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High School Baseball - Politics over skill

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Just wondering

High Point, NC

#1 Feb 20, 2007
Recently a local high school had baseball tryouts. After the cuts were over, one kid made the J.V. team that some of the Varsity players were questioning. They did not understand how this kid made the team over 2 kids that were better and had made the middle school team the 2 previous years. It came out over the weekend that not only was the kid in question the coach's next door neighbor (two houses down), but that his father had made a $400 donation to the "baseball club". My question is: I know that players cannot accept gifts and money, is it against the rules for the "head" coach to receive gifts in exchange for favors.

Tallahassee, FL

#2 Mar 18, 2007
I have sympathy for them. I can tell you what you experienced is widespread and it isn't limited to baseball. We see it rampant here in Florida. The important thing is to make a good fight out of it. That way at least the kids know it's ok and just to stand up for yourself and even when you lose to $$ etc everybody will know you are not a wimp and not afraid to stand your ground. Please don't back down that is what they want.

Round Rock, TX

#3 Jun 3, 2007
Politics in high school sports is an epidemic. It's so bad at my grandson's high school that the coach refuses to post the team stats. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see when kids are not as good as others. At this District 14 5A high school if you are a football player you are "GOD" It's even obvious that some of the boys are on sterioids. No high school "BOY" at age 14-16 year old looks like Jason Giambi does now. But we've got several! The coach is antiquated, the AD is too worried about his job to over see and monitor other sports. A sophmore stated this year and is the biggest whiner I've ever heard. He fails to hustle, cries to the coachs and the team gets yelled at because they hold him to the same standards EVERYONE ELSE WAS HELD TO! The coach's response was, Don't worry about it. The team is jealous of you because you're better.(boy is that some coaching or what!) He's not better, he's just on sterioids and a hulk. But like I said. We really don't know the stats because the coach is holding them hostage! It's not right! It's not fair. The job should go to the one that is performing the best, has good grades, busts his butt, and has clean urine!

Columbus, OH

#4 Jul 18, 2009
I played jv on my high school team and hated it. Our coach (who also happened to be the jv football coach) played mostly all of his football guys. He swore at all of us and tried to make me feel like an idiot. We were beating a rival 17-0, and he put in none of his backups! The varsity coach is no better. They are grooming underclassmen for starting varsity jobs before tryouts. Sports in my town are all politics. I worked my butt off, and I am treated like dirt.

Cromwell, CT

#5 Sep 17, 2009
In 2007, my son tried out for the varsity soccer team and was cut very last. Two new players did not tried out at all but made for some reasons. A player who cut before my son made the varsity somehow. One freshman who was not really at JV level made as well. Later we heard that his father donated $100K to the team.

In 2008 my son, then a senior tried out for the varsity again and made it finally. In that summer, my son was selected as the MVP at a college camp and one of core 5 players of the HS varsity at the preseason camp ran by an organized soccer coaches. Just before the first game, my son was told by the head coach that he was the 5th striker and very last one to play. The college coach came to the game to see him, but the HS coach did not let him play at all.
Even on senior day, my son was not allowed to play a second. Many of players at the soccer camp playe for Division I & III colleges now.

We live in a very rich town and we were one of poorest family on the team. I and my wife both worked and had no time or money to contribute to the team. We are Asian.

Hope this does not happen to other players or families at all.

United States

#6 Mar 12, 2010
Wow, it feels good to know we are not alone. My son attends a high school in southern New Jersey. The 'Coach" does not have a good win-loss ratio---at all. My son is part of an elite baseball organization and plays very well. There is not disputing it if one has eyes. My son was cut. Children with lessor ability were kept on the team, some of them had parents on the booster club. My son has excelled in national competitions, but that does not count. They had this strange was of measuring the kid's that was very subjective. We are now transferring him to another school.

United States

#7 Apr 17, 2010
I moved to my current school from another school because my home caught fire in 2008. I have been playing baseball since I was four. I have been on some kind of All-Star team all my life, and I was their starting pitcher and batted second on our team last year after batting .483 in Babe Ruth (second highest in our league to a Varsity player) in middle school.

I am now a freshman and I play baseball for my high school JV team, if you can call it playing. In all of our practices, I have rarely missed anything near me and they're always complimenting me on my hitting. He decided to have one of the varsity pitchers throw to us for batting practice- so we can get ready for real pitchers- and I was one of FOUR freshmen to hit off of him (fly ball to center). We just had a freshman-only game, and I ended up sitting the bench while the JV quarterback (freshman) played ahead of me. He missed three ground balls in warmups and had an errant throw. In the gam, he struck out and popped out to the second baseman. The coach decided to keep him at second until he was due up to bat and we were about to be 10-run ruled. He put me in for the guy who made the last out and kept the the other kid in. We ended up losing 10-0 in 5 innings and I never got to bat.

Our team was no-hit and our only baserunner was a kid who got on on a dropped third strike. We struck out 11 times. The kid only threw about 60 or 65 at the most. It made me sick to my stomach.

United States

#8 Apr 17, 2010
That kid also beat me out in basketball and I was cut. He scored 6 points all year.
Frustrated grandparents

Cape Girardeau, MO

#9 Apr 21, 2010
Our grandson is a decent ball player and is respectful of his coaches. It is actually very rare for him to strike out; however, he has to sit the bench constantly. He comes from a single parent home. His mom is very supportive of him, but his dad never shows up for any of his games. He gets very frustrated and confused about why he doesn't get to play when there are players on the field who are much worse than he is and get in school suspension for cussing at the coaches get to play every game. He is a freshman. It isn't going to change. Should he be encouraged to not play or should we let him make the decision on his own. He is extremely distraught by the situation.

Westland, MI

#10 Apr 26, 2010
I tried out for JV soccer and I got cut. A few days after, one of my friends came over and we played soccer outside. I outplayed him and he even said that I should've made the team over him. Someone should step up and talk to someone about politics in sports.
Clear Falls Baseball Tx

Houston, TX

#11 May 25, 2010
Politics are really bad here too with baseball we have a new school that tells us in the meetings it will be about itegrity, and you get picked by your skill level. They had booster clubs meetings the night before a tryout for the summer league. All the parents on the booster club there kid got on the team and the coaches kids seem to be automaticly on the team. What a disappointment it is for our kids. What do they learn? That if your parent kisses butt then you make the team. Alot of parents work long hours due to the recession but since they can not volunteer there kid gets shafted. We were told that the kids picked are just for summer league only and it doesn t mean they automatic make the high school team. I call bull crap to that statement. I guess we will see how much integrity the Coach and the school has when the team tryouts during the school year
Clear Falls BB Kemah Tx

Houston, TX

#12 May 25, 2010
Clear Falls is actually in League City and I agree completely. The sad thing is the Principal tried hard to get good coaches. The football coach is from a Austin so he doesn t know any of the kids so they should be picked by how good they play. But the baseball coach came from a clear creek hs and he seems to have brought his own players and booster club with him. Right now a lot of parents are watching him to see what he does in January when the regular season team is picked. But we are not expecting him to give other kids a chance.
comment on Clear Falls

Houston, TX

#13 May 25, 2010
My son also tried out but he got nervous and bombed the tryout. He has played since he was 5 been on 7 allstar teams and is on one again. But it happens I spoke to the coach and he was very nice and really receptive. He said that he will be having tryouts in January and everyone has a shot at making the the regular season team. As far as the kids that got picked from my area, I can honestly say that the ones I saw tryout did deserve to make the team. Now the lesson my son is going to learn is he will have to work hard and be on his game when the tryouts come in January. Kids have to learn that they are not going to always get there way. Give the new coach a break he is doing the best he can while still working at Clear Creek HS. Lets be optimistic and not prejudge him.
high school mom

Le Mars, IA

#14 Jun 12, 2010
My son is a senior on his HS baseball team, he has put 4 yrs into this team. He has also played Little League for years as well as being on the all stars- that almost made it to nationals once. When he was a sophomore he got pulled up to varsity to pitch, as a junior he played 3rd, pitch and catch and this year he is hardly seeing any action at all. The coach only plays the kids from a certain town and has no spine to bench players that should be benched. None of the kids that are 'starting' are that great and when they make a mistake they keep playing, when any sub makes a mistake they are pulled. It is really unfair that the same kids get to play ball every game the entire game and there is a full bench of kids waiting their turn that are just as good, if not better. Wanna know what is really sad...this is a Christian HS too yet.

Canton, OH

#15 Jul 22, 2010
I have one question for this forum.... Relating to all high school coaches...

Should a varsity coach be fired for lying to his AD when the AD requested of his varsity coach to speak with a player about a serious subject regarding improvement and playing time?

In such, the varsity coach told the AD he would
and then forwarded an email of completion that in fact stating he "The coach" had a positive exchange with the player and did discuss what the player could do to improve that would lead to more playing time. Additionally, coach stated they both left the meeting with a positive meeting.

The only problem, the coach never had the meeting with the player. In fact, the school board also knows about this. They do nothing...

Thank you, JAS

Chicago, IL

#16 Jul 23, 2010
i did not make my team either. and kids who are not even good made it. why? because they donate money to the athletic booster club. also you had to be on a certain travel team to make the high school team. everyone on this certain travel team made it...everyone!!! and they are not even that good. i was very dissapointed as i love baseball. now i play summer and fall ball for my youth baseball club that has leagues for people high school age.

Floyds Knobs, IN

#18 Feb 19, 2011
Politics are bad at Drakes Creek Middle School in Bowling Green, Ky. too. Tryouts for baseball began 02/17. On 2/18, the coaches cut 2 boys that were good, did NOT cut a couple of kids who didn't show uo, did NOT cut kids who were friends of the asst. coach and his son. My son hasn't been cut yet, but I'm amazed at the inadequacy of these coaches. I've coached many baseball teams and they cut real talent 1st round. I hate to say this but if they continue , the team will most likely struggle to win a single game.

United States

#19 Feb 21, 2011
Anyone that doesn't believe there is politics in HS baseball is just naive. My son hit .415 with an OBP of .500+ on the JV last year as a sophomore. Good enough to get the best offensive player award (only struck out once the entire season). Yet he was only 1 of 2 sophomores out of 8 that never got to at least dress-out with the varsity.

His batting average was at least 50+ points higher than any of the other sophomores that came down to play in JV games and probably 150+ points higher than a couple of the guys in his class that are starting on the varsity this year. Of course one of these guys is the son of the Chairman of the School Board and the other is a member of a well-connected family in the community. That probably has something to do with it.

Of course this coach is really nothing to brag about anyway. He's coached the team for six seasons and his best finish in the region is 3rd place once. Oh, and 5 of the 9 starters on that 3rd place team received D1 scholorships in either baseball or football; two were drafted. In other words with an absolutely loaded team of athletes, the best he could do was 3rd in a region that's really known more for its football than baseball.


Calhoun, GA

#20 Mar 5, 2011
why? because i must be dumb enough or old school enough to still believe that a coach is a mentor and a role model for young men who all desperately need to be led. and that their main concern would be for these young men, and fairness and honesty would be at least two traits taught by example. I also must be dumb enough to still believe that each man would be judged and played on their merits and talents. Wrong again! Our coaching staff for baseball plays a newly transfered kid (not having paid any dues, i.e. bench time, as well as being a sophomore) in what had become my son's position (and having paid his dues and is more experienced and a better athelete). The coaches obviously are not "coaching" because the team is really not a team at all. They have pretty much been coached to be good losers. His record speaks for itself and the level of play is evident that these young men have not been taught the basics or have not effectively practiced them to play at a high school level. The coaches are father and son, and from their internet right-ups come from a baseball background-at least having played. It still seems to come down to who you know and how much greasing you do as to what happens in high school sports. I guess i still don't grease that way. The only thing I am proud of and that has come from this is the patients, persistance, and humility my son has demonstrated as he sees how the real world works. Oh, and that talent is never enough !

Calhoun, GA

#21 Mar 5, 2011
And guess what. Football is just as bad. The "coaches" call a 5-5 season a winning season. I have even been led to believe some of them might stand to have a proper background check by the school board or athletic dept. before being in a leadership position or role model for these young and impressionable men. It seems there is no more code of honor. Getting a girl pregnant goes without consequence, and grades as well as personal morals go unchecked for the 'chosen', who the coaches, either for their own demented egos or politics play and put on pedestals.Even rewarded with the coveted jacket and letter. Yep, these are the very guys you read about in the papers. It's no wonder these young men enter the next phase of life thinking anything goes, along with having no direction. What a shame.

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