What happened to Angela from WKDD?

What happened to Angela from WKDD?

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Louisville, OH

#1 Nov 14, 2008
Anyone know or hear what happened?

Apparently Matt said something about it at 5.30 and 8.00 but, i for one, missed it.
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Bay Village, OH

#2 Nov 14, 2008
She probably left the show because of Matt's pompous attitude. You know he lives in Hudson?

United States

#3 Nov 14, 2008
I caught the 8:00 one but he didn't really explain what happened. He said this is show business, these things happen. He also said she is not sick or anything. That he is sure she will be fine. I doubt very much that this was Angela's idea.

I personally think it horrible they way WKDD and Matt handled the whole thing. And I do agree he can really be a pompous a$$.

I would like to know where Angela pops up. I really liked her.

This is the only article I could find on the whole thing and it really doesn't say much.


Vienna, OH

#4 Nov 14, 2008
Am a close friend of hers- they gave her no reason other than "your done". Honestly it was becoming the Angela & Matt show instead of the Matt & Angela Show and Matt couldn't let that happen- Neith could Keith Kennedy. They both are very controling men. Angela put up with their harrasment for years and never complained in fear of losing her job- Well she lost it anyways, because they couldn't take the chance that she ever had full power. I am a employee of the station- I am very upset and am looking else where for another option. The station employees are devistated. The only two really happy are Matt & Keith. We are hoping to see them escorted out soon! Thank you for your years of dedication- but we too inderstand you turning to another station! SHE WILL BE BACK ON THE RADIO and on that day Akron will smile again!

Brecksville, OH

#5 Nov 14, 2008
I also know Angela and know she was done terribly wrong. She has been enduring crap from Keith and Matt for a LONG time... I agree with MAD. I used to be very close to the station and all of its employees through a friend that worked there and I got to experience firsthand how Keith and Matt can be. They both were definitely afraid of her bypassing them to the top. That's what they do to the successful women at that station... bye bye Belynda, bye bye Lynn and now bye bye Angela. I dont listen to their station anymore EXACTLY for that reason. Matt is so old school and played out anyways... and ya better watch out Krissy Taylor... you dont know what you are in for or are about to endure from WKDD! Angela wont have trouble finding success, and I imagine wherever she lands she will take what's left of WKDD's listeners with her!!

Akron, OH

#6 Nov 14, 2008
I am or now should say WAS a WKDD listener. Angela was what made that morning show! Matt's arrogance showed on the radio and in real life. All I have heard for many years is what an A$$ Matt and Keith are on the air and at personal appearances yet I have made it a point to go and see Angela at appearances because her friendly personality made it a great experience. She really appreciated the listeners and did not deserve the way Matt would snap at her on the air or cut her off in the middle of a sentence, Yet she was professional and let it go.
She should consider herself lucky to be rid of those jealous has beens and I will make it my goal to see that WKDD loses their listeners due to their stupidity. They won't be #1 much longer!!

Cleveland, OH

#7 Nov 14, 2008
I am hurt that shes gone she is the better half of the morning show and you can see the format has not changed, sounds to me he is trying to make Krissy .Angela, Matt is a 50 year old and is a has been and couldn;t take it . she was getting the the personal appearances on week ends for the bussiness asked only for her. That is showing that is less the half. Kieth and Matt lied to her and that is not right . They where number 1 for the 6 years they where together why mess that up.

Vienna, OH

#8 Nov 14, 2008
When I was about 7 or 8 years old my father won tickets from WKDD to see the Cavs play at the Coliseum. I can still remember today walking up to our seats and my father pointing out to me the radio personality Matt Patrick who he had won the tickets from. So I took my ticket stub down to him so I could get his autograph (Like I said I was 7 or 8, I thought he was famous or something). I remember looking at him and thinking wow I want to be famous like him when I get older too. I am currently 29 years old, over twenty years have gone by, and that older man I got an autograph from is now just an "old man". It's about time they switch him to the AM radio stations with the rest of his age group!!!! Angela actually brought a younger crowd of listeners to the station. It became spunkier and more intuned to our younger generation. If WKDD needed a change it should have been Matt, he's old news and people are sick of hearing him. They should have replaced him with a younger version that maybe wasn't so full of himself. And I have met you before Matt, you have gotten old and you do not have the looks for the confidence you walk around with incase someone has forgotten to inform you! In other words, Clear Channel what were you thinking? Get rid of the old and bring in the new, stop keeping Matt around. I wouldn't listen to the station before because of him, I actaully started to listen when Angela was added to the show. But now it has been ruined again, great job Clear Channel you made the fun spunky station old and out dated again, you should switch your name over to WAKR!
Im forty something

Vienna, OH

#9 Nov 14, 2008
I'm 40 something and i guess we all agree he is OLDDDDDDDDDDD... We want Angela back- By the way who ever started this going through all these different companies, GOOD JOB! Lets get the messages out there! ANGELA AKRON CANTON LOVES YOU!!!! IT WAS YOU THAT MADE WKDD WHAT IT HAS BEEN THE PAST 6 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

Vienna, OH

#10 Nov 14, 2008
Angela gave years to this station while they gave her no notice, no reason, NOTHING. It's sad that WKDD personnel acts as if she never existed. How do they sleep at night? She will move on to bigger and better things and when Matt gets the same treatment, I say "karma sucks"!!!!

Brecksville, OH

#11 Nov 14, 2008
I miss Angela! I cant get used to Krissy's voice, sounds like a 12 yrs old. I will now be a former listener as well.

Akron, OH

#12 Nov 14, 2008
I haven't like Matt since Barbara Adams left, but Angela stepped in and did a great job. Everyone is right he's a jealous, pompous man, who can't handle a woman doing a better job than him. That was a very dirty thing to do to such a great person, that did a wonderful job. I hope to hear Angela on the radio by herself! WKDD you suck and you play terrible music!!!!

Barberton, OH

#13 Nov 14, 2008
This guy Matt Patrick was old 20 years ago...you people just now realize that ?
When he was at KDD it sucked, never was entertaining......just a buffoon, a red-headed one to boot....

Vienna, OH

#14 Nov 14, 2008
WOW! Was called a little bit ago and told about this site! Hello! I am Tricia former employee of 96.5 WKDD and 98.1 WKDD- I grew at that station- they were my family. Angela is one of my best friends. I lived with her until I met my husband. She gave nothing less than 100% of herself to all of us in the Listening Area, BUT beyond that Angela is a women of great character, when she believes in something or someone she will do nothing less than give you her full heart! I wish I can say I was surprised when I got the news, BUT from working with a few select people at KDD I can say it was going to come one day! YES, Akron it was turning into Angelas show, well actually it WAS Angelas show and thatís why they had to say your doneÖ Itís the Keith Kennedys, Matt Patricks and Dan Lankford in the world that take wonderful things and ruin them to climb corporate ladders. They new Akron Loved Angela, but they couldnít let go of the power long enough to let that continue on. This will come back on them one day, if not now, in 20 years. Akron Loves Angela and for good reasons- she is real, she loved her carrier and she loves her listeners. On her behalf I would like to thank you for your support and assure you she is doing well. Very hurt, but I am sure you will be seeing her soon! I will MAKE SURE she sees your comments, so keep them coming and let her know how you feel! Again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Akron, OH

#15 Nov 14, 2008
Angela do not look back, you are so much better off!! Grow from this and realize people who you thought were your friends for years were just a bunch of losers, I am sure if the Brown Derby was still open he would still be there chasing wife #1 or #2 or #3, crap I lost count!!! I stopped listening months ago, you can only take so much of what's his face!! You have more people backing you then that station!! I am sure we will all hear and see you around soon....You go girl!!!!!!

Vienna, OH

#16 Nov 14, 2008
WKDD: Are you trying to get the worst ratings? Because with the changes you made you are surely going to accomplish that goal! And I agree, you suck Matt and your old, you've got to be like 90 or something by now!!
Bring back Angela, till then I'll find another radio station!

Akron, OH

#17 Nov 14, 2008
Obviously when Clear Channel starts to see the declining listeners to the morning show they'll finally get rid of that idiot Matt. Poor Angela didn't fall for his pompous God's gift to women act and maybe he didn't like it. It WAS the ANGELA and Matt show. She was always so personable and such a likeable person. Good Luck Angela. Let us know where to set our radio dials!!!

“I'm as Mad as Hell...”

Since: Mar 07

Your Neighbor & Friend

#18 Nov 14, 2008
Three guesses who's posting dim-bulb icons on this thread. No, one guess. Grow up, Patrick. You disgrace yourself with each morning on the air.

Angela, here's a wish & a prayer for you for future success from the Beale Brigade.
Matt Patrick

Bedford, OH

#19 Nov 14, 2008
Oh well, I'm sure you will all survive.

Akron, OH

#20 Nov 14, 2008
WKDD who? After 20 years I am done. Matt is a pompous ass.Angela is much better off with out that job.What kind of REPUTABLE company dismisses one of their own and dosent give her the courtesy to say good-bye! SHE IS THE REASON WE WERE LISTENING!
Matt needs to go pick-up his fourth wife and visit their friend the murderer Cindy George.And her wimp of a husband.

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