What Happened to the Brenda Dunham Post?

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#26 Jan 15, 2011
This happend decades ago,A murderer walking the streets ALL these years,Her children raised without there mother,her family deserves to know what happend,everyone continue to pray that Brends case be solved.Keep this thread going,don't give up!
Concerned Citizen

Columbia, MO

#27 Jan 20, 2011
"The divide" is the land located west of Thomasville Missouri that lays between Eleven Point River and the West Fork of Eleven Point River.
There used to be a road that went back in this country which was open to the public and that is where it's beleived Mrs. Dunham was buried after she disappeared from her home there south of Thomasville on 160 Hiway.
Finding her body in those thousands of acres of woods would be just about impossible.
Her husbands friends said that was her husbands favorite hunting spot and they beleive that is where she at.

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#28 Jan 20, 2011
If she was buried,It's a chance that skeleton would still be there,teeth,some remains.If the dog's they use to find bodies like this had something with her scent on it could have picked up on it,I think if she was buried deep enough would have kept critters from getting to the evidence.They also have psycics that can tell what went on and where they believe her body is located,some don't believe in them but If it was my family I would be willing to try anything,There is a man in my area that's been missing since 08 and have'nt no luck finding him,I think it has to do with the officers on the cases slacking to do there jobs,could have been payed off,or not really caring.And"concerned Citizen"your right there is thousands of acres,Organ County has alot of woods,now officers are getting arested for stealing,not all cops are crooked but most are,I know from my own experience,was sexually assaulted yrs ago by a man that ownes a buisness in my town,his name was taken off the docket and prosecuted had never heard of it,It sickens me that we have officers that get away with whatever.
I am Brendas sister

Collinsville, OK

#29 Oct 10, 2011
I am Brenda's younger sister that was given up for adoption at birth. I never met my sister. I was found by a man my birth mother hired 6 months after Brenda disappeared. They thought maybe she had found me and was with me, which was not the case. I have heard many stories over the years about what may have happened to her but there's no evidence to support any of the stories. I am in contact with my niece, Brenda's daughter, and these posts are very disturbing for her and my nephew. Someday we all do truly hope to find out what happened, however this IS their father everyone is viciously attacking with rumors. Without real evidence, this needs to stop, for their sakes. We want the truth...evidence...real knowledge of what happened. Someone out there knows something that's a fact. Those are the things that need to be posted. What happened that day? Who saw Brenda? Where? What was she doing? What was she saying? Where was Jeff? Who saw him? Who talked to him? I was told she disappeared after working half a day. Is that true? Who saw her at work? Was Jeff working that day? Where were the kids? They were very young, 14 months and I believe, 4 years when this happened. They had to have been with someone. Please, give us facts. Rumors are just that...rumors. Without the facts, Jeff is innocent because you can't prove him guilty. I love Brenda's kids and will protect them at all costs so please, no more ugliness pointed at their father without facts to back it up. Thank you.

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#31 Oct 11, 2011
Gloria Campbell Alton mo wrote:
Brenda's mom is living in Alton
mind your own business for once!

Campbell, MO

#32 Oct 14, 2011
I remember this case and I remember Brenda from school. It is a really sad case and cannot imagine what her family and children have gone through. No one really know s what happened and probably never will in this lifetime.A very sad thing.

Ozark, MO

#34 Nov 9, 2011
I have skipped over this post a hundred times thinking it was probably just trash like everything else. Does anyone have good details on this? When it happened? I have never heard this story, but something about a mystery intrigues me. Not for the gossip sake, but for truth and justice. No one should be forgotten.
Daisy May

Rockaway Beach, MO

#35 Nov 14, 2011
She's at the bottom of a well all
Covered up..that's what I heard ! Course you know how stories go in this run down town!!
I am Brendas sister

Collinsville, OK

#37 Dec 23, 2011
We need FACTS from THAT DAY, May 9, 1985. To anyone that truly knows something or knows someone that does, but doesn't want to post it on here, you can write me in private at [email protected]
I am Brendas sister

Collinsville, OK

#38 Dec 23, 2011
Does anyone remember the name of any Alton police officers from when she was missing? Where did Brenda work when she disappeared (I can't remember what I was told then)? What was Brenda's supervisor's name then? What church did she attend? Who was the pastor then? Who were her friends? Who were Jeff's friends? Where did Jeff work? Was he at work that day?......Write me at [email protected]
TruthandJusticeS eeker

United States

#39 Dec 27, 2011
I would love to know if there is anymore information on this case? such as is she listed as a missing person or an endangered missing person? Was it Alton that she disappeared from or Thomasville. I wasn't clear on the location that this happened. I haven't been able to pull up any info at all on Brenda not one news paper article or missing persons report, a picture something but there's nothing....this is what needs to be out there things that people can visually see & information as to where, what, when & time lines are very important. This happened in 1985? so if this is the first I've heard about it & I've lived here my whole life then someone has dropped the ball on finding out the real truth as to what happened to her. I would like some concrete answers to what was done immediately after she went missing & what investigation if at all or questioning was done. First on the top priority list is Her face needs to be out there maybe someone remembers something that will help. I would love to help you if you had anymore information you could give to the public. The more people having her face & information out there the better. Like try starting a Facebook page or group. most importantly Why is she not listed on the missing in Missouri web page? I only ask because now this has been brought to my attention & I am outraged that there's nothing out there or about her. Please respond so that if there's a way I can help or help you in anyway I will.

Jefferson City, MO

#40 Jan 1, 2012
I agree 100% with Truth and justice seeker,Jeff was a loner,he laid low.Didn't hang out with people much.I know Jeff worked at the saw mill in Thomasville and lived close by his work in Thomasville.He left St.Louis when he was very young and moved to Alton.I'm sure something fishy happend,or she would be found and Jeff would be doing time.I never knew Brenda but alway's heard nothing but good about her.She was pretty with real long straight blonde hair.There was alot of family photos on their wall of Jeff and Brenda,this was before they had kids.

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#42 Jan 2, 2012
The house they lived in still stands. On Hwy 160 --Between Alton and Hwy 99 to Tomasville.
TruthandJusticeS eeker

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#43 Jan 2, 2012
Does anyone out there have anymore information on Brenda other than she's gone, disappeared, vanished??? No news paper articles, no flyers, no missing persons report?? NOTHING! This is very upsetting to me to know that there is someones loved one out there & there's no answers to these questions?? Was this in Alton or Thomasville? How old was she at the time of her disappearance? Someone somewhere surely knows something more about this case? Makes you wonder if it's bogus or not but it is very disturbing to say the least to have no information out of any kind on her. What about evidence or suspects any clues that would point to who she last spoke with or had contact with? All these questions need to be answered or some more detailed information as to the unanswered questions.
Brenda's sister, can you please answer?

West Plains, MO

#44 Jan 2, 2012
yes this is real Brenda was in her late 20s not sure exactly and im not sure why you cannot find anything about it. Brenda has a mother and a brother in alton Rick Morris is her brother and her mother is Eunice Johnson used to be not sure of her last name now
TruthandJusticeS eeker

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#45 Jan 2, 2012
Thank you! I have searched & searched there's not anything. Brenda isn't even listed on the highway patrol missing persons web page. I've found no flyers or media articles or news paper articles on her disappearance. However DJ Debra Jeanette Walton is still listed on the highway patrol missing persons page & she has been found (sadly diseased). If you have any access to any of these articles & have the links I would very much appreciate if you would post them so I can pass them along. If there's anything else such as flyers or a page or group set up could you please post those as well.
Thank you again, I did not mean to offend when I said that this may be bogus, it's just very strange that there's not more information about Brenda out there but if you have any then it needs to be out there so that maybe there's a chance to bring some new fresh eyes to the case & BRING HER HOME!
I am Brendas sister

Owasso, OK

#46 Jan 3, 2012
Nanny wrote:
The house they lived in still stands. On Hwy 160 --Between Alton and Hwy 99 to Tomasville.
Nanny, do you think you could find the actual address of the house?
I am Brendas sister

Owasso, OK

#47 Jan 3, 2012
Brenda was 26 when she disappeared. Her date of birth was 02/13/1959. She worked a half day at the International Shoe Factory in West Plains, left to go home and was never seen again. She never picked up her last pay check. I have found out that the sheriff at that time was Oregon Co Sheriff Junior Henry. He died in 2006. I have located the private investigator that was looking for Brenda in 1985. He is the one that found me. He is looking for his records from the case. I have contacted Troop G of the Mo State Hwy Patrol. The officer I spoke to shows no record of the case. He will have a criminal investigator call me. I haven't found any newspaper articles or flyers.

I have mixed emotions about digging this back up. I truly want to know what happened to my sister and give her a respectful burial, however her children do not want to stir this up. Now that they are grown they finally have a good relationship with their father and they don't want that to end. I do NOT want to hurt my neice and nephew or upset them. I just found them after all of these years and don't want to loose that. VERY mixed emotions!!
I am Brendas sister

Owasso, OK

#48 Jan 3, 2012
Does anyone know the name and address of the saw mill that Jeff worked for? I'm creating a map with marked locations.
I am Brendas sister

Owasso, OK

#49 Jan 3, 2012
Brenda Louise Johnson Dunham disappeared May 9, 1985.

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