I'm a relative of Wesley Aliralria and a witness for Wesley anything about him ain't true I was at the same home that night she says she was forced all bedrooms ain't got doors and I could hear everything that goes on in that house what ever that little lying bitch is saying bout my brother ain't true and if you we're to be sexually assaulted would you still be with that person I don't think so she's doing all this because she didn't get what she wanted all the things she is saying are all lies she's good at that if she were to be screaming at him to get off I would have heard that I stayed up all night she threatened my brother to be with her I witness her do that to him you leave me I'll hurt myself and blame you and you don't do what I tell you to do I'll kill myself or either hurt myself and blame you so my brother was forced into this relationship and accused of this shit this relationship was a set up to see if she can win a case to do this again don't believe this case it's nothing but a lie