When I first started going to this practice I loved it. It is very clean, organized, good dental practices, staff seem friendly enough etc. Apparently after a cleaning they automatically make an appointment for 6 months later which I was unaware of. When I missed this appointment the office manager Judy LIED to me stating she had called me and left me a message and then actually called me a liar when I stated there had not been a message left. She was very unprofessional and hung up on me. My significant other and I planned to still go to the office however when we called a few weeks later we were informed that we were no longer welcome at the office. They then submitted claims to my insurance for cleanings that never happened. All of this was almost a year ago. Today in the mail I received notice from a bill collector that I owed them $150! These people are dangerous. Not only are they rude and fraudulent, but they actually attempted to ruin my credit. I never once got a bill in the mail for the $150 because I never owed it to them. There are just some bad people in the world and they happen to be some of them. Don't be fooled.