Pit bull bites woman in Bethlehem

Pit bull bites woman in Bethlehem

There are 135 comments on the The Morning Call story from Jul 23, 2008, titled Pit bull bites woman in Bethlehem. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

Police said a 75-year-old woman was injured yesterday afternoon when her neighbor's pit bull jumped over a fence and bit her numerous times.

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someone who cares

Norwalk, CT

#57 Jul 23, 2008
For those of you saying that pit bulls should be banned, I ask you, do you know what a pit bull is?
It is ANY dog that has fought in a pit, that means any breed of dog that has fought could be considered a pit bull. This is a case of another stupid and ignorant person who doesn't know how to own and raise an animal properly.

Mechanicsburg, PA

#58 Jul 23, 2008
Anastasia Beaverheusen wrote:
Not that I condone owning a pit bull, but its fact that daschunds bite more people a year than pitbulls, german sheperds, and rottweilers combined. You just dont here about it cause, well daschunds are cute! Mine included, so stay the hell out of my yard!
I don't know where you get your facts but i see very few daschund bites reported by ER I see plenty of pitbulls and other large dogs,because they do damage.
howard sterno

Jessup, MD

#59 Jul 23, 2008
its not racial, and those who think it is are antiquated and selfish.
the dog should of been trained , which ever race had them.
dog laws need to be updated.
But It Never Bit Before


#62 Jul 23, 2008
Time after time these moron pitbull owners say their baby dog never bit before. PITBULL BAN NEEDED! It should tell you something when 87.3% of all reported dog bites were from Pitbulls. You aren't allowed to have a lion as a pet yet we allow these beats.

Emmaus, PA

#63 Jul 23, 2008
I applaud individuals who rescue animals that have a stigma, like the pit bull. However, I do not understand why such individuals insist on living in neighborhoods with such tiny yards. Pit bulls are larger dogs who need room to run and get their energy out. Why on earth would you want to keep them fenced in a yard smaller than my bedroom? That's not really "rescuing" it to me.

United States

#64 Jul 23, 2008
So you are not an A-Rod fan?
URSoRite wrote:
<quoted text>

Dublin, OH

#66 Jul 23, 2008
I am truly shocked...when was the last time you heard of a pit bull doing such a thing...?

Next thing you know people will be claiming that bees sting and water is wet!

Philadelphia, PA

#69 Jul 23, 2008
Soup Sandwich wrote:
<quoted text>Because your mother and father had nothing better to do after they spent the whole night in the ER waiting for their "cousin" to be seen by a doctor for his runny nose. They went home drank cheap wine coolers and made passionate rape to each other. They spent most of the next day sleeping on a urine stained mattress in the middle of their apartment without the utilities turned on, woke up around 4pm for "Church" and proceeded to repeat this process over again.
I'm still laughing!!!!!!

I am in the process of having a T-Shirt made with what is said above!!


Too-Too Funny!

Philadelphia, PA

#70 Jul 23, 2008
newsflash wrote:
<quoted text>
Ban the Ricans, not the pit bulls..

Another T-Shirt!!


Bethlehem, PA

#71 Jul 23, 2008

Kutztown, PA

#72 Jul 23, 2008
worry citizen wrote:
Bethlehem, PA Reply
|Report Abuse |#2 38 min ago
Pretty sweet, PrRickin's with dangerous dogs eating law abiding little old ladies, put the dog down and the scum that harbors it. I'll bet this PR's collecting welfare at home during the day feeding 4 kids and a pitbull while the father is commiting robbery or selling drugs, we need more of this for total chaos in mad max world of ours. A good lawyer should be able to sue the little old lady, for being in her own yard. Our country sux
i am just trying to understand, what does puertorrican have to do with the pitbull issue. and if the owner of the pitbull is puertorrican is irrelevant, if she leaves off of walfare is also irrelevant, if you don't like puertorrican is also irrelevant...stick to your life, is like if i say about you...you can't deal with your life but are messing with someone else's life....i don't know you!!!! And you don't know them...
worry citizen
you are so wrong with your statement. I'm a single parent who's white and works for a living and financally secure. This family works everyday and has decent jobs. They rescued this dog cuz the previous owner had it in pit bull fights and was abused. So unless you know them personally, you have nothing to say bad about them. What kind of person are u? right, no comment.
Seriously come on

Chicago, IL

#73 Jul 23, 2008
Of course, lets write another nasty pit bull story even though there are more bites each year from labs and german shepherds. I LOVE MY WONDERFUL PIT BULLS!

Reading, PA

#74 Jul 23, 2008
cjc wrote:
<quoted text>I don't know where you get your facts but i see very few daschund bites reported by ER I see plenty of pitbulls and other large dogs,because they do damage.
Hey wait a minute, my neighbor had his whole leg torn off by a daschund ,ha,ha,ha,ha.Aren't some people stupid!

Bethlehem, PA

#75 Jul 23, 2008
snowman Allentown PA wrote:
It's the owners not the dog. Good honest training and the dogs are sweet babies. no I don't have one but some of my neighbors do and they roll over waiting to have their chins scratched. I am well aware that any dog on any day can change and with their strong jaws bad news. But until I get bitten, I still like them. Watch the "Dog Whisperer" He's got severa; in his pack and the pack leader, when he's not there, is a small dog.
well i wsh you well but i have a story to tell you and it was my neighbors who had two pits. a male and a female, both were nice dogs nd would crwl under our fence and play with my dog. we could pet both of them and feed them biscuits. and then one day the male began behaving aggressively and tarted chasing people trying to bite them. he even went after the owners tenant who knew the dog well, so i hope this doesnt happen to you. i also have two friendswho were attacked and hurt severely by pits. these dogs were bred to fight and that instinct is in every one of them, just like a husky loves to pull and are extremely hard to leash train.
pit bull owner

United States

#76 Jul 23, 2008
OK ok listen up peeps im not rican nor black im italian and i own a pit - there is nothin wrong with this breed i don even have a fence - my pit know im the boss and thats that if not he gets what i think everyone that steps out of line sgould get a good swift kick!! Thats whats wrong with our shitty country no one diciplines anymore - so until my pit bites you ! ill take the poor dog and the little ole lady too thank you
Seriously come on

Chicago, IL

#77 Jul 23, 2008
Sarah wrote:
oh sure, people keep saying Pit Bulls are so nice. Yeah, right. They are mean dogs and should be banned!!!!!!!!!!
or maybe their owners should actually train them to be nice dogs and NOT killers. i guess the owners just don't care. as usual
Wow what an attack, we have 2 WONDERFUL pit bulls. everyone that meets them says how nice they are. They are well mannered, they go to see santa and the easter bunny at the mall, they also love hiking and swimming. They have bit no one. You are ignorant. maybe you should spend a day with a pit bull just to see what a friendly and wonderful breed they can be. Punish the deed not the breed
Seriously come on

Chicago, IL

#78 Jul 23, 2008
linda wrote:
<quoted text>I was shocked when I looked on line at dogs to adopt and seen all the pit bulls up for adoption.
I adopted 2 pit bulls and it was the best thing ever. They have filled my life with such joy. They are a pleasure to everyone they meet. I also have 2 bostons and a cat and they all get along great! I am all for adopting a pit bull!

Slatington, PA

#79 Jul 23, 2008
According to the JAVMA, Vol 217, No. 6, September 15, 2000 the following breeds and mixes of breeds were involved in human fatalities involving dog bites: Pit bull type, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, husky type, Malamute, wolf-dog hybrid, Chow Chow, Doberman, St Bernard, Great Dane, Labrador retriever, Akita, bulldog, mastiff, boxer, collie, bullmastiff, Chesapeake Bay retriever, West Highland White Terrier, Newfoundland, coonhound, Australian shepherd, Rhodesian ridgeback and cocker spaniel. In addition various types of mixes were involved in dog bite fatalities: hound type, terrier type, retriever type, sheepdog, and unspecified mixed breeds.

By the numbers: Approximately 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Of those approximately 800,000 seek medical attention. Less than half of those seek treatment in an emergency room; about a dozen of the 4.7 million bite victims die. Children are bitten much more often than adults; boys are bitten more often than girls.

People who like to have dogs that are scary are attracted to Pit Bull type breeds because the news media has portrayed the breed as being Uberdog, capable of feats of great strength and viciousness. These owners are the least likely to provide secure fencing, proper training or to be responsible in the handling of a large, powerful and energetic dog. If one breed is outlawed, they will simply get a different breed and continue to be irresponsible.

Neither the CDC nor the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends the banning of any particular breed.

All the statistics I quoted I found at the Centers for Disease Control website.

Oh, yes. Something about this story does not ring true. A dog does not scale a fence and charge and attack a stationary human being. Something caused that dog to scale the fence and approach and bite the unfortunate victim.

“Does it really Matter”

Since: May 07

Sunnyville USA

#80 Jul 23, 2008
Ohhh you Reid wrote:
Has anyone seen my dog??? he got out yesterday and I cant find him?
Check over on the SS of Bethlehem.....

Catasauqua, PA

#81 Jul 23, 2008
get a golden retriever

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