35 States still torture animals up to 45 mins in fas chambers which burns the animals eyes,longs,skin while it slowly suffercates them with gas. They put live animals in with the ones they just killed piled up until it want hold anymore. Cats are put in with dogs, they try digging their way out,you can hear their screaming, thier fighting each other mainly out of fear. This want stop unless We The People speak out for these animals to our congressman,president,Humane society, sign petitions by going online under animal gas chambers. This is happening because of over population causing thousands of animal to die each morning some by injections which is a less painful and quicker death and until people start spaying/neauturing their pets then animals will continue to die. Please help by not waiting on the next person to take action because they too may be thinking the same thing. Don't turn your heads. Help also by posting info on your facebook account to make public awareness of this issue. I Thank You and the animals also thank you for caring and sharing!