Council OKs loan to relocate Cat Fanc...

Council OKs loan to relocate Cat Fanciers to Alliance

There are 16 comments on the The Review story from Oct 22, 2010, titled Council OKs loan to relocate Cat Fanciers to Alliance. In it, The Review reports that:

Alliance is now home to the world headquarters of Cat Fanciers' Association Inc., following a vote of approval by city council members during a special meeting held Thursday morning.

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The city of Alliance OH

Crestline, CA

#1 Oct 23, 2010
October 23, 2010
Dear who it may concern,
Phyllis J Phillips & Larry Thompson was correct when they did not feel this approval should go through.
Written by Laurie Huffman
"Phillips voted against adopting the ordinance, on principle, she said, because she did not like the process and felt council should have been given more information to review before casting a vote. Councilman Steve Okey made the same complaint during the Monday meeting, and it was he, Phillips and Councilman Larry Thompson who voted down the measure as an emergency at that time so they could further review the loan data."
I do not know who was trying to push this loan as an emergency, but CFA knew the 2 sites were up and Stephanie Ujhelyi, Government/Crime Reporter: for the review were at the 2 sites every single day before, during and after this business going on in Alliance, OH., about CFA. Why? Well the infomation about CFA is absolute facts, it was documented in the newspapers, animal control & police depts all over the country. So CFA really knew if I contacted any of the Alliance officals they were in serious trouble.
Just the behavior of Ms Ujhelyi coming to the sites so often, gave me the understanding CFA was under tremdous pressure to get acceptace into your town as quickly as possible and get this loan ASAP before the bad news came about them and what their organization is all about.
The information listed about CFA is not public knowledge, one has to search deep for this data. The whole relam of CFA's non profit kingdom is to keep their CFA breeders/ Administration, Judges/ and whoever works for them or deals with them to keep everything a "SECRET". It states this right in their [CFA Constitution Section 4, g,]. If they dont they are banned from their organization. .
Which brings me to share that CFA only moved to your town because of the lenient laws on breeding, the more lax they are, the better it will be for their agenda. Most animal breeder like dog & bird and cat breeders are doing this all over the country. They want to continue breeding and have as lenient laws as possible governing them so they continue their breeding and glorify themselves in promoting cat breeding.
If you dont understand anything in the 2 sites as facts, you will need to know this. CFA breeders ARE CFA. If CFA had no breeders CFA would not be a cat registry. Whatever CFA breeders do [committing crimes against their own cats- neglect, cruelty, abuse] represent CFA completely & totally. No ifs and or buts about this!
Every single page needs to be read on the 2 websites, not just surfing of the pages. Each page hold a deeper understanding of just the tip of the ice berg into this Pedigreed Cat Horror of atrocities done all over the world.
Let me give you a direct example of a CFA cat breeder named Stacey Bogue her husband sent those images of his wife because he was leaving her. CFA chair Linda Berg said those horror images was no proof Stacey did this to her own cats. Well if images arent enough what is? Go to
Then we have Lois Masso CFA cat breeder banned from CFA, and CFA show sponsor. Sure she has been banned from but CFA still works very closely business wise with CFA. The horror Lois Masso did to her cats were beyond understanding and belief yet CFA still works closely with her to this day of 10/23/2010. You can read about all here and the animal control report its beyond belief
I am truly sorry for giving you this horrible news but its the facts you need to consider about CFA that has the magnitude of atrocities for the reputation of "Crimes Against Animals" all over the world. But its all true which you can search out yourself on your own. The two websites are just a collection of info about CFA all in one place.
I pray God will move you in the direction you need to consider, and take into account the taxpapers who will be furnishing this deep pocket loan

Crestline, CA

#2 Oct 24, 2010
October 22, 2010 -
To the editor of Alliance Review
Downtown Alliance is reviving and rebounding. This week, City Council approved a $550,000 loan to the Cat Fanciers' Association to move their headquarters from New Jersey to downtown Alliance. CFA is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats and sanctions cat shows all across the U.S. and around the world. CFA is a fine organization that will be a welcome addition to downtown. The ribbon-cutting on CFA's new headquarters may be as early as June.
Steve Okey said:
Whenever a loan like this is proposed to City Council, I have a duty to take a careful and independent look at it and decide whether it is a good use of the people's money. The people did not elect me to be just a rubber stamp of deals worked out behind closed doors. Before their money is loaned out, the people deserve transparency and due diligence from their elected representatives.
Steve Okey said:
I happen to like cats. But when it comes to the people's money, I have to be a watchdog. I had a number of tough questions to ask about this particular loan, since it provides 100-percent financing from the taxpayers, with no money down from CFA. I have also voiced concern because I received the loan proposal only a couple of days before a vote was demanded. A rushed decision is rarely a good decision.
Steve Okey said:
Despite my reasonable concerns, I decided to vote to approve this loan because it will create jobs and will continue our efforts to revitalize downtown Alliance. I am also confident that in the unlikely event of a default, there is collateral to make sure that the people's money is recovered.
We are working hard to show that our downtown is viable and is coming back. Having an internationally known company move to Alliance will bring prestige to our city and downtown.
CFA has promised to create 13 new jobs in Alliance, which will help a number of families and will help to support our local economy. I would like to see more jobs created in exchange for a loan of this size, but we are definitely taking 13 steps in the right direction. Hopefully, CFA will grow in its new home and hire even more of our hard-working residents.
Finally, this loan will renovate and restore an empty downtown building. This will complement the newly refurbished MLK Viaduct, the Farmers' Market, Jupiter Studios, Shaffer's, Anthony's, the important work and vision of Jay and Sherry Groom, and other downtown business owners.
The credit for all this goes not to politicians, but to the people of Alliance. It is your money that will buy the building, your money that will refurbish the building, and your money that will buy a brand new computer system for CFA. Thanks to the people of Alliance, we have the opportunity to invest in our own downtown and take personal responsibility to ensure that the heart of our city is once again vibrant and dynamic.
Let us all welcome the Cat Fanciers' Association to Alliance and show them how much pride we have in our community.
Written by: Steve Okey
Councilman At Large
What Steve Okey is really

Crestline, CA

#3 Oct 24, 2010
CACB.INFO understanding of above press release:
It is saying to me that this man knows deep inside his heart he is making a big mistake. He is saying he does not believe giving the $550,000.00 charity loan to Cat Fancier's Ass, CFA. This press release is saying this is not a worthy cause but I am being pressured into doing this by the city officials because there is tension to get more businesses in the city of Alliance, Ohio. It is saying he has more confidence "if" a default occurs they can easily get back the taxpapers money. He confident about that then anything else.
Steve says, "people deserve transparency and due diligence". If that is the case why did the city officials approve the loan of $550,000.00 without doing research about the horrendous reputation this organization has behind itself? Mr Steve Okey you have let down the taxpapers in the city of Alliance, Ohio and used the good citizens of Alliance, Oh to fund more pedigree cat atrocities all around the world.
May God have mercy upon your soul.
Citizens of Alliance OH

Crestline, CA

#4 Oct 27, 2010
To learn more about the Cat Circus Cat Fanciers Ass CFA that will be moving to your town in June of 2011 please go to STOP Inhumane Cat Breeding at then . 99 9/10th of the breeders in the Complaints Against Cat Breeders are CFA breeders. Get educated and learn about your new non for profit that will be coming to your town.
Inside Cat Fancier CFA

Crestline, CA

#5 Nov 8, 2010
"What "Allegedly" Goes On Inside
CFA Cat Fancy Community
The next page will attempt to share what goes on inside of CFA & how they deal
with horrors that hit the newspapers when CFA President Pam Delabar,
CFA Show sponsors, cat judges,
CFA registered cat breeders get arrested for pedigree "crimes against animals"
better known as cat abuse & cat neglect
The CFA menu on next page can allow visitors to know excately what is behind their
organization and how they go about dealing with crimes against animals, better
known as cat abuse & neglect from their CFA registrered breeders.
Topics listed below have been well documented from metropolitian & local newspapers and
Animal Control reports, or direct personal experiences with CFA. These issues are just a
small percent of what has been covered up. CFA has been very careful to not make this info
public, because this can seriously damage their reputation in the eyes of the public, but
mostly to the sponsors who support their organization. Read about here: 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d
and so much more.
Complaints Cat Breeders

Crestline, CA

#6 Nov 8, 2010
Complaints Against Cat Breeders

If you have purchased an expensive pedigree cat or kitten from a *registered pedigree cat breeder & you are not satisfied with your purchase & the registered cat breeder refuses to want to deal with you. You have emailed them, called them, the breeder will not answer you whatsoever. But they were quick to take your money that is for sure. You have come to the right site. Complaints are in the USA & 14 other countries growing rapidly every day. Read More

CFA President Pam Delabar along with CFA show judge Jody Garrison harassed Texas couple, resulted in husband's death, prompted by CFA's Animal Terrorism Raid! Read Whole Story


99 9/10% CFA Cat Breeders Complaints
CFA Needs to Tell Their

Crestline, CA

#7 Nov 15, 2010
CFA Needs to Tell Their Breeders To Stop Having Litter's of Kittens

Our civilization globally is cataclysmically callapsing around us, we have no economy in America & because of this it is having a serious impact on pets & animal shelters.

The animal shelters are are closing, people are out of work, they dont have the extra money to buy pets or all kinds. Now if CFA cares and loves cats as they say they do, they should STOP allowing their breeders to have litter after litter or profit, because they are only going to end up in a shelter or foster care when the owners do not have the money to pay for their pets.

Read about the Pet Statistics from the ASPCA. from the

Write to CFA and demand they tell their CFA cat breeders to STOP having litters of kittens for profit
CFA Idolatry Of Cat

Crestline, CA

#8 Nov 17, 2010
CFA Worship & Idolatry Of The Pedigreed Cat
CFA campaigner's, staffer's, administrator's, show judge's, show sponsor's, exhibitor's & cat breeder's wake up with the same thoughts they go to bed with, thoughts of pedigreed cats. CFA & its members who make up CFA cat registry, are all are addicted to owning, campaigning, breeding & showing pedigreed cat To make this obsession easier to understand they are worshipping the pedigreed cat which in term is called idolatry of the cat itself.

A group of human women/men, belonging to this organizaation called "CFA the largest cat registry in the world." They are bowing down on their knees to cats, spend their time, energy, money, pouring out their soul, worshiping a cat is truly very sad. Each member of this CFA must be very shallow creatures within themselves as a people. God did create the cat for human comfort & company, but not to idolize. They will have to answer to Almighty God about their idolatry when judgement day comes & its coming soon then you think, thats for absolute certain.
CFA Cat Breeders Commit

Crestline, CA

#9 Nov 19, 2010
CFA Cat Breeders Committing Fraudulent Dealings Overseas

Pam Delabar former CFA President & now chair of the European Division portion of the International Division Committe of CFA. Pam shared USA CFA cat breeders are taking high end deposits from overseas registered breeders. The USA CFA cat breeders are:
#1 are not delivering kittens
#2 USA CFA cat breeders are sending to the overseas cat breeders substandard quality kittens.

Read more
CFA Registry Morphed Into

Crestline, CA

#10 Nov 27, 2010
"What "Allegedly" Goes On Inside
CFA Cat Fancy Community
"CFA the largest cat registry in the world" a claim CFA has established and is very proud of. The CFA cat registry has morphed into a 3 composite demensional nightmare. The 3 distinct components are:
crimes against cats

The next page will attempt to share what goes on inside of CFA & how they deal
with horrors that hit the newspapers when CFA President Pam Delabar,
CFA Show sponsors, cat judges,
CFA registered cat breeders get arrested for pedigree "crimes against animals"
better known as cat abuse & cat neglect

The CFA menu on next page can allow visitors to know excately what is behind their
organization and how they go about dealing with crimes against animals, better
known as cat abuse & neglect from their CFA registrered breeders.

Topics listed below have been well documented from metropolitian & local newspapers and
Animal Control reports, or direct personal experiences with CFA. These issues are just a
small percent of what has been covered up. CFA has been very careful to not make this info
public, because this can seriously damage their reputation in the eyes of the public, but
mostly to the sponsors who support their organization.

Brunswick, OH

#11 Nov 29, 2010
Okey is a backpeddling moron. When the loan first came up, he ranted and yelled about how he didn't think it was right, how the company was in financial ruin, etc.

Then, talk comes up of Okey running for Mayor. So Okey then votes for this horrible loan. Why? I wonder. Someone who can help him get elected to Mayor probably convinced him. Just my guess.

Regardless, this is Okey PROVING he will vote against what he believes to be right. For that, he is a scumsucking pig.

I believe you should campaign against Okey ever being voted into ANY office. He is a corrupt, back room dealing, member of the buddy buddy favor club, loser politico slimebucket. He doesn't deserve to clean to toilets at city hall.
CFA Mumbo Jumbo

Crestline, CA

#12 Dec 1, 2010
Cat Fanciers Association, CFA largest cat registry in the world with their make believe "Breeder Code of Ethics" is an illusionary dream in CFA's board of directors state of mind.

None of their paid membership/registered CFA breeders live up to these CFA breeder codes of ethics. CFA has set up what "appears" to be an credibility mumbo jumbo slogan in this "breeders ethics" to make themselves [CFA] "appear" to be a reputable cat registry/corporation in the community so they can gain honor or esteem.

So they can "wow" their financial sponsors & still collect donations to do what they do best: promoting cat breeding worldwide which creates: abuse, suffering & harm to pedigreed cats world wide. Yes we have the convincing & persuasive proof read it.
CFA able to prostitute it

Crestline, CA

#13 Dec 17, 2010
CFA able to prostitute it's integrity & reputation by "stuffing" cat shows
Folks in simple terms its called CHEATING, fraud, swindle, betray, rip-off, chisel, deceive, trickery, etc. It means cat shows are fixed or rigged to:
1. benefit CFA cat clubs
2. CFA campaigners

The forest or the trees... If one look at the big picture, the forest, obviously stuffing is bad for CFA. It it disheartening to the honest campaigner. It tarnishes the legitimacy of all national wins. It places a question mark before CFA's integrity as an organization.

Stuffing has flourished because people were willing to do anything to fulfill there own agendas... They see only their single tree, not the forest...

Stuffing has flourished because it worked to achieve its intended goal. Cats' owners used stuffing to manipulate their cat's national standing and obtain their national win - at all costs.
Stuffing has flourished because it provides increased income for the show club in the form of entry monies it wouldn't receive otherwise. The integrity of the system became "for sale". Copyright

view image at
CFA Cat Breeders Share

Crestline, CA

#14 Dec 20, 2010
CFA breeders openly admits cats are drugged at CFA cat shows
Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:47 am (PST)
All this only shows that it is a collective problem, we are all part of it! And, things do get worse. I remember those drugs used in the 80s/90s, normally the sedated cats were easily recognized due to dilated pupils. Drugs have become more sophisticated or exhibitors more creative and cats are filled with antidepressants like elavil, fluxetine, etc. now. This is scary.

Studies have shown that these sort of drugs do affect the epigenes and hence influence the behavior of the underlying DNA maybe even longterm as it can be passed on to the next couple of generations:-( Of course, the blame will then be put on the genes or lines instead of the people that misused the cats.

I have imported one such cat and my vet warned me about the consequences. But, as long as we don't all change our perspectives about what breeding pedigreed cats actually should be, we won't change these things either. We can only solve it if we go to the root of the problem, not by fiddling with show rules or other trivial things - we need to address the true problem instead of pointing fingers to a few.

view image
CFA in perilous financial

Crestline, CA

#15 Dec 22, 2010
I, Jerry Hamza take this mission seriously, which is why I made this campaign promise:

I am committed to strategically positioning CFA to successfully realize future objectives.

Due to CFA’s current perilous financial position, I feel strongly about NOT taking any money from CFA while I am in office, including stipends and travel and expense reimbursements for all CFA-related activities.
How CFA President is doin

Loma Linda, CA

#16 Apr 28, 2012
Latest news about CFA president Jerry Hamaz and his wife Lisa Smith

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