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Jennifer Wood


#2 Mar 25, 2010
Outstanding Chiropractor, Dr. Batchelor is the best doctor I have been too since moving to Atlanta. Last month while I was working in my yard, I bent over to pull a stubborn weed out of the ground. A severe pain began in my lower back that and after 5 minutes the pain starting radiating down my right leg. My husband brought me to his chiropractor, Dr. Dan Batchelor. After 5-10 minutes, Dr. Dan had me out of pain and I felt as though the injury had never happened. I was pretty impressed since I had already called my work and told them I would not be in tomorrow but after treatment I called them back and told them I had a change of plans and would in to work afterall. Since my husband was already a patient, Dr. Batchelor did not even charge me for treatment. Thanks doc for helping me when I was down. I highly recommend Dr. Batchelor.
Kevin Kramer


#3 Mar 30, 2010
Dr. Batchelor has been in Roswell a long time and he has always helped me out when I needed it. He is really the only doctor that I have found that really cares about the patient in a geniune manner. I do extreme sports and have needed his services over the years. He is also an athlete so he understand exactly what I go thru. Thank god, he is right here in Roswell.
Laura Cane


#4 Apr 8, 2010
So thankful that I found Dr. Batchelor. After suffering from back pain for so long, I finally found a doctor that helped me. For over 8 years I suffered with the worst pain I could not wish on anyone. I tried almost every back pain doctor within 8 miles of my home in Cumming but no one helped. I was finally referred to Dr. Batchelor in Roswell by my primary care physician. After the first treatment with Dr. Batchelor, I could feel the pressure being taken off of the nerve in my lower back. After the 2nd treatment, all of my pain was gone and I was wondering why I did not go to Dr. Batchelor in the first place. Luckily, I was referred to him because my next option was going to be surgery as recommended by the orthopedic surgeon I went to 2 years ago. Dr. Batchelor is a godsend and helped me change my life. When you have back pain, it affects you in every aspect of your life. When your pain is gone, your outlook on life changes, you treat people better and you feel like exercising and eating healthy foods. Its a transforming experience and I appreciate Dr. Batchelor for making it happen. Would I refer him to others? Yes!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Rodenberry


#5 Apr 9, 2010
I injured my lower back 3 weeks ago cutting up a large tree that had fallen in my yard in Roswell. When I bent over to lift one log, I felt a huge clunk in my lower back. I knew that wasnt a good sound. All of a sudden, a spasm sent me to the ground. I had heard about Dr. Batchelor so thats where my wife took me. On the way there, I called my job and told them I would not be in tomorrow because I knew I would not be able to work the next day. Dr. B. checked me out on the table and found the area where the bone was pinching on a large nerve in my lower back. Next he used a special traction table along with some therapy and then he adjusted the bone back into position. I could hear that same clunk sound when he adjusted it. He said ok stand up and try it out. I stood up and it was if the injury had never happened. The pain was completely gone. It was amazing. I called my work and said cancel the sick day, I am coming into work. I was pretty impressed with Dr. Batchelor and would highly recommend him.
Dr H


#6 Apr 13, 2010
Dr. Batchelor is an outstanding chiropractor
I have been an MD working in North Fulton for the past 14 years. I was helped by Dr. Batchelor after the so called "Best in Atlanta" could not help me. After years of suffering from chronic neck and rib pain, Dr. Batchelor diagnosed cervical neuritis and intercostal neuralgia. He treated me with physical therapy combined with chiropractic and after 2 visits the nerve pressure was eliminated. My neck and rib feel perfect and I thank Dr. Batchelor for finding the cause and correcting it. I have certainly changed my ways of thinking when it comes to medicine and chiropractic. Working together for the good of the patient has become paramount.
Thomas Waring

Atlanta, GA

#7 Sep 2, 2010
I have been impressed by an extraordinary doctor and I hope that my experience may help others.
As a golfer/tennis player and a waiter for many years, I have developed many one sided muscle imbalances. Eventually those imbalances caught up with me and caused very severe back and neck pain.
I tried just about everything to remedy the problem. Physical therapy, massage, neurologist, 2 orthopedists, 3 chiropractors. Nothing helped.
I gave up hope but one of my co-workers convinced me to seek the help of Dr. Batchelor, a chiropractor in Roswell that treats many professional athletes. I was willing to give it a try.
My immediatel concern when entering Dr. Batchelor's office was to getting out of pain. The pain was killing me and pain killers had little or no effect.
Dr. Batchelor checked me out and explained what he found. Next he used physical therapy, manipulation, acupuncture, traction, and some other things but I am not sure what they were. In less than a week, I was out of pain. I was shocked to say the least since I had been suffering with the pain for over 5 years and had been to 8 other health professionals for the same pain and had no relief. I fired them all. Now after 1 week, all of my pain was gone. I am not talking about drug pain relief. I am referring to actual correction of my pain relief. It was as if the pain had never occurred. Was I impressed? Was I excited? Oh yes!!
Besides being the only doctor to correct my pain, Dr. Batchelor also taught me how to keep the pain from returning by giving me one sided exercises that restored the muscle symmetry to my spine that had developed from my one sided sports and occupation. This helped correct the condition that contributed to the development of the pain originally. That was something I had always wanted but no other health professional had been able to do for me. To fully understand how Dr. Batchelor determines the muscle imbalance etc, you really have to be there but trust me, Dr. Batchelor makes it easy to understand when you are in his office. He has a great talent in explaining and simplifying what he is doing.
He is by far the most effective chiropractor I have been to. I never felt rushed or non-attended to and he had a great bedside manner. He was able to spend time with me and get into my body. You can tell he is very intuitive and very talented at what he does.To top it off, my insurance covers 100% of his treatment so that's just about as good as it gets.
An added bonus is that Dr. Batchelor is a top notch biker/runner in Atlanta so he definitely does practice what he preaches. In fact, his motivation sparked my interest to train for my first triathlon.
Thanks to Dr. Batchelor, my life is more enjoyable and I don't have to baby my back anymore.
Karen Kerns


#8 Oct 10, 2010
Last year when I hurt my lower back lifting my baby, I went to 2 different chiropractors and one MD. One chiro was in Alpharetta and one was in Roswell. They could do nothing for me and I still had pain. The MD gave me some pain killers which did nothing except make my stomach upset.
My nephew who plays basketball, had went to Dr. Batchelor for a basketball injury. Dr. Batchelor was able to get him out of pain in one treatment. That was good enough for me so I called Dr. Batchelor's office in Roswell. Dr. Batchelor is a chiropractor and a physical therapist and very athletic.
He found a vertebra that was pinching on a nerve in my back. He adjusted the bone and did some physical therapy. After he treated it, he asked me to try it out. Complete pain relief.
I asked myself why the other doctors could not fix me.
Oh well, I was happy.$10 copay and immediate pain relief. What more can you ask for? I highly recommend Dr. Batchelor

Since: Sep 11


#9 Sep 11, 2011
Dr Dan fixed my back when I thought it was unfixable
A couple of weeks ago I had to go to a wedding for a friend of mine. I dressed up and then put on my 4 inch heels that I have not worn in a long time.
After the wedding, I went to the reception and stood for around 2 hours. By the time I came home, my back was in severe spam. I've never had anything like that before. I was worried that it was going to be unfixable.
I called my mother to see who her chiropractor was. My mom actually came over and drove me to Dr. Batchelor's office in Roswell. The clinic was open on Saturday evening. My boyfriend came with us and helped me since I could hardly walk on my own.
When we walked in, my boyfriend who does martial arts fighting, recognized the front desk person from his gym. She is #1 in the world in Muy Thai martial arts fighting. They talked and then she brought me back to the examination room.
Dr. Batchelor came in to check out my back.
He found that I have swayback along with a leg length imbalance and that wearing the heels pushed the structures beyond the norm and pinched on a big nerve in my lower back. That caused the pain and spasm.
He used phycial therapy on me and by the end of the treatment, my pain was gone. After that he gave me exercises to do that would strengthen the area and prevent me from having that aweful pain again.
Thanks to Dr. Batchelor, I feel good again.


#10 Sep 26, 2011
Roswell Georgia Chiropractors, , is where I found Dr. Batchelor.

Since: Oct 11


#11 Oct 4, 2011
I love to play ALTA tennis. Each year without fail for the past several seasons, I have thrown my back out. It usually goes out somewhere between halfway thru the season or near the end of the season. Thats a real bummer for me because thats what I am in the peak of fitness and in the peak of my game. This year before I began the tennis season, I took my tennis partners advice and went to a chiropractor, Dr. Batchelor in Roswell.
Dr. Dan found the solution to my back problem. I had a misaligned lower back and a muscle imbalance. The more stress I put my back under, the more those factors would start twisting the bones in my lower back off to one side and pinch on the nerve causing muscle spasm and pain.
Now, I can play all season long and not worry about my back going out. They say you know you are getting old when your back goes out more than you do. I feel younger now and healthier than ever thanks to the good doc, Dr. Dan!

Since: Oct 11


#12 Oct 6, 2011
Dr B. fixed me when all others failed. While doing a hard workout followed by some heavy squats at my gym, I felt something click in my lower back. I immediately starting having spasms in my lower back and had to call it quits for the day. I sat in the jacuzzi afterwards but that did not help at all. In fact, I think it made it worse. I could hardly get out of the jacuzzi so I knew I had something serious. After going to a neurologist and then an orthopedist in Atlanta and after spending an obsene amount of money on diagnostic tests including an MRI, the neurologist and orthopedist did not have a clue on what was causing my intense lower back pain, nor did they know how to fix it. They gave me anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers and muscle relaxants. Thats not a fix and not treating the cause of my problem. Thats treating my symptoms. "I don't know what it is but take this drug" is an insult to anyones intelligence. No wonder a health care crisis exists in America. Next, I was referred to a physical therapist. The motion they put me thru during treatment was very painful and each day after treatment I was having more spasms than before. I tried massage but I could not lie on the table for very long because of the severe spasms and pain. Fortunately, my wifes sister referred me to her chiropractor, Dr. Batchelor in Roswell. He found a pinched nerve in my lower back. He also explained that a standard MRI would not be able to diagnose my condition because the tests were done when I was lying down and I don't have pain when I am horizontal. He mentioned that there are very few MRI's around Georgia that test the patient when they are vertical but that the clinics that purchased a $3,000,000 outdated horizontal machine are not going to replace it with a new $4,000,000 vertical machine even though the new machine would have found the pinched nerve. Similar to jacking your car up in the air to see if the tires are flat. The tires would look fine but when the car is placed back on the ground, you can see that the tires are flat. In my case, I had a pinched nerve that was not caused by a disc problem so nothing showed up on the lying down MRI. Dr. B spent about 20 minutes with me, used a lumbar decompression table, adjusted my lower back and I felt instant relief. My pinched nerve pain was gone and you could imagine how happy I was. I was highly impressed.$10 copay + instant results= happy patient:)

Since: Oct 11


#13 Oct 27, 2011
Top Doc!
In April, I slipped on the tennis court and injured my sacro-illiac joint. The pain was extreme and I could not play the rest of the set. I spent the next 3 days in my bed. After the 3 days in bed, the pain was not better. I called my tennis coach and he referred me to Dr. Batchelor.
When I walked in to the clinic, I had to use crutches. After 30 minutes of treatment, I could walk out with no crutches and by the end of the next days treatment, my pain was non-existent. The day after that I played tennis. Dr. Batchelor is a remarkable doctor and I don't know what I would have done without him.

Since: Jul 12

Acworth, GA

#14 Jul 17, 2012
I have a landscape business in Atlanta and last week while lifting my mower to put it in the back of my landscaping truck, I injured my lower back. We have been really busy lately burning the candle from both ends trying to keep up. The severe pain started in my lower back and then started to come down into the back of my left hamstring muscle. The muscle cramped up and I was unable to walk without limping. I told my crew to continue without me for the rest of the day because I knew that if I continued to work, I would be in spasm and tears before long. I am a big guy but this was a big pain. Its the 3rd time I have injured my lower back but by far the worst pain I have experienced so far. When I got home, I took a muscle relaxant and a strong pain killer that I kept just for that occasion. When I injured my knee last year, they took the edge off of my pain but this was different. I kept those drugs stashed away in the event I had another emergency. They did not help this pain a bit. One of my workers had been to Dr. Batchelor for his back and he recommended Dr. Batchelor highly so I called and made an appointment. His clinic is in Roswell and I have passed it hundreds of times. They have a chiropractic van with a kayak and a bike on top. I have actually competed against Dr. Batchelor in some endurance races in the past. The Batchelor van always caught my eye because I am a bachelor and a cyclist as well as a white water kayaker. The doc knew exactly where the pain was even before I told him. He used some things to reduce the swelling and pain and then he treated it by physically moving the bone off of the nerve. I could actually hear a clunk sound when the bone moved into position. I thought it was going to hurt but it didn't. As the bone shifted off of the nerve it seemed liked all the muscles in my body were able to relax again. Now I am back at work now and feeling very good. Thank the lord for Dr. Batchelor. I am not sure what I would have done had I not found him.
Linda Frazier

Lawrenceville, GA

#15 Feb 3, 2013
Perfect 10. Dr. Batchelor is clearly my all time favorite doctor. He was the one who was able to get to the root of my chronic back pain and solve it once and for all. He rates a perfect 10 in my book.

Jackson, MS

#16 Feb 16, 2013
My experience was completely negative. I am hoping to recover from damages sustained from his treatment...

Since: Apr 13

Atlanta, GA

#18 Apr 19, 2013
Dr Dan was exactly what I needed. I had hurt my back digging in the yard about 5 weeks ago. I went to a chiropractor in Dunwoody and then to a massage therapist. No one could help me until I was referred to Dr Batchelor by my neighbor. Bingo, within 2 days I was back in action and able to play golf again. Wonderful doc!

Since: May 13

Atlanta, GA

#19 May 16, 2013
Top doc in Roswell. I've been to a half a dozen chiropractors in my life because I have been transferred to different cities because of my job. I can safely say that Dr Batchelor is by far the best one I've been to. I am an athlete so we bonded very quickly. He is a runner, biker, kayaker like I am. If you are looking for a doc who practices what he preaches and will take the time to understand your condition and get you feeling like you did 20 years ago, Dr Dan is your doc. If he was able to do it for me, I'm sure he can do it for you.

Atlanta, GA

#20 Feb 3, 2016
Dr. Dan Batchelor is my chiropractor.
Occasionally, as a result of running or working out or sleeping on my stomach with my head turned or sitting at my desk for long hours at a time, I begin to develop really painful neck and back pain along with tension headaches. When that happens, Dr Batchelor is the only one who can get me feeling like new again. I call him my miracle worker. Since he was able to help me, I'm very certain that he can help you too.

Woodstock, GA

#22 Aug 15, 2016
1st visit today. Staff was super friendly. They were able to provide me with an appointment the same day that I called, which I totally appreciate because I was in a heap of pain. Dr. Batchelor was AWESOME! He took the time to take a complete assessment of the situation and then he explained to me exactly why I'm experiencing the lower back pain. He showed me the x-ray and pointed out how things should be aligned and where I'm out of whack. From there he did a few more assessments and treatments. By the end of the treatment session, I could already tell the difference and felt dramatically better when I left than I did when I came in. I'm looking forward to the new completely pain-free me. Fees were reasonable, the place was clean, I didn't have to wait long, the staff was pleasant, the doctor was caring, the treatment was not painful, the care was effective. I wouldn't change a thing. That's how your suppose to run a doctors office. My thanks to everyone at Batchelor Clinic, you were super!.

Since: Oct 17

Roswell, GA

#23 Oct 26, 2017
The best chiropractor I have been to. He is the only doctor who helped me!

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