASS OFF OVER 40 HOURS A WEEK TO MAKE SURE MY BILLS ARE PAID AND THERE IS A ROOF OVER MY KIDS HEADS. You think all or most of AA is on welfare but guess what your WRONG WRONG WRONG YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT TIL YOU KNEW THE FACTS! You must be a AA reject who cant stay out of trouble or your from one of the other areas around here that is trashy. I can start from the beginning of AA and tell you whos on welfare, early retirement, or working. Glen Jameison residence most of them work only Glen and Sheila draw SSI the house before that shirley brandon use to live in those people work for a living, people in the trailers there beside Glen J has their own business, the wilcox are hopeless welfare people, Vance Sisco draws early retirement due to an injury while working for Arbor Row, ALan Crabtree worked hard all his life, wheelers work, holesapples work, childers works, Crystal wilson works, Erica sisco residence works, the waco church woman draws off church, freddy brinkley worked all his life, terry deckard residence works, buckner residence she babysits and gets paid but rest of them lazy, marty bates residence we all know what he does for a living and its not a honest job, Robert Padgett Residence they work and try to draw SSI, people in old Dory Johnson residence they work, Mike Infranka residence works, THe Barton people off the highway there of course dont work and live off others and scamming people and the weed they grow, the Houses around April Barton they all work, then you got Jimmy Sisco who of course scams people and your right that place needs cleaned, Gary Simpson works, Jimmy Sisco brother just like him, The old Sisco Gro Place we all know how sweet and loveable Ann and Clifford are and they worked hard all there life, People in the Holler all work or are retired except The Tillmans and Tammy Crabtree, The Tunes, Mcentires, Mcclanahans, Conners, Morrisons, Johnsons, blankenships, and most of the Hollis like gary and his brothers, Bettis, Williams, Briggs, Deckards, Caseys and Smiths all worked or works for a living and most of them are clean and yards are clean, theres very few any more on welfare as you say. Most of them are past retirement age and drawing there retirement which they earned! Its not nice to say they havent worked for their retirement or what they draw every month because they have but i bet your ass you havent have you? Or you want to draw welfare and they wont let you right most people who point fingers at others are usually the ones who want it and cant get it and there mad. Im proud of living on AA and my house and my clean yard and my family who has always worked their ass off to support the family and help their neighbors, and i work my ass off now to let them draw there retirement checks so they can relax cause they deserve it! Those that dont work on AA which is VERY FEW need to get off their ass and do there share and Clean their yards but also thats their right to do what they want with their property, the Constitution says so!
I noticed you mentioned Hoseapple. What about Faye Hoseapple? Anyone know her?
pissed off redneck

Union, MO

#84 Dec 20, 2009
Pissed wrote:
<quoted text>I dont feel the least bit sorry for the majority of the lazy ass scum on AA. Most of them get outta bed when they decide to and go to bed when they want cause all they gotta do is stagger out to the mailbox once a month to get their handout. Screw the sorry bastards, I suggest cleaning the place up with a flame thrower. They cant afford to clean up their shit but they can breed like rats and produce more of their kind,and what in the hell do they need a cell phone for? Gotta have big screen tv and satellite and computers with dsl. I say drag their lazy asses out into the middle of AA and stone em!! Or set up a clinic for spaying and neutering so they cant reproduce.
I live on aa hwy we pissed off rednecks like to call home or ruby ridge and if ur not down with that i got 2 works for u suck it!!!!!!!!!!
pissed off redneck

Union, MO

#85 Dec 20, 2009
if all u cox eye s.o.b. would keep your own noses up your own asses alton mite be a nice little town to live in.
High Class White Trash

Union, MO

#86 Dec 26, 2009
we should change the of aa to high class white trash drive so when people talk about us we still look good !!! white trash power!!!

Center, MO

#87 Dec 28, 2009
yo dont have to be high class to keep ur place clean its called being clean and decent

United States

#88 Jan 21, 2010
i believe the whole fckin town of alton is nothing but rundown trailer houses welfare loving monky's whats so great bout it anyway ppl like to make up shit start sht and do sht so whats the point of living there, theres no jobs very few good ppl. If i were u ppl id get the fck out of there.
oh oh

Viburnum, MO

#89 Jan 21, 2010
didnt someone get busted for drugs here recently on aa.?
cant catch me

United States

#90 Jan 21, 2010
Every community has it's up's and down's to bad you all think so poorly of your community. I love Alton.Mabe not very many good jobs but a great place to retire.

United States

#91 Jan 22, 2010
Saint Elaine wrote:
<quoted text>
Thats so nice that you put everyone elses name on there, yet you forgot to add your name....
You know not all the bartons aren't lazy or live on welfare or get disibility. I worked my whole life never once asked the government for money. Yes i agree there are bartons that are lazy sob's but you know what, what family doesn't have any of the lazy sob's so maybe you need to get your facts straight b4 putting barton's down.
My two cents

Eldridge, MO

#92 Jan 29, 2010
Not just AA, drive around this beautiful country, Wal-Mart bags abound. Empty beer cases litter the side of most roads around here. Old tires thrown in the ditches, beer cans, fast food litter, you name it. Chicago is cleaner that this area. I can't believe the amount of trash along the roads down here. So, I challenged all in this area to clean up their act as to tossing litter out the window. It only adds to the reputation of being backwoods inbred rednecks for all that reside here. At least those folks on AA are not dumping their trash on public roads for all to see.
Cant catch me

Osceola, MO

#93 Feb 1, 2010
Not only do the people of Oregon county(Alton) need to pick up their trash but they just need to know there is more out there then living on the state. Have some PRIDE!!!

Jefferson City, MO

#94 Feb 1, 2010
guys before really there is 93 about to be 94 things about one highway if you have a probly either turn the othere cheak or clean it up ok stop bitching about it you sound like a bunch of little kids
Say What

O Fallon, MO

#95 Feb 4, 2010
annoyed wrote:
<quoted text> I know that I don't think I'm better that anyone, but I think that the reason people run down AA is because there are so many run down houses or trailer and the yards are full of junk to the point that you can't even see the house. I have no problem with AA or the people that live on it, but there is no reason for people's yards to look like that. You don't have to live in a mansion but you can keep your place cleaned up and haul some trash out of the yard and make the place look presentable. There are many places like that in Alton not all on AA it just seems like AA has a large amount. There are some really nice places on AA but you can't really tell it because of the places that are piled with junk. I hope my post doesn't sound offensive because I don't mean it to be. Its hard to express yourself properly on the computer.
As the old saying goes, people need to clean up their own backyards before they go knockin on their neighbors door. If their yard has stuff in it what is it to you? Why do you care? Do you have to live there? You'll say that you have to look at's a bright idea! Don't look!!

Branson, MO

#96 Mar 31, 2010
Oh oh go see margie turner, pam pagent, sherrie littles, jed turner cuz he swings both ways, LIZ PAGENT, renna ford, trenna ford, amanda mckee, crystal wilson, donald neldon, regina roy sisco, starlet chaplin, joe crabtree, tammy sisco, sherry simmons, shane bates, johnny carner, john carner, john boy, gene conner, annie conner, tabitha carner, phil bettis, glen jamerson, bobby jamerson, wayne hooper, heather "debbies" daughter, billy neldon,adam sisco. Okay have fun!!

United States

#97 Mar 31, 2010
Ok for starters, Glen Jameson has his OWN business which includes taking in and hauling off junk for money on the side while drawing his check. He actually works to make a living and provide for his family. The ONLY time its real bad is when he is sick (which is alot here lately) May the good lord take it easier on him as time goes by!
As for Wayne Hooper, He is gone 95% of the time so how do you expect him to keep his place clean 100% of the time? He works out on the road supporting his family and when hes NOT working on the road, hes working on some one else's vehicle or machinery or SOMETHING because he is asked to do. Which is called CAREING and HELPING a friend in need, thats something this town needs to learn instead of going behind their backs and posting crap about them on the net. I think you should really get to know someone before judging them just by their appearance dont you think?? Maybe this town might become a little better town with that!
Re-read this post, maybe you will get the hints posted through out it!
Regina Sisco

Columbia, MO

#98 Apr 1, 2010
To aawhores so what exactly are you talking about when it comes to me.
Oh and can't you put your real name so we all know who is talking trash about us all or do you have to hide.
oh yeah

Cameron, MO

#99 Apr 2, 2010
That's right who cares about trash. I mean everybody loves to live around trash. LOL
Oh yeah YEAH now what

Saint Peters, MO

#100 Apr 12, 2010
oh yeah wrote:
That's right who cares about trash. I mean everybody loves to live around trash. LOL
Then don't move to an area without zoning. Are you an idiot who moved to an area without zoning and then complain when people do what they want?

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