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Since: Feb 09

Commerce, GA

#1 Feb 16, 2009
Hi everyone!
We are new in Dacula and would like to extend the invitation for you to visit our salon and tan FREE for One Week! Our level 3 beds are 12 minute ETS Bronzers and a 9 minute, high intensity, stand-up bed. We also offer teeth whitening and perosnal airbrush spray tans.
24HR Tan's new concept allows tanners to tan anytime of anyday. Our state-of-the-art security ensures the safety of client and allows them to purchase products even when we are unstaffed.
There are no bed fees and no Maintenance fees. Our rates start at $20 per month for unlimited tanning.
There is no obligation for a Free Week of tanning. Come by during our staffed hours: MON-FRI: 10am-7pm and SAT: 10am-4pm.
We are a tanning salon that services Dacula, Hamilton mill, Buford, Lawrenceville, Winder, and Bethlehem.
Located at 802 Dacula Rd. in Dacula next to Sonic

Happy Tanning!





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Covington, GA

#2 Feb 16, 2009
It's true, they do offer a free week with no strings attached! The place looks nice but cramped. and the beds look old.I really didnt like how red i got after tanning their. All my friends took advantage of the free week then they signed up at the upscale place by Del Rio.

Jonesboro, GA

#3 Feb 17, 2009
Thats funny, my wife and daughter did the same thing. Hey you cant beat FREE! They really didnt like the place either. I did notice they kept burning. and we all have dark skin AND NEVER BURN. It seems like everyone we know tans at that Unique place, next to that new mexican restaurant down by Golds Gym, and they get dark fast. The best part is I dont have to listen to them complain about being burned!
Desiree Holtz

Lawrenceville, GA

#4 Feb 18, 2009
Well I have been in my fair share of tanning salons and I love 24 Hour Tan in Dacula. The salon is kept very clean and the service is wonderful. The lovely ladies at the salon are very friendly and always up for conversation. The prices are amazing for the quality of the beds you tan in. The free week is an awesome idea and will give customers the opportunity to test out the product before buying. 24 Hour Tan is the best place to tan if youíre like me, pinching pennies to get that one luxury everyone deserves. Check it out and then decided for yourself, itís free!

Raleigh, NC

#5 Feb 19, 2009
Its a new salon with NEW beds! Anyone who has been tanning would know that your not suppose to lay the full time and they even give you that sheet with the recomended time. I mean that means their beds are good. The place by del rio is nice but i'd rather do business with someone who actually has been in the tanning industry other than cabanna tan and actually knows what they are talking about instead of trying to take your money!

Covington, GA

#6 Feb 20, 2009
I have been to both 24 hr. tan as well as Unique Tan and let me tell you ..I CAN TELL A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Im a very honest person and will say both salon's are nice, but Unique Tan is BY FAR better and ALL their tanning beds are BRAND NEW and *real* bronzing beds, unlike other tanning salon's I have been to that try to fool you by having cheap beds with extra strong bulbs which do nothing but burn the h*LL out of you!I experienced this at 24. hr Tan which is primarilly the reason I stopped going (that and my free week was up)(: It just shocked me because I have very olive to dark skin tone and have NEVER gotten burnt.I have been tanning at Unique Tan for about 3 months now and not burned 0NCE and saw results the very FIRST time I tanned! Not to mention, VERY affordable and the variety of packages that fit my budget, Y0U CAN'T BEAT THAT! You can just tell by the quality of equipment, appearance, and products that the young man at Unique Tan puts his customer's first, and must I add VERY friendly, kind, and handsome! Someone who seems knowledgeable and very confident who I trust 100%,as oppossed to the same 'fake nice' people whose goals are just to take your money! Unique Tan is VERY upscale, clean, and classy..DEFFINATELY stands out among ANY other tanning salon I have ever been to in the area. I HIGHLY reccomend it!
Daculababe99, it seems to me Y0U are the one who does not know what they are talking about!! ESpecially if you feel that given a sheet with recommended tanning time means a place has 'good beds.'

Milledgeville, GA

#7 Mar 3, 2009
The is one huge differnce here. One is 24 hours, and the other isn't. Period.

Palmetto, GA

#8 Mar 5, 2009
First of all the review by "Desiree Holtz" sounds like it came straight out of the owner's mouth. Almost like they added everything they forgot to put in the initial post. It's funny!
Second of all the 24hr place isnt open 24 hours. They close at 7 during the week,4 on saturdays and are closed on sundays. If you would like to come in after those hours you have to pay extra. They were also pushing me to put a credit card on file wich i didnt like. The frightening part is no one is there to supervise you! It doesnt matter how much " state of the art" security they have. The whole time they kept stressing how many cameras and security features they have. All it made me wonder is what were they trying to hide? The bottom line is, they are expecting young girls to be there all alone in the middle of the night. Their doors are locked. The only way you can get in is if you are a 24hr member. Im sure its just a matter of time before a child molestor or rapist gets a membership for just that purpose! A bunch of cameras and emergency buttons arnt gonna stop a pervert! Honestly as a parent it just doesnt sound safe and i will never let my daughters tan their. It wasnt that long ago when a girl was kidnapped from the Publix in dacula! It does happen!
The 24hr place, to me, wasnt impressive. the floors are nice but thats about it. The girls behind the counter do seem fake and trashy. The worst part was that they kept trying to talk bad about the other salons in the area. Especially Outback.
And yes we did become members of Unique Tan after we left this place. No one is exaggerating, it really is a great place and the man behind the counter is awesome and very knowledgable. You really cant compare the two. One is low end that tries to get you in with gimmicks and the other doesnt have to play all those games. Walk in the place you will see what i mean.
Jennie Steadman

United States

#9 Mar 30, 2009
Wow- so much fervor over a TANNING SALON. If only people got this fired up about the economy, we might get somewhere. I was just searching for the 24 hour website and found this and HAD to comment. To each his own, but I find the service, beds and security at 24 hour tan perfect for me. I am very pale skinned and have used various other locations around Dacula before. They were all fine and had their features and benefits, but I found that the ability to tan 24 hrs a tan works best for me. The beds certainly seem new, at 24 hr tan, and if you follow the recommend times (as I did for the first few visits) I did not burn. There are various levels of bronzing and tanning beds available and the manager explained to me, some will promote different levels of melanin and will make you either darker or redder. Having the option of going anytime works great for me, even during prom and spring break season when every 12 year old and there mom comes out, I can get in without a wait. I have never felt a moments worry about the local pervs. They are everywhere on the street and don't have to chase me into a secure tanning salon, that is ridiculous. The additional fee is also a one time fee for the key that allows you this secure access. I have had great service, and I have a lovely tan which I got with convenience, and a carefree attitude. I will continue to recommend the salon to my friends. And NO, I don't work there.

Since: Apr 09

Winder, GA

#10 Apr 3, 2009
I have been tanning with 24 Hour Tan since they opened in November of 2008. I love it there! It's convenient, they have good product, and I really like how much room the level three bed has. The stand up bed is cool too. I can also appreciate that they have spray tanning and teeth whitening which is a nice option.

I don't know what all this business is about badmouthing them and the "girls behind the counter" aren't fake and trashy. They're super sweet and also knowlegeable. I get my hair colored, doe's that mean that I'm fake too? It feels like a personal attack on my taste. I really like the girls that work there and the owner is always a pleasure. I have been in other salons w/ memberships and I liked them too but not as much as this one. I have definately found my tanning home.
Sum Ladee

Atlanta, GA

#11 Apr 22, 2009
Go to Unique Tan, you won't be sorry. All of their beds are bronzing beds, so you wont burn like the regular beds at 24 hour. Unique Tan has teeth whitening and spray tanning too. The place is new, well kept and super clean. And the guy behind the counter is very knowledgeable and cute too, which is a plus.
Dacula Mom

Atlanta, GA

#12 May 16, 2009
I have tried Unique Tan which is a great place to tan and now I am at 24 hour tan. The main reason is because I have a child who will soon be out on summer break and it is better for me. I have several cousins that tan there and told me I should try them out. I love the girls there. They are nothing but nice. I used both the top of the line beds at both and can't tell a difference. I have never burned at 24 hour tan. Only you know your body and if you go the full time and burn, well you don't need to be going 12 minutes. I spoke with the young guy at Unique and he said all beds have the ability to burn. Just because it is bronzing doesn't mean you won't burn use your head and don't push it. Also, lotion makes a difference. I am using the same lotion I used at Unique and see no difference. I use a sticker and I can see the results at 24 just the same. It came down to which was the best for me time and money wise. I was given a free key fob when I signed a year contract so there was no difference there. I always go with someone else. You can just as easily be grabbed in the parking lot of Unique or anywhere for that matter. USE your own head. I am shocked at the way people are putting down the owner and the girl that works at 24 tan. Makes me wonder why? To each its own. They are both great places, I just like 24 hour better. If I have had a busy day and want to tan at 11pm I know I can and get the money out of what I am paying for. Make the choice that is better for you and stop saying mean things about others. It all comes back to you in the end.
Blondie xoxo

United States

#13 Oct 1, 2011
DONT GET YOUR SPRAY TANS HERE!! I got mine done for the mill creek pageant and look like an umpa lumpa I cried cuz it wouldn't come off. I had to go to unique where my friends all go to fix it. I will never go anywhere else. They are so professional and made me look so much better! No wonder they have to practically give their shit away IT SUCKS!

Jonesboro, GA

#14 Mar 11, 2012
ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! Why is it that 24 hour tan cannot open on time?? I'm a mother with a tight time schedule and there has been numerous amount of times where I have showed up and nobody is there!! and on top of that my key won't let me in?! 24 hours my a**!,it is ridiculous and it's not like they even have very long hours. I don't understand, but something has to change or my business there will go elsewhere!

Jonesboro, GA

#15 May 9, 2012
This place is STUPID. The beds suck and only burn my friends got a cheap spray tan and looked orange, they are never open. What a joke

Chestnut Mountain, GA

#16 Jun 18, 2012
Recently new to Dacula, but I have family and a few friends here. 24 hour salon IS a joke hands down. The staff seems to be typical dacula/winder trash. I should open up my own salon and never show up on time. I called about their coupons I got and whoever the lady/girl on the phone could not explain them to me, better yet they confused me. I guess you really do have to get things done in person. Oh and rumours spread so fast in this town

Lawrenceville, GA

#17 Sep 11, 2012
I have been tanning at 24 hour tan for over a year now and the beautiful thing about it is that i tan whenever i want weather they are staffed or not. When i do happen to encounter someone that works there they are alyways frindly and helpful. I tan in the level one bed there and i always get complements on how tan i am. I definately will continue to go there and suggest that anyone who has any doubt about them just go try them out and form your own opinion.
thong watcher

San Jose, CA

#18 Oct 1, 2012
love a woman with a little glow to her skin

United States

#19 Oct 6, 2012
Ridiculous! Went at 10am because that's the opening time listed online. Got there... there's a note on the door that new staff hours open at 11am Sept. 1, 2012. So no problem...go back at 11am. Still not there. Wait for 20 minutes. Call the number. No answer. Go back home. Call again at 11:40am, because I don't want to go back and it still not be open. Still no answer. Wasted my entire morning. Then went online to read reviews - so many stating the same problems. Through the bad reviews of 24 Hour Tan, I found Unique Tan! Go to Unique Tan instead (right down the road at 1342 Auburn Road Dacula). Super friendly, knowledgeable, helpful!!... and open on time.:)

United States

#20 Oct 6, 2012
p.s. Have no idea why it lists me as being in Raleigh. I'm in Dacula.

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