Proposals raid funds for more school ...

Proposals raid funds for more school - Hawaii News

There are 74 comments on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin story from Nov 5, 2009, titled Proposals raid funds for more school - Hawaii News. In it, Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that:

Proposals floating in the Senate would restore public school days lost to teacher furloughs by raiding the $180 million Hurricane Relief Fund or a combination of the disaster fund and federal stimulus dollars.

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Mililani, HI

#62 Nov 5, 2009
West Oahuan wrote:
<quoted text>
What is your solution? As I undersatnd it, funds would be borrowed from the Hurricane Relief Fund. In essence, a loan to ourself with no interest. It would fix the situtation temporarily, but then, next session, the total statewide budget would have to be addressed with education being one piece of that pie. There is no easy solution, but lessening the school days is wrong.
The solution is to have the BOE and DOE do their job. If they're not going to, why do we have them? And more importantly, why do we pay them?

Mililani, HI

#63 Nov 5, 2009
Will Espero wrote:
<quoted text>
To say I do not have a clue is completely wrong and false. Why do some people write such lies and garbage? What I know is if we take no action before the end of the year, Hawaii will rank last in the nation for instructional days; The worst in the nation for classroom learning. This is unacceptable to me and many others. The Legislature did not create this situation. Many parents, educators, and children advocates have asked us to help IF POSSIBLE. The article did not mention some of us are thinking of borrowing $25 million to $50 million with pay back language. This would make the school year whole from Jan to June and include all unions in the schools: HSTA, UPW, HGEA,
If those instructional days are that important to you, you should have been thinking about them a long time ago and doing something about it even more recently.

Don't use that as a means to use the kids as hostages for more money. And the state "borrowing" from itself is simply taking money today to be paid off by taxpayers tomorrow. The BOE and DOE should just deal with it.

Do not raid ANY funds. Period.

United States

#64 Nov 5, 2009
Have we gone bananas? This is like buying a new car with the 529 college fund.

Waipahu, HI

#65 Nov 5, 2009
Aiona told the students to eat cake as Marie Antonette said to the French people.

Maunaloa, HI

#66 Nov 5, 2009
Will Espero wrote:
<quoted text>
Senator Espero
If this is indeed you, the main problem you need to solve is the lack of accountability in the DOE and BOE set up.
This is not a political problem to wring votes from. Long term, just finding money to throw at the furloughs is just rewarding bad behavior from the HSTA/DOE/BOE who authored the details of the furlough set up. Sure, maybe some of you look like heroes, but you really haven't done anything to fix the underlying and subtle elements affecting ALL public school students in Hawaii. None of you would be heroes at all.
It takes tremendous courage to stand up and say "You, DOE, have enough resources already to educate 171,000 students for 180 days. You, HSTA, need to make good on your obligations not only to rank and file teachers, but also the students they serve. You, BOE, must begin the work of making yourselves obsolete by divesting your policy powers from your offices, and into the communities you serve."

The furloughs making us have the lowest number of days should not be your main focus of alarm. The overall poor performance of our children should have raised alarm bells long ago.

If you really want to make a difference, you and your policy colleagues will give serious deliberation to taming the education beast by truly reinventing education in the same way the Superintendent proposes to reconstitute schools--by wiping the slate ENTIRELY clean, right down to the roots of the organizational structure, leaving only the buildings, and then build it back up from scratch.

But I know none of our elected leaders has that kind of will.

Do they?

Honolulu, HI

#67 Nov 5, 2009
Lork wrote:
The teachers were willing to sacrifice school days for pay raises, so it can't be that important to them.

teachers did not get a pay raise, they agreed to take furlough days, which amounts to a reduction in pay (no work on furlough fridays = no pay for those days).

Aiea, HI

#68 Nov 5, 2009
There is not one legislator that has shown me any PROFILE IN COURAGE in exemplfying leadership and that includes members of the administration or otherwise. The democrats created this mess and played politics with the governor with the support of the unions and now they're trying to play on the emotions of the public needs and wants by calling for a special session and making idiotic statements about raiding the hurricane fund.....even though i am a registered democratic and for those that think i am fabricating this all you have to do is contact me and i will give you my name and you can check the democratics registrar of registered democratic voters, let me tell you I will NOT VOTE for these @#$% damm democrats that are bedpartners with the union and I am going to vote for a Republican any republican is better than a Say, Hanabatta, Djou, ESPERO, et co........You bet I'm mad!!
good for you satch7

Honolulu, HI

#69 Nov 5, 2009
Good for you Satch7. We need more people like you. I am angry and mad too that we were taken to the cleaners. This Democratic machine in Hawaii has led us to bankruptcy. They used the Bureaucratic DOE to milk the State Treasury and our legislators are still trying to find funds to help this corrupt government agency. With THREE BILLION DOLLARS at their disposal, the DOE should help us rather than we help them.
Lucky we live Hawaii

Honolulu, HI

#72 Nov 5, 2009
Raid Rail Now wrote:
... Turn training days into class room instruction days. Who came up with this "training day" b.s. anyway. Isn't that what college and their teaching certificate was all about?
Who came up with it...Bush did. It's part of no child left behind. If a school doesn't meet it's marks they are required to pay a consulting company to tell them how to teach. Perhaps instead of the state having to pay these consultants, the parents who treat the public schools as day care and their kids who are bringing the test scores down should pay the bill. Maybe that would finally cause Hawaii's test scores to go up.

Aiea, HI

#73 Nov 5, 2009
Lucky we live Hawaii wrote:
<quoted text>
Who came up with it...Bush did. It's part of no child left behind. If a school doesn't meet it's marks they are required to pay a consulting company to tell them how to teach. Perhaps instead of the state having to pay these consultants, the parents who treat the public schools as day care and their kids who are bringing the test scores down should pay the bill. Maybe that would finally cause Hawaii's test scores to go up.
Finally, somebody with a creative and novel idea that shows more leadership in his thinking than all the Demoidiots put together!

Pearl City, HI

#74 Nov 6, 2009
pocho wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, and to think the State of California with its high State Taxes are just about to file for bankrupcy!
No Mo Money, so you raid the hurricane fund. You Bandits deserve to be voted out of office
Pocho, you gotta run for office. I vote for you, no worry.

Honolulu, HI

#75 Nov 6, 2009
SHALL we Review President Obama 5-Nov-09 07:24 pm
He in during his tenure so far has-------
Ordered the military to Close our base in Cuba to be kind to the terrorist.
Tell the muslim world Proudly that America is NOT a christian nation.
Tell the world that America is bad and he Apologized for this Great Nation 37 times and counting.
Tell the doctors that no matter what your beliefs you MUST preform an abortion or lose your right to practice.
Tell 12 million illegal aliens they are welcome and he will get them amnesty.
Tell every poor ethic person in America you do not have to work we will take care of you.
Stopped the war on terror for his muslim friends ask him too.
Cut the defense budget of this great nation when we are in three wars.
Been the most partisan President in history and the great united has this country torn apart with divisiveness not seen since the civil war.
Submitted budget that creates the largest nation debt (24 trillion dollars) in history.
Nationalizing banks.
Firing CEO's of Private Business.
Complete and utter attack on Capitalism.
Converting this Great Nation from a democracy to a Socialist Republic with the DEBT to go with it.
Giving more right to the GAYS then to the people of faith.
Promotion of the gay life style over the christian family values that founded this great nation.
Appointed 11 Tax Evaders to office of which 7 had to back out because of their illegal activity.
Appointed the #1 LIAR to Secretary of State dear ole billiary sniper fire clinton.
Has put our national defense in a shambles in just 11 weeks.
Let N. Korea fire inter-continental Balistic missiles with-out response.
Plans for the largest tax increases in America history to pay for his new Soicalist Programs such as Socialized Medicine.
Give the Gays access to the White House on the Most holiest day of the years, Easter. It is the single greatest insult to christian America in History..He is another Nero in disguise. Just hope he does not Burn Rome.
All Government Programs are geared for the Black, hispanic, asian, gay and lesbian and people who want abortions, muslims.
He has watched his Czars drop like flys for as soon as you vet any of them you see the horror that obama has surrounded himself with.
QUOTE who="pocho"]Good thing the State runs the Hurricane Fund, Mufi would have used the funds to produce a Rail Gala with all the fixings. It'd be interesting to see if Honolulu Hale will have their annual lighting fixtures on display. If there is, I wonder if there's some type of kickback Mufi would get from Hawaiian Electric? Maybe Mufi figured in the holiday lighting when he increased our property taxes[

Honolulu, HI

#76 Nov 6, 2009
Raid em!!!! Help the students!!!
Samantha Catlin

Kahului, HI

#77 Nov 11, 2009
"We're talking peanuts here," said Marguerite Butler Higa, a spokeswoman for the advocacy group Save Our Schools. "Do they realize that parents are literally losing sleep over this issue? Everyone I talk to thinks it's just horrible and it's a horrible crime against children."

Too bad all these "concerned" parents haven't been concerned about the "horrible crime" against children for the past 45 years of putting their children in one of the worst school system in the U.S. No outcry about the poor results, the unqualified teachers, the inadequate facilities, the takeover by the unions (we are the only state in the union where a union decides the amount of days a child is in school - again one of the lowest)...where were you all then? Do you all belong to the PTA, do you all take the time to talk to your children, encourage them to learn and do well, take them to the library, volunteer at their school or are you one of the many who drive them all over the island for sports, most of the time eating dinner at a fast food restaurant and you're too busy with your life to do the right thing.

It is criminal that this has happened to the children of Hawaii, but you have done nothing about it until it became an inconvenience for you.
Don't blame the governor for this - if you read newspapers you would know most of her powers were stripped by the legislature (I am quite sure they will be replaced once a democrat is in office)and they did that under the demand of the unions, who basically run this entire state. Did you know they are responsible for how many days a child goes to school? Do you know that they absolutely refuse to take a 5% pay cut instead of furloughs? Can you possibly believe they really care about the children? So if you want to go after anyone with words, go after the unions - they are destroying this state with their demands that "their people" not have any pay cuts and who cares what happens to the public sector who have been suffering job loss, hours cut, pay cuts, etc. for the past two years, while they have been immune to our problems. It is disgusting of them and if you think the Wall Street people are bad, what do you think of the Union leadership here in Hawaii.

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