Pitbulls trying to attack my kids
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Albuquerque, NM

#63 Sep 12, 2012
Trinitie wrote:
They DO NOT have shock collars on and they have jumped the fence numorus times. Sometimes I wish that people like Bully could sit in my shoes for a day so you could understand the danger here. The issue has not been solved nothing has changed. The neighbors are assholes and refuse to do anything about it. That was the whole reason for this post. I wouldnt be waisting my time here asking for advise if I didnt think there was a bigger problem here..... and for the person who said that my kids pester those dogs is WRONG. My kids are terrified of those dogs and they dont go near that fence. My whole reasoning behind this was if they had a toy and it bounced near the fence and m 3 yr old goes to retrieve it, those dogs could grab her through the fence like they did to our cat. Its a bunch of crap tht no one will lift a finger and address this issue until one of my kids is either severely injured of killed. That was the point of this forum post. I dont want to harm the dogs but the moment they come over that fence ill kill it before it kills one of us.

More lies, you really shouldn't change the story once it's in print. You already said it happened ONCE and your kids were at school. Now the story changes. Truth is your to pathetic to stand on your own to feet and to indecisive to make a move. Even once the dogs are out of the picture your kids are still gonna be screwed having you for a parent.
Bully luver

Alamogordo, NM

#64 Sep 12, 2012
right wrote:
<quoted text>
Caught yourself in a lie, you "never leave your kids unattended" yet your 9yo was there for the attack and you weren't, so logically the statement about leaving them unattended is a lie... Now as someone that has had several cats, and dogs (including pits) I have to call bullshnit that the dogs magically got the cat through the fence as I have never seen a cat stupid enough to rub up on a fence with snarling dogs on the other side. My money is on your son "introducing" them to each other, probably harasses the dogs to. Just another example of someone that can't handle their own business.
She keeps changing her story to fit her prejudice of the breed. She's probably a card carrying member of the KKK too.
I know

Alamogordo, NM

#65 Sep 12, 2012
if I thought my kids were at risk from an attack from the neighbors dogs,they wouldn't be allowed in back yard, supervised or not until I either moved or got some sort of resolution.

Shepherdsville, KY

#66 Sep 12, 2012
I posted this forum for some advise not a couple for assholes telling me im a liar. My done didn't take my cat over there just because he's a kid doesn't mean hes stupid. I'm sorry I even posted on here you just get a bunch of douche bags talking shit trying to make me look bad. I'll do what I have to so that my children are safe and you 2 morons up there can rot in the garbage you spew.
The Answer

Albuquerque, NM

#67 Sep 12, 2012
Trinitie, thank you for posting this forum first of all. It is very important for the public to know about these vicious dog breeds. First, talk with the neighbors that share a fence line with the dogs and approach the dog owners as a unified team. 2nd, talk with your landlord to construct a heavy duty fence for his teneants protection, and finally, keep after it with the city about your problem.

Alamogordo, NM

#68 Sep 13, 2012
If we had a Carls Jr in town this would not be an issue.

Alamogordo, NM

#69 Sep 13, 2012
Bro wrote:
If we had a Carls Jr in town this would not be an issue.
Dat true, Las Crucans love carls so much, they rob it. A 2 for 1, bring food, and cash to animals that live here, they can't be beat.
Problem solved

Rio Rancho, NM

#70 Sep 13, 2012
Shoot Bully Lover's dogs and then beat him with the dead bodies of his pitts. Those dogs are god awful ugly.
Bully luver

Alamogordo, NM

#71 Sep 13, 2012
Trinitie wrote:
I posted this forum for some advise not a couple for assholes telling me im a liar. My done didn't take my cat over there just because he's a kid doesn't mean hes stupid. I'm sorry I even posted on here you just get a bunch of douche bags talking shit trying to make me look bad. I'll do what I have to so that my children are safe and you 2 morons up there can rot in the garbage you spew.
Huh? This post doesn't even make sense.

Albuquerque, NM

#72 Sep 13, 2012
Truth wrote:
Seems all other answers are not helping.
And perhaps there are no correct answers?
But your problem does indeed seem to be a serious one, and a potentially deadly one.
The best answer of course is to move somewhere else, get away from this situation. Who needs this sort of worry about your children, or yourself being mauled, or killed.
Do not wind up with a life of regret, after it is too late, and say to yourself "I should've moved"!
Since you rent, his should not be that hard to do. There's numerous communities within this city that rent properties.
Yes, will be some work, but after, I'm sure you'll say the effort was well worth it, that you have some better piece of mind. You cannot place a value-price on your children's lives, and well being.
The only other stop gap temporary measure I can think of, is at least buy them some small cans of pepper spray that they can carry. Better than nothing. The local gun shop should carry some brands that will back up a Grizzly Bear.
call animal control or DPS you need a paper trail

Albuquerque, NM

#73 Sep 13, 2012
Trinitie wrote:
So im just suppose to wait for them to attact my kids then do something about it? I dont think so. Ill do what I have to so that my family stays safe. If I could move right now and get away from this shit I would but I cant, and I bet if you needed to move at the drop of a hat you couldnt either. So keep your opinions to yourself. I bet if it was your family in danger you wouldnt just sit back and wait for something bad to happen either. So you sir are one who needs to grow the hell up.
stop being a victim call the AUTHORITIES and report it NOW!

Alamogordo, NM

#74 Sep 13, 2012
Trinitie wrote:
I have 2 pitbulls that live next door and they have a 4 foot fence keeping them in. These dogs already killed our beloved cat that we had for many years. They ripped her to shreds. Ive tried to talk to the neighbors and they told us that the dogs were just protecting their territory and they would do nothing because it was their yard. This isnt the first incedent either. Many other cats and small animals have become victim of these dogs yet the city will do nothing about it. Now when my kids try to play outside (I have 4) the dogs growl, bark and bare teeth at them and try to hop the fence. They have hopped the fence before but thank god my kids were all at school. Im not sure what to do at this point the neighbors are not going to do anything and neither will the city but ill be damned if they touch my kids. Putting up our own fence is out of question because this is a rental house. Any advice would be great. I dont want to kill the dogs but if they hop that fence i wont hesistate.
See if they are renting the house. Go to the assesors office or call and get the owners name. If they are tenants let the owner know what is going on. Call animal control every time the dogs get to barking or they have dog shit piled up in their yard. At night when they bark call dps. Call the city attorney.Print the address on topix and make it public maybe one of your neighbors will see it and start complaining also.Keep calling the city untill they do something.

Hobbs, NM

#75 Sep 13, 2012
Bully luver wrote:
<quoted text>
Why haven't the dogs jumped the fence again? Maybe the issue has been solved.
No, I fully believe the dogs are not being PESTERED now... they have no reason to jump the fence and go after some "sweet, cherub children!" It is always the dogs fault remember! LOL!

Hobbs, NM

#76 Sep 13, 2012
Trinitie wrote:
I posted this forum for some advise not a couple for assholes telling me im a liar. My done didn't take my cat over there just because he's a kid doesn't mean hes stupid. I'm sorry I even posted on here you just get a bunch of douche bags talking shit trying to make me look bad. I'll do what I have to so that my children are safe and you 2 morons up there can rot in the garbage you spew.
Bottom line is: You have been advised of many different types of action.... 1) electric fence; 2) pepper spray (although illegal in their yard); 3) moving; 4) talking to your neighbors; 5) going to authorities, etc...... You seem to want to keep this post going just to rant and rave at people who have posted the above actions for you to take. You know for a fact deep down in your heart that your family have been pestering the dogs because "Mommy" got so upset and she is making trouble for the neighbors! If these were your dogs, you would not be keeping this post going. You would do something about it... cussing and talking shit (as you stated above) is not the answer. It only makes you look worse and people are going to continue to put you down. Get something done about your problem or wait for the next incident wherein a rock, teasing or just going as close to a fence as a kid can go is no longer a game! I did it myself when I was a child with my cousins getting as close to a mean bull playing "chicken!" Get it stopped now or things will only get worse. No wonder the pit bull breed gets the bad name it has... only because of stupidity on both sides, the owners and the whiners!
esplain to me

Hobbs, NM

#77 Sep 13, 2012
I have but two (2) questions to ask that I haven't seen in these posts... 1) Who lived there first, the dogs and neighbors; and, if they were there first why would you move into your house w/those animals next door and having 4 children? and, 2) Don't you think that if the neighbors home were rented the landlord would allow the dogs? Just thinking.....

Las Cruces, NM

#78 Sep 14, 2012
Trinitie, I understand your concern. I would be concerned too if I had kids near that situation.

Do not pepper spray the dogs. If they are in their own yard and acting aggressive, you will still be at fault.

I would suggest just mentioning to your neighbor that the dogs are behaving badly. Chances are, they won't care, but you can at least have it on your side that you approached them with your concerns.

I would recommend going to animal control, as dumb as they can be, and voice your concerns, and demand a report be made.

Make sure you have a paper trail. Make sure that you have documents to back up your claims. That way it shows that it has been a constant problem over a period of time, not just you trying to be a douche about "omg my poor babies!!!"

And please, for everyone's sake, don't say "I had Pit Bull and they're so sweet" when you're going to immediately point out "Omg it's a Pit Bull being evil". They are dogs.

They are dogs, probably not properly socialized, probably not properly cared for. That isn't the dogs fault. That is the owners fault.

I'm not saying hang out until a child get mauled. But educate yourself on Pit Bulls as a breed/type of dog. Animal aggression is bred into them, not human aggression. Acting excited at a fence does not mean they're heartless killers. They could just be excited at the possibility of human contact, which is what that breed/type lives for.

I'm not surprised a couple of yard Pits killed your cat, but if you kept your cat, like a law abiding citizen, that would not have happened. The city ordinance for leash laws apply to cats as well. Also, what cat is going to get close to a fence with any dog barking and carrying on?

The city does not have a dangerous/aggressive dog law, like a lot of people are saying. There are laws against dogs barking at late night hours and such, but not for "this PIT BULL is being mean instead of a Lab being mean."

If you are having a serious problem, you need to contact animal control and keep following up. If it means you call five times a day, then you call five times a day.

Just do it because there are scary dogs, not just because "omg it's a Pit Bull". Things like that cause breed discriminatory legislation. And that isn't fair. Just because your neighbor has unruly Pit Bulls doesn't mean everyone does, and when you base a complaint completely on breed, you're making the people who have good Pit Bulls suffer.

Not all Pit Bulls are bad, and despite your claims of saying you had a very nice, sweet one... singling them out with "My neighbor has two Pit Bulls" like that just feeds the stereotype you claim isn't real by describing your own past dog.

I have Pit Bulls. I also understand dogs and their behavior. You need to talk to your neighbor about this problem, then take proper steps. Don't bad mouth a breed or people, then backtrack. Don't talk about pepper spraying or killing them, you look like a piece of s***.

Alamogordo, NM

#79 Sep 14, 2012
Iron man your pit bulls are a worthless breed of animal. Pit bull owners are an arrogant breed of people. If this lady would post their address I would take care of her problem for her.

Alamogordo, NM

#80 Sep 20, 2012
A dog isn't considered aggressive if it is attacking an animal in it's yard, however if they hop the fence and get into your yard, you have the right to protect whats yours. Call animal control, the cops whatever it takes.

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