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#22 Oct 27, 2010
MC pffft wrote: are just a bunch of Sons of Anarchy nut hangers.(You do know that is pure fiction right?)
Patches, bikes, booze, drugs, w*ores. Wow, what a life!
Get a grip people. Hell's Angels are pu**ies, and the Outlaws are the equivalent to a girl scout troop in the Motorcycle world.
Sure, they all talk the talk. 1% this, 2% that. It's sad really!
You really don't have a clue do you? Well big boy come to our area and talk that shit. I bet you see how real it all is from either black and white or red and white in a hurry!
Ice Man

United States

#23 Oct 29, 2010
Check out the Frys Brothers maybe you can figure it out then you yankee idot. You must have been born in a hog pin,because your mouth is like dirt.Clean it up because ladies will go to this side you pig.I can not believe the people who visit this forum and talk their trash.Clean it up dirt bag or face the Ice Man,you scum bucket.
Biker Girl

Granite City, IL

#24 Nov 16, 2010
The New Attitudes MC is a clean and sober bike club that has yes been in the area for many years and also is affiliated with the Outlaws, The new Outlaw MC club house is located on 111 in Pontoon Beach IL. I have never known any of the biker clubs from Alton (Bush Pilots, Back Door Men,New Attitudes,or The Outlaws)to cause any trouble in this town, I have many times hung in thier clubhouses and grew up with many of thier members. It makes me sick to my stomache that people go around just assuming that these people are bad news. Maybe you should come on down to Brown St. in Alton and find out for yourself what kind of people they are, UNLESS YOUR TO BUSY SMOKIN WEED, CRACK PIPES, AND HANGING IN THE BARS!!!!!!!!!!

Granite City, IL

#25 Nov 16, 2010
Quicksand wrote:
<quoted text>
How funny....I guess they are downsizing or just slumming.
fishing for a responce all members of any club you spoke about would not commet on here or any where be a man not a maget supporter or worse a maget
this guy

Milwaukee, WI

#27 Dec 16, 2010
Quicksand wrote:
<quoted text>
The fact that no one ever posts here tells you how little or how much anyone gives a damn about the OL. They have all but evaporated. At least they have little influence or power left in the area.
nah my friend, just got better shit to do during the good ridin' seasons. so now, can tinker with the scoot, and check out some of this shit.

it is what it is. you want to know about the AOA? don't sit here, trying to think of this or that, ask a brother. maybe you'll find out.

Angier, NC

#28 Feb 13, 2011
I'm going to daytna bike week and would like to hang with the outlaws.What bar do they like to go?

United States

#29 Apr 6, 2011
Canadian Supporter wrote:
New Attitudes and AOA- "Scuttlebutt just this weekend claims a new Outlaws MC clubhouse on Rte 101 out by Granite City"
Canna find a rte 101 in GC, you got that rite?
Prolly means rt 111

Dallas, TX

#30 Apr 10, 2011
Rt 111 is correct for AOA.. Around these parts there are a lot of MC's and I would personally like to invite you "MC pfft" to come round here and run your mouth about clubs. We would be happy to show you a good time and express our feelings about how we feel about ppl in society who think like you!! So stop on in anytime

Hecker, IL

#31 Apr 11, 2011
This topic has been off and on for awhile now. Aside from a couple of misinformed nut-hangers I think the majority of the posts have been more of a questioning nature than one of bashing which is as it should be, in my opinion. I've personally been motorcycling for quite a few years now and I have come to know some outstanding men in and out of the club scene and wearing/ not wearing the Diamond, and some great women, too. I think maybe one of the reasons I have been able to learn from and experience the more "hard core" within our motorcycling culture is simple R E S P E C T. It's been my observation that most folks out here in the biker world are not affiliated for/ against any one club over another. In fact, I would go so far as to say that most motorcyclists (not bikers..there IS a difference) have no interest in the club scene let alone the 1%er scene. This is good and bad, for the weekend warrior who is not educated about protocol and "current events" may find themselves in a tight spot if they do/say something to the wrong person. So, I think it's OK to flap gums about the AOA "moving in" from a "news" standpoint, but in all honesty the 1%er world is very closed off for a reason. I don't think this "news" should be used to mean anything other than what it is and definitely shouldn't be used as an opening for an internet bashing (keyboard commandos are a dime a dozen).
If any members of the AOA, including BPMC read this, welcome and take care out there. Yours is a strange and fascinating world, and unfortunately, mainstream media has done a great job (ala' Sons of Anarchy, Gangland, etc.) to portray your kind so that every John Citizen out in the world thinks he "knows" what bein' a 1%er is all about. Ironically, we may "think" we "know" your world, when we actually know squat about it (Myself included). In closing, EVERYBODY take care out there and watch out for Mama Cager and her bitch daughter, Texty. They are killers, for sure. Respects, Squirts

United States

#32 Apr 18, 2011
Outlaws never left . Just moved to a new house. Funny how you rarely hear about them causing trouble. But busy bodies or male gossipers have to give their opinions. Truth be told. I,m sure they don't concern themselves with your petty lives.

United States

#33 Apr 18, 2011
lucky chick wrote:
It is sad for me to think about them not being around anymore.. I grew up around the club house and an old bar called The Chair. I loved seeing the bikes and hearing the roar of the engine..
I see them in grafton ,celler room ect. Usually on saturdays

Edwardsville, IL

#34 Apr 18, 2011
what is the initiation process of the Back Doors Men MC?

Lebanon, MO

#36 Jun 1, 2011
I have a friend in the Outlaws and they are still around!
stinky crotch

Marion, IL

#37 Jun 10, 2011
well i hail from southern illinois around Marion . The Outlaws have purchased an old 2 story farm house in a rural area called Furges IL. it is a dump. One of the members has opened a bar and grill (open to outlaws and affiliates only) so much for that liquor license in the near future. They did not patch over the stormfiders or as we call them Storm chickens but they wear an Outlaws affiliate patch. Guess they use them like a farm team and their personal gofers . What a life! the storm chickens have put there brand on another club that has a confederate flag on a grey background . not sure of the name as it is so small it is hard to read. Need anymore info on the huge four to five man outlaw club just ask old stinky crotch

Hecker, IL

#38 Jun 10, 2011
I honestly, truly believe..... I have found someone with a WORSE road name than I.=) A "true" roadname is one which is given by one's friends or brothers... I tend to ride shitty bikes, so I ended up with "Squirts" (as in Hershey squirts)....NNNOOOWWW, if'n tradition holds true, than I'll bet ol' SMELLY CROTCH has one heckuva' story to tell about how they got their roadname...As intrigued as I am to find out, I am equally AFRAID =).... Off topic, but what tha' hey...
Respect: You get what you give. Simple as that. Y'all take care out there.

Florissant, MO

#39 Jun 17, 2011
Saw Hells Angels in Pontoon Beach this week. I think that post about the Outlaws MC being in Pontoon Beach is wrong.

Sikeston, MO

#40 Jun 29, 2011
I'm wondering why there has been alot of Hell's Angles here in my little town. Centralia IL.. never seen any around till this spring.. few weeks back they had a big poker run and always having some kind of gathering at this local bar

Hecker, IL

#41 Jun 29, 2011
Mike, I can shed a little light onto your question. Smarter folks than I have said that "nothing stays the same", and this is also true in tha' biker world. For years,(decades even) Illinois has been considered a "Red and White" state. I always found that odd considerin' that Chicago is home to tha' Outlaws, but what do I know? Anyways, things are startin' to heat up a bit in tha' land of Lincoln as history (IL bein' tha' land of tha' 81, historically), is bein' challenged by tha' American Outlaw Association (AOA). Now, I'm a CIVILIAN and have NO dog in this fight,(as most readin' my words are as well), but it's good to understand why different groups are being seen more in different areas. We NEVER saw 1%ers at our local bike nights until this past year... I mean, how much in common do 1%ers have with Joe Biker? BUT, there's an effort on BOTH tha' Angels and Outlaws to step up their presence and perhaps do a little recruiting on tha' side. What does this mean to US? Not much right now... Just be aware that things are in motion, and if you come across any 1%er, let them go about their business. I will say that I have seen first-hand bikers who should know better slappin' "Support" stickers on their bikes 'n such. Understand that while you're a civilian, if'n you go out and act as a "cheerleader" for ANY OMC, you may find yourself in a tight spot if'n it's ever challenged. Personally, I cheerlead ONLY for vets, kids and old folks, but that's jus' me. Regardless of whether tha' next rider down tha' road wears a Diamond (1%er) or a GWRRA (Goldwing Road Riders of America) patch, give 'em tha' respect they're due and everything will be fine. Respects to those who have earned it and take care out there... My penny's worth...~ Squirts

Sikeston, MO

#42 Jul 5, 2011
I was recently told by a friend that he seen some Hells Angels wearing "City Of Alton" lower rockers. Has anyone else seen this?
Bounty Hunter

Jerseyville, IL

#43 Jul 7, 2011
curious wrote:
I was recently told by a friend that he seen some Hells Angels wearing "City Of Alton" lower rockers. Has anyone else seen this?
They have started a new chapter in Granite City

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