I see this then I see teens getting robbed just a paragraph down. How is Alameda so safe. sounds like a PR stunt to help bring in investors for a town turning into the next Oakland. while Oakland is cleaning up it's waterfront area, Alameda seems to be having problems with Gangs. Seems some cops like harassing upstanding citizens and arresting them and wont touch the punks hanging out in front of corner bars on Park Street dealing drugs. and it isn't marijuana. That club/restaurant isn't a medicinal medical marijuana despensary. It's just a place for methheads or crack dealers doing their business. But don't worry, they got some police officers watching over them. You're on watch now, Corrupt Cops. I still believe most police are decent in Alameda but clearly a few are known to be other than. Just remember.. this isn't chicago. people can still video tape your little events without getting arrested.