Gang Bust Shakes up Alexandria Community

Gang Bust Shakes up Alexandria Community

There are 24 comments on the KSAX Alexandria story from Aug 13, 2010, titled Gang Bust Shakes up Alexandria Community. In it, KSAX Alexandria reports that:

Alexandria police executed a search warrant on August 12th resulting in the arrest of three suspected gang members.

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Concerned citizen

Lidgerwood, ND

#1 Aug 13, 2010
Wake up! This should not be as shocking as it has been made to sound. Alexandria has had gang activity going on for many years. Just that no one wants to admit it. These 3 are just children, and they don't have the mental capacity between them to do this on their own. They got help. Besides, with the continued restructuring of the economy, more and more people are moving to different cities and/or states for new business opportunities. Gangs and drug dealers are no different. They are going where the market suits them. Many are sending out recruiters, drugs, weapons, etc. No community is safe. Maybe this will draw the attention needed for officers to take a second look at just how safe our communities really are.
concerned citizen

Austin, MN

#2 Aug 16, 2010
this story lightens up a lot of people's days only for the fact that if you knew who these children really they are very capiable of doing all of this...the only reason i know this is because i was one of the people that was harrassed an been a victim of what they have done..personal reasons i know for a fact that a lot of people are happy that those kids are off the streets now that people know that its safe to go back on the streets... without being bullied or being threatened... now that the streets are safe enough to go out an about this puts a lot of smiles on a lot of citizens faces... now that three ovr gang members were arressted people can sleep better at night... an not worry bout what is going to happen to the family let alone worry bout if everything in the house is that there getting the ovr's off the streets are making a lot of people happy an safer to leave there houses an go to work without being trapped in some gang violence...thank you for keeping our community safe...
some one who knows

Rogers, MN

#3 Aug 16, 2010
i went to school with one of them and he was a nice kid your making these boys sound like hardcore cold hearted criminals but there just boys.
all you people need to know is that kids grow up with crap (PARENTS) and have no one, so who's at fault for there behavior. this is a group of friends, not a gang.
go out to cali and you will see gangs. these boys are just hoodlums causing mischief.
concerned citizen

Alexandria, MN

#4 Aug 17, 2010
I agree with someone who knows some of these kids had crap for parents, but thats no excuse for criminal activity there is other choices in life. These kids just take the easy out. These kids and adults are involved in all kinds of criminal activity not just what was mentioned in the story, and yes I know alot of these people in the ovr and it is sad the things they do. I only hope the police make more arrests so the kids might have a chance to turn their life around before its to late and they end up like the older members.
Man of California

San Diego, CA

#5 Aug 17, 2010
I am confused are they kids who are hoodlums or are they hard core criminals? The Gangs I see out here don't damage buildings, unless they are burning one down. Obviously you cannot have people running amok in your town, but find out the truth before you condemn them. Remember the burden of proof lays on the shoulders of the prosecutor not the community.
annoyed citizen

Watkins, MN

#6 Aug 20, 2010
a few of the kids in the "gang" aren't as bad as everyone is making them seem. if you knew the whole story and knew them personally like i do they wouldn't have had to of end up in this situation. i was good friends with sam for a while and he was never violent in any way. just like most guys if asked to fight he'll do it but he won't just go around hurting people just because he can. i'm sure most people that know sam would say he is one of the sweetest people they have ever met. his dad has an article he is trying to put in the paper. please read it and don't make up your mind about sam quite yet.

Minneapolis, MN

#7 Aug 21, 2010
i agree with the person above me. i know sam and he is one of the nicest guys i've ever met. there is more to the story than what is told here. please don't just assume that they deserved what they got and please don't judge without knowing. this whole thing is just being blown out of proportion and i'm sick of it.
just some kid in school

Chaska, MN

#8 Aug 31, 2010
This gang is a joke, it's a bunch of older, and younger kids from my school, Everyone makes fun of how stupid they are in school. and where they tag people include Viously ery etarded, under the huge initials OVR. These kids are nothing they wouldn't kill, they wouldn't even deal large amounts of drugs. They stole some valuable shit though. That's all there is to it. The gang wasn't even mentioned around til just recently
someone who knows too

Virginia, MN

#9 Sep 17, 2010
Everyone needs to calm down! they are only kids they aren't even 18! so just back off alright they are good kids like brothers to me....they wouldn't hurt a soul...

Elbow Lake, MN

#10 Oct 8, 2010
i decided to Google ovr this morning and see what happened... i like that people know that im not naturally a violent guy.. and no ovr was never ment to be a gang just a group of people that had common interests... money parties drugs girls every normal guy wants.. we dont go around lookin for trouble.. but if trouble found its way to us we had no problem dealing with it... casey lambert (a kid that use to party with us) robbed me... i sat him down when i found this out (non violently)..he said he'd pay me back.. i dint hurt him at all...then he robbed me again and stole rent money, bongs, phones...(now understand moneys not the issue moneys easy)respect on the other hand is not.. we found him.."talked" to him about this and he brought what was rightfully mine back to me... end of story...OH but wait someone ratted us out... in conclusion im not a gang leader, but im not a punk.......go green!:p
OVR sucks

Henderson, NV

#11 Oct 8, 2010
Yeah Sam you're a dip shit. You should have spent more time in jail. OVR is a joke. So grow up. :) Thanks.
Hi Aimee

Houston, TX

#12 Oct 9, 2010
Aimee is just pissed of at sam'my cuz he dont like her Shes a coke head. get a life aimee

Henderson, NV

#13 Oct 10, 2010
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I don't give a shit if Sam likes me. He's the biggest loser in the world. <3 Sorry sweetie. I'm not a coke head. Get your facts straight <3 thanks xoxo
OVRK nicca

Alexandria, MN

#15 Oct 12, 2010
and if that aime mcnulty you callin a coke head im a beat yur azz

Rochester, MN

#16 Oct 19, 2010
listen to all of you guys-and u wonder why shit gets so outa control?nothing that went on around here that has anything to do with the misguided youth of alexandria is good.sam you guys are all good guys,i havent heard 1 teacher say bad things about any of the ovr.what you guys dont understand is that respect has to b earned,and sure as hell cant b takin,or forced out of your all finding out(extremely slowly)being the biggest bad ass,or the guy with the biggest army,or mouth,or ego or the biggest thief or the guy who can sling the most dope,or the girl that has the most hickies is not the way to go and survival of the fittest isnt ever that guy who gets any respect.tearing apart a town,wrecking someones life cuz u wanted to make a buck,wich WILL turn into just supporting your habit,wich will lead to jail,institutions or death,not always in that order.wake the hell up,u only live once,do u want to live it a cancer on society,and b a joke and unfriendable to any one other than someone you truly cant trust,or some one who can actually earn respect by becoming a decent citizen who treats others how they want b treated,(respectfully)?becuase i tell you what,myself i like respect,and like others,u get it when you give it.
OVR the cabbagepatch gang

Rochester, MN

#17 Oct 29, 2010
first of all...nothing hardcore about a gang who just cause mild havoc. secondly the kids who got busted invaded somebodys house, stole expensive personal belongings, and drove off with the dudes car. I heard the name of the gang OVR stands for "Overly Violent Riders". haha nothing that they have done in their lives will ever be considered overly violent. if they wanted to make their name national instead of heard around a small town they would probably go get a MAGNIFYING GLASS and BURN OFF THE FEELERS of some small ants. not that i'm provoking anybody, but they deserved what they got. end of discussion.
listen up OVR

Rochester, MN

#18 Oct 29, 2010
you are too YOUNG. you are too ARROGANTt. you treat yourself like kings. YOU AREN'T EVEN A TRUE GANG. you are really just kids who dont have anything better to do aren't ya? you embarass me. you embarass yourselves. THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR A BOY WHO DOESN'T DESERVE IT.
Don Maniac

Grandview, TX

#19 Dec 23, 2010
tha dudes that broke inta that house and drove off wit da dudez car werent no ovrs they were robbing from tha ovrs lol why cant anybody get that sraightened out
dont worry about that

Alexandria, MN

#20 Jan 18, 2011
maybe you all should back off, cause you don't know these kids personally like i do. these kids are straighttup chill once you get to know them, you're just mad because you don't know the whole story. and you don't know them as people. only by there mistakes.
wake up alexandria

Grey Eagle, MN

#21 May 19, 2011
These kids are not the crux of the gang stalking, and intimidation, vandalism going on in Alex, and surrounding counties.

It is a covert adult controlled citizens patriot group with inside ties to law enforcement.

This ADULT group in mid 40's recruit thru intimidation, lies, and threat of repercussion to recruit their memebers.

This is a covert operation....they have inside contacts in businesses where members work, get available info on ppl, and go after them.........they ARE NOT OUTSIDERS........they grew up in the hills of Evansville, Brandon, Millerville, Garfield.

Some law enforcement have formally lived with these perps in the past.

The put ppl under surveillance, and covertly destroy their lives..........these are ppl who move into the area, and have no history ties to the area.

The citizens PATRIOT GANG........have access to information from law enforcement so they can continue to hover under any investigations, counter any allegations against them, and continue to control the region with their many, many contacts.

WAKE UP ALEXANDRIA..........This is serious sh**

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