using welfare and childs assistance f...

using welfare and childs assistance for nails, tats, cars, phone

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Jacksonville, FL

#1 Jun 17, 2013
As a SINGLE mother of two and NEVER getting Govt assist.., how do these mpothers get away with it?? Im sure you could name off a few of these people.

Mcdonough, GA

#2 Jun 17, 2013
Did Medicaid pay for your babies to be born? Just asking.

Jacksonville, FL

#3 Jun 17, 2013
NO! What does that have to do with my statement? You think its ok?
river rat

Cordele, GA

#4 Jun 17, 2013
you must make to much money ..if you are on medicare and Medicaid they gave you a free phone
Sniff Sniff

Douglas, GA

#5 Jun 18, 2013
They give you a free phone so you can call the dope man think about it you call the Dope man and as his cell phone lights up a little to much more than most well there gos the Gov cash and foodstamps and if we do it just right the Dope man has a new room in the lock up
(((America has had enuff of the dope man)))

Jacksonville, FL

#6 Jun 18, 2013
Love these parasites that call it free.
Honest single mom

Alma, GA

#7 Jun 19, 2013
Not every single mom on assistance is doing it wrong. I am working. I am in school. I take good care of my babies who are all from one father. I do get some assistance.

A family member did treat me to a $28 pedicure recently and it was really nice. I wouldn't afford that for myself. I do my own nails, and cut and highlight my own hair as I feel necessary.

A friend did just buy me a nicer Straight Talk phone, that I will pay the $45 a month for myself, so I suppose I will be eyed and judged by some of you at my local Walmart store now when I pull out my EBT card. I would have never made this purchase myself

I am using the assistance the way it was originally intended. To be of a help and for a time so that I can better myself and get on my own two feet. I will be finished with school (college) at the end of this year and already have a job lined up with a good company, so I will be completely off assistance.

Please don't be so quick to judge everyone who whips out an EBT card. It might be someone like me who is trying to get by after a difficult set of circumstances never dreamed of.
Sniff Sniff

Glennville, GA

#8 Jun 20, 2013
Honest single mom "Good for you Love and it's people like you who we pay Tax's to help out in the tuff times hold your head up we are all in this .
hershell walker

Denver, CO

#9 Jun 20, 2013
SM I don't think anyone including me mind helping out
someone in yore circumstances.

The thing that bothers me and a lot of other taxpayers is the abuse of the system that happens a lot.

No body wants to see innocent children go without.

as far as these professional gamers are concerned that neglect their children and sell their EBTS for .50 on the dollar to hell with them.

They should have their children taken away and be forced to work on food farms for minimum wage and
grow food for those who need it.
knew her back then

Hinesville, GA

#10 Jun 20, 2013
Just overheard two young women at work talking yesterday about the assistance they get. One is poor and the other well off. Both get assistance and were complaining about how they're going to miss it if it's cut off. The well off one was saying how she had to tell them at the health dept and DFACS that she was separated from her husband so she can get it. She's NOT separated! In fact, she is very much married to him, lives with him in a $200,000 home, has an Iphone, dresses very nicely and she drives a new Altima. The less well off one was saying that when she goes to get hers, they never even ask if she's married.

I had to leave when the well off one said and I quote." When they cut me off, I'm going to give them people a piece of mind. Don't they know I have a house payment, phone bill and light bill? " OMG!!! Don't we all???? I had to leave before I blew up.
What Kills Me

Alma, GA

#11 Jun 20, 2013
This seriously kills me. The people who make the comments that their tax dollars do this and pay for that blah blah. Well my husband and I both work 40 + hours a week & get assistance! We bust our tails for what we have and to make sure our child is provided for! With us both working its still hard on us! So the next time someone wants to complain about them supporting and paying for someone to have EBT please remember some of us are HONEST HARDWORKING people who still need a little help!
What Kills Me

Alma, GA

#12 Jun 20, 2013
Excuse me my husband works 40+ hours most of the time I also work 40 but sometimes only 20 @ min wage for both of us!
Sniff Sniff

Greenbrier, AR

#13 Jun 20, 2013
Dear what kills me if you dident make that much money and was just getting by onlove and peanut butter Why did you have a Kid ? you new you could not pay its way Hardworking with no pay is just not working out . I had a roommate and he worked all the time but dident have any money so he always mooched off me and if i asked him to pay his way on food bill he would rant and say he works more than i do so it was up to me to make up the Diff
well that dident work out for long at all and its people like you who think we need to keep supporting you wile you make kids you cant feed.
America its time to stop paying people to have kids !!

Hollywood, FL

#14 Jun 20, 2013
Got no problem with people needing a little help, but when you are taking the money WE THE PEOPLE give you and buy tatts, iphones, and use the EBT as a debit card for cash i have an issue. Need to go back to food STAMPS. As a mother I work my butt off as well and I make it ok. I know a woman in south ga that uses her kids welfare money to buy just these items. Id like to scratch her eyes out but im not violent. BUT i can turn her in because she flaunts her fake self all over the neighborhood with her Sugar daddy.Yall prolly know who she is
Sniff Sniff

Moultrie, GA

#15 Jun 20, 2013
Got to love Hardworkingmom tell it like it is
What Kills Me

Baxley, GA

#16 Jun 21, 2013
Excuse me? Why did I have a kid? For one why don't you ask all the people that don't work,dont make an effort to work, and have children. Do not ask me why I had a child! My husband has worked since day one and I've worked since my child was a year old. We love our child and at least we do work to provide for him and we pay in taxes like everyone else working does! So what if We get a little assistance. At least we are working to provide what we can for our family unlike a lot of people in this town living off EBT and social security knowing good and dang we'll they are able to work they just don't want to! Always have nice hair, nails,cars,clothes,etc,etc. We work hard to pay for what we have & I promise you if I dye,highlite, do my nails or anything of that nature it's out of a box $8 or less! My husbands hair gets cut at home! Our sons hair gets cut professionally! All I'm saying is some of us do work hard and are paying in taxes but still get assistance. Don't be quick to judge everyone and their brother! And don't ask why someone had a child. You don't know everyone's story either!
Sniff Sniff

Rincon, GA

#17 Jun 21, 2013
you have a kid you cant pay for it, why did you have it? i dont know your story and i dont need to know it. " but i do know you have a kid you cant bring up without help from the Gov what little work your doing is not enough so why did you have the kid knowing you were liveing off PBJ and love ?

Allenhurst, GA

#18 Jun 21, 2013
Lmao I got bashes for the state employees stealing forum. I was just focusing on the state employees that lie to get it. Mrs. Dixon are your ears burning?
What Kills Me

Alma, GA

#19 Jun 21, 2013
Ok so your asking me why I had a child? A single child yes. Children are not "its" by the way! But yet were working and your going to bash me? We pay taxes just like you so dont bash me! The previous working mother got applauded basically and your trying to down me? Seriously. No one said I've gotten assistance the whole time since my child was born! And trust me we don't intend on using it long either! I was just stating we do work and pay in taxes and we get assistance! But at least we are working! Sounds like your being a hypocrite. good for you honest single mom but screw what kills me. Yeah you make a lot of since sniff sniff.
What Kills Me

Alma, GA

#20 Jun 21, 2013
And another thing our child has everything he needs! & like I said a LITTLE ASSISTANCE that doesn't mean hundreds of dollars! YOU DON'T KNOW A DANG THING!

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