Charlie Crist's Office Accidentally Thanks Sender for Anti-Semitic ...HULIQ - Hickory,NC,USAThat's apparently what happened in this case, where a "thank you" letter bearing the signature of Florida governor Charlie Crist praising a anti-semitic ...
After 20 years in the service one thing that was drilled into me was attention to detail.
Being that Mr. Crist wants to leave his postion as Govenor. Which last time I checked was in the red & no jobs.
No money for schools through out the state where he wants to promote gambling.
Humm if letter was mistake with his signature I guess he did not read it.
Or someone signed his name to it staff may be.
So one could expect charges to be filed within the next week.
If just over sight is this what the voters of Fl. want reading bills that go before him???