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Rockport, TX

#1 Jan 10, 2013
Where is he? The one that used to work at la paloma

Lockhart, TX

#2 Jan 11, 2013
With some fat girl Paula from sd

Corpus Christi, TX

#3 Jan 11, 2013
Really, he's not married anymore? Wow, I never thought he would leave his wife.

Lockhart, TX

#4 Jan 11, 2013
Are u serious....

Portland, TX

#5 Jan 11, 2013
I wonder who he's screwing now? I heard he works at Texas energy. Anyone know if it's true?

Portland, TX

#6 Jan 11, 2013
He had a good wife. He was always such a p-to. Whatever he has is because of her, hopefully shell move on.

Alice, TX

#7 Jan 11, 2013
Really plz tell me it's not section 8...... ;)

United States

#8 Jan 11, 2013
?? Section 8 ??? Asking about Joe, not section 8.

Alice, TX

#9 Jan 11, 2013
Ur a dumbass seriously its an in side joke Joe know exactly what I'm talking about....
how funny

Corpus Christi, TX

#10 Jan 13, 2013
Why does it matter if where he works? And him being married to a good wife..... haha! Thats so funny!! She more of a crazy women. She dont even let him breath. And he has what he has because he works for what he has. If he did go out on her its because she pushed him to it with her psycho path ways. She makes everyone believe that shes a good wife but shes not. Nuff said

Corpus Christi, TX

#11 Jan 14, 2013
Joe miss you my friend call me it's been awhile hope ur doing good.....

Rockport, TX

#12 Jan 14, 2013
i dont care about the wife part. is he single or not or who is he dating

League City, TX

#13 Jan 15, 2013
seriously wrote:
i dont care about the wife part. is he single or not or who is he dating
If he has a wife, he is probably dating her! Since he is married, you might want to go try a... oh I don't know... someone who is actually single?!
Alice Tx

Sandia, TX

#14 Jan 15, 2013
Have you seen Joe's wife lately she lost weight but looks horrible big shoulders & skinny skinny legs, UGH!!!! She looked better before the weight loss.

Houston, TX

#15 Jan 15, 2013
Wow, you people really have nothing better to do than talk about my mother. Yes, I put my real name because I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said without hiding behind some fake nickname.

Now I will go through these arguments by points, I just hope you are smart enough to follow along.

1. Thank you to those who stick up for my mother and know that she truly is a wonderful person.

2. If Joe has what he has it's because of my mother. If she hadn't pushed him he would probably still be stuck as a low Med-Aid or CNA at La Paloma or The Hospitality House. He got his CDL license because my mom encouraged him. He took welding classes because my mom encouraged him. He took on a job Fesco because my mom encouraged him, and then supported him when he decided to leave because his boss was a jerk to him.

3. He has his house because of my mother, that lot was under my mothers name and she changed it so he could build the house. TOGETHER they paid for blue prints and paperwork that went along with getting the house. TOGETHER they have the house payments and paid the bills. That house is as much his as it is my mothers. But what the heck, why dwell on something that could have been. Life has to move on and for my mother its her children who keep her going.

4. You people have no right so say anything bad about my mother when all the information you have comes from word of mouth.

5.Yes, my mother has lost weight. She didn't do it to look sexy or to squeeze into size 6 jeans and end up with a muffin top like some people from around here. She did it so she could be healthy enough to be with her DAUGHTERS for many, many years to come.

6. I know what type of person my mother is, and I know what type of man Joe is. I am truly and honestly glad that we are out of that house. It was no place for my sister to grow up knowing that the woman who broke her fathers truck window was the same woman that he cheated on my mother with.

7. If Joe was a real man, he would admit to all the great things that he has because of my mother. As well as admit to all the things that he did wrong. That what a REAL man with REAL balls would do. And I honestly hope he reads this, maybe he will realize that he screwed up. When you don't want to be with someone anymore, you tell them up front. You don't cheat on them with your co-worker, then get forgiven, then cheat again with some other co-worker. That's not how relationships are supposed to work.

8. Say what you want about my mother, about me or even my little sister but know that nothing you say can affect us emotionally or physically what so ever. My mother is a smart woman who can figure things out on her own and she has raised two hard working, smart and caring daughters that are actually trying to do something with their lives instead of hanging around Alice hoping to snag a man that will support them. She has taught us how to value ourselves and not stoop to the level of other. Yes me writing this post may be low, but I am not spreading lies or hiding behind a name. I am simply stating facts in a truthful and grammatical way.

If you have any problems with me, my mother or my sister, please feel free to vent on a website built for people that have too much time on their hands. Or even better don't say anything at all. Which ever you choose is fine with me.
doesnt matter

Alice, TX

#16 Jan 15, 2013
Alice Tx wrote:
Have you seen Joe's wife lately she lost weight but looks horrible big shoulders & skinny skinny legs, UGH!!!! She looked better before the weight loss.
Seriously, she's like the nicest person ever. You people have no life. If you want to know who he is dating ask him yourself. This is why Alice is pathetic and brain-dead, because we have idiots who only care about what so-and-so is dating and what they look like, when we have problems with economy and disease. Not only that we have problem with child abuse and drug use in this county, why don't you start talking about those problems instead of a person? Smh, little towns with little minds. So anyone can poke fun of what you look like. She's actually really pretty.

Falkville, AL

#17 Jan 15, 2013
Ugh I swear people just have to talk shit! Joe is a user and a loser! His ex wife is the most amazing person ever!! I think y'all just talk shit cause your jealous of her! I love this lady she's my best friends mom and I'm willing to stick up for her and her daughters! Y'all are pathetic get a life!!!
a friend

Rockport, TX

#18 Jan 15, 2013
Well said Sandy, the hell with everyone and their negative comments. The best thing for you all is being out of that house. Your mom is very pretty and its her health that counts. As for Joe, once a cheater always a cheater.

Alice, TX

#19 Jan 15, 2013
Joe is a user and a loser - he has been cheating on Sandra forever - she is better off without him. Besides that he doesn't offer much in that dept either way.....
god is good

Alice, TX

#20 Jan 15, 2013
Sandy when he would go buy you food you wouldnt say any thing... My be you should do the see diet your mommy is on... Cause you can really. cover up 4 your own mom hello....

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