Methadone clinic battle wages on

Methadone clinic battle wages on

There are 15 comments on the Times-Journal story from Feb 17, 2007, titled Methadone clinic battle wages on. In it, Times-Journal reports that:

The effort continues to stop a methadone clinic from setting up shop in Fort Payne.

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#1 Feb 20, 2007
Thats just what Albertville needs is more illegals brout in thats what a poutry plant is going to do.

Weslaco, TX

#2 Feb 25, 2007
A methadone clinic is not a poultry plant.
Carly F

Birmingham, AL

#3 Oct 20, 2011
If there are people in need of a MEDICINE - and they live in a place where there are doctors who want to help them, it is THEIR RIGHT to be allowed to have their clinic -whether YOU THINK they need it or not!

You people that rail against this and that based on "moral" authority you conjured from who KNOWS where are PRECISELY what is WRONG with society and eventually Society-At-Large WILL rid itself of these problems. Enjoy!

Lakeland, FL

#4 May 2, 2012
Oh I love this thread! I know that Dekalb has plenty of residents that need good pain management. A methadone clinic isn't always for addicts!! It's a place that legitimate pain patients need to get medications that help keep their pain levels down so they can continue to work and support their families. All the farming and labor work there, you can't tell me that there is no one in chronic pain everyday there. If no doctors want to prescribe the medicines that are needed to help these people, a methadone clinic could help these people. Methadone is not the best choice for a pain management but can be used effectively but the doctor can prescribe other pain meds that can help!
Surgery is not always the best choice for many back problems. Injections have been found to be ineffective for many back and neck problems.
Pain medications used as prescribed can provide the relief that these citizens need.Between auto accidents, farm accidents, RA, all kinds of arthritis, fibromyalgia and many more conditions cause pain.
The Institute of Medicine reported that 100 million people have chronic pain on a daily basis not including veterans, pallitive care(nursing homes) and people under the age of 18.
pain is a silent epidemic because of all the stigma caused by addicts and incorrect news. Patients have a RIGHT to be out pain!! Fight for rights to pain care!! make people listen and have your voice heard!!
I used to be a resident of Dekalb County but with no pain treatment that includes medications, I had to leave and return to my home state of Florida.
Here I became the state leader for the American Pain Foundation. I am a pain patient advocate and if we can get people to listen and be educated. I would love to move back to my home there. I own a home and 10 acres in the area.
Please speak out for your rights!! Stop profiling and discrimiation against pain!!
If I do move back full time, I will be advocating for all the citizens in pain and I will need pain patients to help me advocate.
dekalb, in Fort Payne their needs to be a methadone clinic or get some doctors there willing to treat pain with medications. Education about pain and how protect your medicines is very important. They must be locked up in a safe not a medicine cabinet where anyone can just go and steal them. God Bless everyone living in AL with no pain relief!!

Montgomery, AL

#5 May 4, 2012
its not used for a pain clinic by most ,, its just another drug they get hooked on and its bad i hope they keep shutting that out no way do we need that shit here

Montgomery, AL

#6 May 4, 2012
and sorry to say you are wrong all any one needs to do is walk in and say oh my back hurts and boom u get a very dangerous drug ,,,,,,,,,,,,, all it is is another drug just as or worse than meth. pain managment or people abusing it wont matter its no good and we dont want it here

Montgomery, AL

#7 May 4, 2012
i love the way some people make a bad thing sound good lol

Bradenton Beach, FL

#8 May 4, 2012
Well I'm NOT asking that they open any clinics. I understand your concerns. What I am getting at,is that the area needs some good pain doctors to treat the patients with pain. Unfortunately, if someone doesn't have any doctors that treat pain, where do they go? Does north Alabama have any good doctors willing to treat pain? and with medications if necessary? There are many legitimate pain conditions that require medicine.
Due to the stigma about pain medicines, more doctors and citizens need to be educated on pain.Dependancy is not addiction. Taking medication as properly prescribed helps people with pain be able to function and have some kind of life without suffering.They are no different than taking a blood pressure med to regulate that, or taking anti depressant that would need to be weaned if not needed anymore. Pain medicine therapy is just a maintance med like any other med taken every day. Because of addicts abusing this has caused alot of needless suffering.These aren't the devil. They vital to people with pain everyday.
I wouldn't want for methadone clinics to open anywhere but all I'm concerned about is the patients need that care. Fort payne didn't have any when I lived there in 2007. Do you know anyone that has RA, Lyme disease, Degenerative joint and disc disease, scolisis, cancer or been injured in an accident that been unable to recover from unrelenting pain conditions after surgeries? There are many painful conditions and having to drive to Huntsville all the time isn't easy for these people. That's all I was trying to say. I know people up there don't understand pain and how it's treated. When I live there, no doctors would even consider in treating pain. What does everyone do there? Just suffer? I'm not trying to be a butt head. I am just concerned because I want to be able to live in my paid off home on 10 acres and be out pain so I can. Any info that anyone of you can give would be honestly appreciated. I have chronic pain and it's a horrible way to live. Thank you for responding..

Montgomery, AL

#9 May 5, 2012
i do understand what your saying and its sad that people abuse these things but i know people who get scrips for pain then turn around and sell their meds,,,,,,,sad when people abuse stuff to a pouint where the people who really need it cant i agree with that ,,, methadone is a dangerous drug people who abuse it will go out of state for it iam willing to bet putting one here will just make it a shorter trip to get it for these people to sell it to others who abuse it just saying if your really in pain and you need it thats ok but theres so much illegal selling of this drug if it were to be put here,,, ive heard the horror stories on it but i do see what your saying and iam afraid theres no easy solution to this problem

Venice, FL

#10 May 6, 2012
I agree that methadone clinics are not what the area needs Personally I don't take methadone, but some folks with no health insurance have to take it or suffer. The area does need good doctors willing to treat. Patients should be urine tested every month to insure that they are taking the meds. Also,tests should done to make sure the patient actually needs these meds. Anyone just walking into a place and walking out with pain medications should not be allowed. Those kinds of doctors are bad doctors just looking for money.I don't know about your area well enough to judge any doctors there but I go to a board certified pain management doctor that is affilated with a surgery center. They are very strick there. It's just really sad to hear and see how people judge other's when they never been their shoes. Because of the media and what addicts people do, gets everyone thinking that medicine is bad. It's a shame that our country has come down to this. America was built on compassion, liberties and freedoms. That is being taken away everyday because of what some people do. I am coming to my home in Dekalb with my records and I'm hoping to find a doctor in Huntsville willing to continue my treatments. My home is paid off and with the economy so bad, I need to be able to live there. I know I'm not the only person in Alabama that feels the way I do or has pain either. It's too bad that some folks don't understand about this and never will. It is a minority of people that do need this medicine but it still shouldn't be a crime to get it if someone needs it.I honestly feel I won't be able to find a doctor anyway but I have to try. My home is sitting there, brand new and going unused. I thought it was so beautiful there and a nice place to be disabled. At least I could drive by the canyon and get some fresh air, peace and quiet. That's why I bought the place and it's a shame to not be able to live where we choose because such controversy over the medications I need. God put everything on this earth for our use and having people judge because someone needs it to have any kind of a life is just horrible. I hope I can find a support group when I get back there, or I will make one myself. Good day all. No need for further discussion on here.

Montgomery, AL

#11 May 8, 2012

United States

#12 May 9, 2012
Crossville, I don't know why you keep thinking I want a methadone clinic there. I don't!! I was saying that Fort Payne area needs a good pain management doctors for those people that need to be treated for chronic pain. I don't care if a methadone clinic ever comes there. Ever!! The doctor was my only point. The area has NO doctors that are knowledgable to treat pain correctly. Having to drive an hour and half to a doctor when physical therapy, procedures need doing, along with medication therapy is not convient every day,every 2 weeks or once month.***I probably should have started another thread on this situation.*** I just can't believe that citizens of Fort payne and surrounding areas have no need for pain doctors. By the way, good doctors don't just hand over drugs. They also teach how to keep these medicines safe and away from children. I have grand kids and I wouldn't want them to get into drugs.I have to wonder why so many kids get into methaphetmines there? There is nothing for them to do. No rodeos or horse shows, or other healthy activites except for sports in school. I know someone there has cancer, RA, degenerative diseases, fibro and lots of scoliosis around there and there and they suffer because I know some. The stigma there and uneducation about pain medicines is so thick you cut it with a knife. So because unattended kids get into drugs, then all the adults in pain have to suffer? Being apart of a childs life is important. I always knew what my kids were doing. I kept the lines of communication open about every subject. They could tell me anything. They are grown now, are working and have familes of their own. The real world out there is alive and well. They have be taught and can't be baby sat forever.
So all of you keep up the good fight to keep clinics out of Dekalb. But some day, god forbid someone you know has pain so terrible that they would not want to live because no doctors are available. They will be sorry. Pain is a huge problem in the US because of many reasons. I don't expect for many of you up there to understand pain because it is voodoo to Alabama. That is the wrong idea. God Bless you for good health. I won't respond on this thread again. Keep fighting for NO methadone clinics. That's good.

Montgomery, AL

#13 May 15, 2012
so u think unattended kids get on meth? lol iam done with this conversation before it get worse but you are right this thread wasnt about doctors who give pain meds
Carly F

Dora, AL

#14 May 15, 2012
Get ready! You're not stopping anything. Postponing the inevitable is all you can do.
oh brother

Gadsden, AL

#15 May 20, 2012
druggie heaven!

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