Call Tech formerly Teleperformance

Leesburg, GA

#42 Dec 30, 2011
i think this company is full of shit, they have there picks and chooses as to how you will be treated...that bryan ashby or whatever his name is,crystal winns, and that gyde dayum keisha (forg0t her lastname) but there like ah fucking crook trio, this job is not at all dependable, they will fire u if u sneeze hard, its a joke..if your not fucking someone in management than u wont be here for long!!! they will get rid of your ass! they dont even want to let u off to grieve a loss of your love one or take your child to the doctor...they are prejudice to some, they let that jessica walk around looking gothic, come to work high and screems and yells in ppl ear while on calls and invented her ah position to keep from firing her but all the blacks get fired a.s.a.p!!!#str8 joke!(teleperformane...albany, ga)

Dallas, TX

#44 Jan 18, 2012
Ive gottn lawyas to look into sum of da stuyff theyre pullin with makin us work xtr time without pay. Call them 800-910-0529. they may be fiing a classactin if enuff people r intersted

United States

#45 Feb 20, 2012
Ive just gotten hired there and am to start training tonight I think so I looked up the phone number to call and make sure its tonight as well as dresscode, but the phone number is disconnected? I looked the number up online and in a brand new phonebook and their the same. what's up with that? After reading all these post about what kind of place this is has got me worried about taking the job. I need the job but im also in school and that's really more important to me in the long run. I can't go without some sort of pay coming in to pay bills if they fire me after changing my schedule without a notice to me while im in class. I don't know what to do now? Im worried.
Previous worker at tp

Douglas, GA

#46 Feb 24, 2012
As long as you go to work, mind your business, be on time, and keep your sales up to the expectations, or atleast offer on calls like your supposed to, youll be fine. I was worried too. I dont care for vicki, the hr coordinator, one time my team was the highest selling team in the center and they questioned all of us for fraud, which is bullshit. the money is great, and call after call can get stressful, just stay positive, and you will be fine.

Athens, GA

#47 Mar 5, 2012
I was fired back in 2002 for petty shit. In a desperate attempt to get a job I just applied there last week. Their rehire policy is such that, 10 years later, I'm not eligible to work there. Wow!

Athens, GA

#48 Mar 5, 2012
After reading all of this I can't believe Glenna was still there 9 years later. It is very good news to hear of her departure from the "Company". Her and I had many run-ins and I always knew she was a cold hearted back stabbing bitch.

Atlanta, GA

#49 Mar 6, 2012
I was fired in Feb. Of this year but I didn't mind the job. The only problem i had was the fact that the job was so effin stressful. I mean i heard about ppl getting fired for bs everyday i was afraid of coming in and getting fired just for breathing wrong. and You had to worry about EVERYTHING because the rules changed almost every 2 days. I just felt if I was going to be bustin my ass there then they need to stay off of my back. but i was fired bc a customer told me im two times as stupid as everyone else because Im black and puerto rican and i told him i would appreciate it if he spoke to me like a human being. and phil says I was too "agressive" im sorry but there us only so much a person can take. phil says i shouldnt have lost my job but thats what vickie wanted. But the money was great but it wasnt worth it.

Albany, GA

#50 Mar 16, 2012
its awful..........
this job the worst

United States

#51 Mar 22, 2012
I have worked at tp for almost two years and now they fire me for low they appealed against my unemployment benefits which i earned that one dishonest work place and they treat their employees bad.

Leesburg, GA

#52 Mar 23, 2012
This sounds a lot like the awful company called NEW Corps. Awful company, treat people like animals.

Leesburg, GA

#53 Mar 23, 2012
NEW Corps subcontracts for DIRECTV. NEVER EVER work for them if you value your sanity and your health. It is a scam, as soon as it is time for a promotion, they fire you and hire a newbie. They never have to pay decent wages that way.

Athens, GA

#54 Apr 5, 2012
My utmost concern going forward is the class action lawsuit I saw in the Albany Herald a few weeks ago. It's alarming that it's come to a point where litigation has to take place. Something dirty has to be going on. Also, the main phone number the company has listed for the Albany location is disconnected. I recieved a phone call from HR and tried to call the number back to get a disconnected message as well. It's like a one way street with them. Don't call us, we'll call you. Phantoms they are unless you physically go there and talk.

Albany, GA

#55 Apr 5, 2012
I know they have a HUGE turnover and ALWAYS have. I honestly dont know how they maintain a high level or efficiency and keep good people......oh thats right, THEY DONT!

Anyone who has been there for several years has been sucking cock or taking up the rear for a long time. I dont know how that place has kept its door open this long honestly.

Leesburg, GA

#56 Apr 25, 2012
Joshua wrote:
I work there now. Keesa is the person in charge of the hiring and Vickie is in carhge of HR. They will help you and get you an answer. They have some sweet positions where you actually work from home which is what I do. My boss Phil always makes sure we are taken care of
how were you able to work at home? I am search to do that.

Camilla, GA

#57 May 11, 2012
I got fired from call tech due to supervisor ay the time gave me 1 point for not have a bottle top for my drink....not the bottle top that already come on the drink, but the ones you have to buy from them. I got points here and there because my supervisor didn't want to keep it professional.she asked me once did I want to go out one weekend with her and I declined and after that the points started coming out of nowhere!

Since: May 12

Macon, GA

#58 May 14, 2012
Look guys the job looks good on a resume but it's not worth the headache. I worked there for a total of 5 years. They fired me when my dr put me on bed rest. I received unemployment and they rehired me. The job is all about who u know. Courtney McClendon was nasty as hell. Kesia is good people don't let her frown fool you. She has a really nice heart. Vickey is a fuckin snake in the grass ready to strike you ass down. Most sups didn't care about their agents and they were the same ones who got demoted. The company is a joke that's why it will never succeed. They fired and demoted some of the best floor managers. I wouldn't advise any one to work at TP until they come in and clean that place up. Ain't nothing good about the job but the money. I found life outside of Tp making lots of cash...

United States

#59 Aug 2, 2012
Mi friend just got a interview tomorrow && I told her don't do it
LookElseWherePle ase

Albany, GA

#60 Aug 6, 2012
Teleperformance is poorly managed. The training is by far the worst training I have ever witnessed.....we spent more time watching Youtube and taking extended breaks than anything else. I'm currently employed at Teleperformance, but hopefully not for much longer. I started in June 2012 and was issued a permanent schedule which was changed in August without any notice. They expect you to identify and resolve customer issues in 10 minutes; unless they improve the training they will continue having issues retaining employees. The turnover rate is ridiculous. Like I stated earlier I'm a current employee of Teleperformance and would have to agree 100% with the negative reviews. I hate my job, but I need it for now, or at least until something else comes along at which time I will join the growing number of people quitting Teleperformance. The staff is promoted from within, which mean, no degrees just puppets. They have people in positions that don't have a clue what they're doing. I honestly feel like Teleperformance would be a better place to work if The Corporate office would come in and overhaul the staff and start from scratch. I will also confirm that it isn't what you know but who you know at Teleperformance. If the right person wants you gone, trust me you're out the door. The work environment is unprofessional and loud; there have been times when I was on a call with a customer and the person next to me was taking so loud and vulgar til the customer asked what was going on. Teleperformance is like a Zoo full on Monkeys on the loose. Not being prejudice I'm of the African American race which is the race of 90 of the loose monkeys. By the way, supervisors and trainers do sleep with the hourly staff; new hires and all. How do you spell Sexual Harasment? I wouldn't recommend Teleperformance to my worst enemy.
Get real

Albany, GA

#61 Oct 4, 2012
It's usually people that don't perform well and call out that post negativity. Some where something went wrong, notate and document anything you do, whether it's good or bad. Think back on when you all first started having issues, who was the problem you are them. Everything doesn't work for everyone.
Real Feedback

Albany, GA

#62 Oct 21, 2012
Ive been working at TP Albany for 5 years and like every job it has its pros and cons.

Decent / Competitive Pay
Advancement Opportunity
Full-Time Job
Inbound Calls / its not a telemarketing center
Perks / Incentives : TV/ 2x Pay when available / Gift Card give-a-ways
Good Attendance Policy
Overtime is often available

Currently only one project available so calls get repetitive
Based on performance job can become stressful if one don't perform well or based on customer interaction
Reps are capped at $11/hr. So if you dont get promoted you wont get a pay increase.
Some supervisors don't lead by example and aren't professional

The attendance policy is easily manipulated. Im sure most negative feedback was given by reps who probably abused the system while they were employed. TP is the type of job where you have to want to be successful and apply yourself. With the amount of people employed it does resemble a high school setting at time with drama and immature adults not taking responsibility for their actions. People can be fired for doing blatantly stupid things. It does take common sense to handle customer issues and dont be too reliant on the support staff. In the DSL days we didnt have near as much support as we have now.

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