As with the autism pandemic being so artfully covered up, and to where the IOM and CDC are denied by major media when they both concur no relationship to vaccine injury; the Utah County Health Department may actually be trying to hide a far larger epidemic over the larger metropolitan areas of the state, north to south.

To do this all they have to do is manipulate the media with a few white lies, take some out of the way place people won't notice or care about, and report a "rare" cluster of leukemia (it helps them defraud public accountability in reporting any widespread epidemic. What they won't report is any detail to the pathogenesis, how late in line it is afflicting individuals, their ages, and whether it is part of the myelodysplastic syndrom of bone marrow stem cell degeneration that leads to full blown leukemia. That condition has its own tight lipped excuses--two of them: either benzene exposure or nuclear radiation. And not one word about the mutagenic compound fluoride that's in everybody's water.