Bethlehem Township Man, 58, Charged W...

Bethlehem Township Man, 58, Charged With Assaulting Girl

There are 61 comments on the The Morning Call story from Sep 5, 2008, titled Bethlehem Township Man, 58, Charged With Assaulting Girl. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

A 58-year-old man has been charged with having sexual contact with a girl for five years.

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saynotochildmole sters

Macungie, PA

#44 Sep 12, 2008
Privo wrote:
I have known the Y family for almost ten years now, came to know them at the time this girl says she was assaulted. All Mr. and Mrs. Y did was look out for her and her mother when the girl's bi-polar father would go off the deep end. I've watched for 6+ as this girl used the Y household as a refuge. Funny that these accusations started the same week her father went COMPLETELY off his rocker and ran off with some woman for a bender. Coincidence?
And to you, Mr. Police Officer, there are MANY technicalities that can land an innocent person in a court room. Especially when people in Law Enforcement get overzealous because they think they're crusading against a 'monster.' Those suspected of harming children don't exactly get treated with legal objectivity. Your basically convicted in the mind of any idiot as soon as the accusation is tossed. I'm in the Y family's corner 100% those who turn their backs, remember which way you're facing when the truth comes out. It will be the wrong way.
blah, blah, blah. Jail time.
thinks it funny

Philadelphia, PA

#45 Sep 12, 2008
I think it's funny that all the negative people are from Spinnerstown. Hmmm...
a terrible injustice

Bethlehem, PA

#46 Sep 12, 2008
Ed is a wonderful man who has been accused of a crime that he did NOT committ. I know and would trust Ed with any child or children. He gave of himself to educated our children for 30 years and was loved by all his students and parents. He is someone you can count on. His family has suffered from these false allegations and I pray that this nightmare will end soon for all of them. The truth will be told. That truth is that Ed is INNOCENT!

My thoughts and prayers are with the Yenolevich family. Be strong because in the end the truth will prevail.

Regensburg, Germany

#47 Oct 8, 2008
Fourth Grade would not have been the same without Mr Y. When I had first heard I was going to have a man for a teacher I was so upset! At this point in my life all boys had kudies! Mr Y was not only my favorite teacher than he remains my favorite. Surpassed every other teacher even through College. The way he approached teaching it wasnt just a job he loved it. So these charges are pure bull (poo poo). I think false charges should be filed on this little welfare case waiting to happen. Cause in reality this could never have happened!
Saddened in Bethlehem

Bethlehem, PA

#48 Oct 21, 2008
saynotochildmolesters wrote:
Wonder if he has any children, wonder, wonder, wonder !! Some sickos like this carry it over from there own childerens molestation"s".
I was a social worker/child abuse investigator at one time. Pedophiles always leave a trail! If they did not find anything on his computer or any other girls to accuse him, then he is innocent!! Girls will often accuse someone safe when she is really abused by someone else. She needs someone to know that she is hurting and someone like Ed is safe! He taught for years and NOT ONE CHILD has accused him-Think about that. He and the girl are both victims and the guilty party is still molesting. Ed is an outstanding, kind, and highly moral man. I cried when I read the newspaper because I know he is innocent. Please open your mind to more than the words you read. He and the girl are in my prayers.

Bethlehem, PA

#49 Oct 21, 2008
This is truly ridiculous and horrendous. It is sickening what people will say now to either get attention or to simply hurt someone else. It is so sad that he took her in and this is how she repaid him. I had Mr. Yenolevich as a 4th grade teacher and he was simply one of the best teachers I have ever had. My heart goes out to his family. This individual is an ugly vengeful human being who will never realize the repercussions of her actions.

United States

#50 Oct 21, 2008
My brother and I both had Mr. Y. as a teacher, my mother worked with him for years at Farmersville, and I went to school with one of his daughters. Frankly, this seems like a cry for help from a troubled girl who came from a very broken home. I don't believe for a minute that this is true.

Those of you who jump to conclusions and post nasty comments should be ashamed of yourselves. If someone you cared about was falsely accused of something, you'd certainly think differently. And it's very easy to say nasty things behind the protection of your computer screen.

Allentown, PA

#51 Oct 21, 2008
He was a teacher at my school. I just cannot believe this...
Troubled Youth

Naugatuck, CT

#52 May 4, 2009
As a teacher, and what I've seen in the school systems, there's a population of troubled youth imploding within our cities and towns. The destroyed family life spills over into the school and teaching world.

I don't believe he is guilty. I've had countless, yes, countless students within my school system tell tall tales who are from troubled and broken homes. Especially so for middle school aged students.

It's become dangerous in this day and age to ever assist a youth without another staff member present. That's what I would advise ALL teachers to follow.

It's unfortunate this girl fibbed and exploited Mr. Y and his family's step up to assist her.
Hope they are all getting beyond this issue....

Since: Mar 09

Philadelphia, PA

#53 May 22, 2009
Emilee wrote:
He was a teacher at my school. I just cannot believe this...
Emilee- you probably cannot believe it, because it's a complete and total lie that's slowly but surely coming out. Justice will prevail.

Since: Mar 09

Philadelphia, PA

#54 Jun 9, 2009
uptheriver wrote:
Edward, you will go to jail, and don`t drop the "soap" in the shower, bye the way say hi to BUBBA.
By the way "uptheriver"- it's "by" not "bye". If you are going in insult someone you should do it somewhat intelligently. Idiot.

Allentown, PA

#55 Nov 2, 2009
It's really funny how he pleaded guilty... He is a man who obviously needs a lot of help. All of you who doubted this girl should really feel ashamed.
Truth and Karma

Allentown, PA

#56 Nov 8, 2009
The facts of this case will never be known. However, the fact that he pleaded guilty is not accurate. The charges were dropped and the results were that there was no case to present to the court. A man who spent his life educating elementary school children had no other accussers. A man who built a family with two lovely daughters who stand by their father, and a man who built a family out of kindness and love. A man who could never be profiled as such a monster that was described by this girl.
This girl, from a troubled family and divorced parents that all require counseling, bipolar meds, and perhaps a backlash from the courts for wasted time are the issue.
All previous opinions have been written and shared; some understandable, some with underlying agendas. But the results are that a mans reputation and his family's image has been shattered. There are others out there, some blantantly guilty who deserve the worst, and some wrongly accussed. But at the end of the day we must all face ourselves in the mirror and see truth. We must live with life's ups and downs, yet we should never tolerate witch-hunts and accussation that costs a man his innocent man.
We must face the man in the mirror and not cast the first stone but find out ALL facts for judgement. Because Karma will be there when it is our turn to face truth and to be judged...hopefully you too will have love and support of friends and family to lift you up in such dark times. Hopefully you never find yourself in this situation. Hopefully we can somehow send the truly guilty away and never make the mistake of destroying an innocent life. Hopefully this young girl finds the support she needs and when she looks in the mirror, she will recognize the truth and notice Karma standing behind her.

Warwick, NY

#57 Nov 13, 2009
Karma is a b*tch and let's face it this child has tons of growing up to do- as does her parents. It's a sad a day when the courts do nothing to prosecute a liar but do everything to try to destroy a good strong family. All the charges were dropped and you "Truth" of Nazareth, I mean, Catasauqua do know that. The three of you should be ashamed of yourselves. But then again - Karma is a b*tch.

Warwick, NY

#58 Nov 17, 2009
86dlehighvalley wrote:
Karma is a b*tch and let's face it this child has tons of growing up to do- as does her parents. It's a sad a day when the courts do nothing to prosecute a liar but do everything to try to destroy a good strong family. All the charges were dropped and you "Truth" of Nazareth, I mean, Catasauqua do know that. The three of you should be ashamed of yourselves. But then again - Karma is a b*tch.
Let me follow up by saying... it's also a shame when mommy and daddy reward their lying child with a new car. Something is wrong with society. I must keep reminding myself that they will get theirs and my family will not be there to help them this time.

Allentown, PA

#59 Nov 17, 2009
well she was ready to go to court and then oh wait....someone pleaded guilty? right. He obviously needs help, why would she make this up. She loved her family but lived with this almost everyday of her life....if she really made this up why would she do it about her uncle? ask yourself that. And no mommy and daddy didnt reward her with a car she paid for it all by herself.

Warwick, NY

#60 Nov 18, 2009
NO NO NO. She was not ready to go to court. The D.A. would not have a) pushed back the trial 17 months. The D.A. would not have continuously dropped the charges until writing them off completely. She got scared because just like in the preliminary trial she would have cracked. Even the judge told the D.A. there were holes in her case. And he did not plead guilty to any of those disgusting charges. You obviously know nothing about the court system. Go to school and get an education. If she lived with this every day why would she come over and use the house as a safe haven from her own absuive father?!? And why would her mother continously call her own daughter liar to the family and use the family as a safe haven from her own husband. Both her parents had known drug and alcohol problems... Get your stories straight girl. You are nothing but a phony who will grow up to continue to destroy lives because of jealousy and rage. You disgust me.

Warwick, NY

#61 Nov 18, 2009
P.S. If you need an explanation call me- I'm sure you still have my number.

Allentown, PA

#62 Nov 21, 2009
ALl of this just shows everyone that you have doubt. If you truly thought that your father was innocent you wouldnt be on here. Grow up your 20some years old, and the whole car thing....what do you stalk me now? I didnt do this to destroy a family I did this because your father needs help. You can get other people to side with you, you can call me these horrible names but it will never break me down. I know what happened and so does he. Honey I deleted your number a long time ago. My father has problems I know that, but how dare you bring my mother into this. My father will never be as screwed up as yours. So feel free to stalk me even more because I am not going anywhere.
grow up

United States

#63 Nov 23, 2009
ohh krista... grow up! not sure what you are trying to prove here but before you start spitting lies to the world it might be helpful for you to have your facts correct.

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