What can you do for fun in lancaster??

Garden Grove, CA

#45 Jul 6, 2012
personally i live in lancaster and it isn't that bad sure you see some lower class people but in la there are too so it depends on what you would rather have more gas or a good time because we have a lot of fun here. There are movies arcades and now we have the "boulevard"
an awesome piece of lancaster
Valley Transplant

Temecula, CA

#47 Aug 14, 2012
Buffy wrote:
WOW!!... I never thought that Lancaster was that bad! From the replies I got here, I think I would rather pick up my girlfriend and drive back to Los Angeles. There are a lot of things to do here. The only thing is that I wanted to avoid having to drive to Lancaster and then back to LA twice!! But I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do it!!
Oh don't let all the idiots and White Supremacists ( who think every brown person is "illegal" even though this is THEIR CONTINENTAL HOMELAND) fool you. Mind you there is not much to do here. I am looking for more to do myself.

I go to the movies more than I ever have in my life.If you go to Cinema 12 on Monday night with 3 people it's 75cents per person. There is Cinemark 22..then you can go to Lancaster park. There is also a drive to the Angeles National Forest. You can get there from Palmdale Ave. and head south and it's an entirely different climate with forest and streams etc. You will end up in Mountain High. We drove up there on a Saturday. You can also drive south to Vasquez Rocks. I'm sure there has to be horseback riding somewhere out here. There is that waterpark in Palmdale. Sometimes there are movies shooting out near Lake Los Angeles at this lil' gas station set up.

You can drive east through the desert at night in a convertible and see all the stars.. head over to Victorville and enjoy all those lumps in the road that go up and down! lol.

It really is not THAT exciting! There is no beach, which I miss terribly. Summer weather is HELL and the concerts are all in L.A. Walmart in Lancaster closes at Midnite. There goes the big fun! lol

Oh there is Olympian? Park up the 14 off of Ave. H? There is a manmade lake there with fishing and ducks. Also the Airforce museum or base? But yeah. L.A. is more exciting all the way around. There is a reason it's so cheap to live out here. NOTHING TO DO and its' hella far from all the exciting stuff. I can't wait to get back to civilization! Minus the smog and traffic. I craaaave a day in Malibu on the beach and a nice cool breeze with no hellish sun! But the air is clean out here. I go to Starbucks a lot and I like Claim Jumper and BJs in Palmdale. Oh and Barnes and Noble.

North Hollywood, CA

#48 Jan 25, 2013
Buffy wrote:
My girlfriend lives in Lancaster and I live in LA. I don't want to drive up there and then have to drive back to LA when we are hanging out. Besides watching a movie, what can you do out there if your out on a date??
there really isnt anything to do i swear

Encinitas, CA

#49 Apr 6, 2013
Sounds like a bunch of people bitching about being in the ghetto when they moved into those shitty little neighborhoods. I've lived here in Lancaster for over 20 years, and guess what? The areas u moved were ghetto. Don't blame the town. Blame your lack of intelligence and inability to pay for a house in a good neighborhood. Oh, and btw, Rosamond's crime rate is 5x higher than Lancaster's. Just putting some actual FACTS out there.
Hated it

Riverside, CA

#50 Apr 27, 2013
Avenue I has the best stop. There's a great place behind the animal shelter. I know because I worked there!

Lynwood, CA

#51 May 26, 2013
Lived in the San Fernando Valley for 27 years and we all know that there is good and bad throughout LA. No way is the crime higher in the AV. I'd like to see the stats on that. There are way more gangs in their high schools then over here. The west side is safer but lancaster is working hard with the communities and churches to restore broken neighborhoods. I've been living here for 12 years and raising 3 kids and have experienced a lot of good. I stay away from Walmart no matter what city I'm in! There is much to see and do in LA but the AV has some nice things too. No traffic, nice parks, restaurants, nice theaters, Arts on the Blvd, good churches, sport programs for kids and music programs in the schools which is rare these days oh and you can live in a nice neighborhood without paying 500,000 to live on a busy street for a tiny house with a liquor store at the corner in the SFV.
Sam I Am

Mountain Home, AR

#52 Jun 20, 2013
LA, What a chit hole

Corona, CA

#53 Jun 20, 2013
Wow it's really funny to read all the comments above and notice what a bad reputation Lancaster has. I have lived here for a little over 8 years and have seen some interesting things but I also go out a lot and have not experienced an encounter like the comments above. Lancaster can be a lot of fun with the right people. The movies get a little boring after a while so try going to Apollo park and feed the ducks, check out the BLVD that has a museum, underground bowling/ bar, and movie theater with pull-out seats. You may also want to go visit the Musical Road which is pretty relaxing. Truth is, Lancaster is a pretty safe and enjoyable city. Have fun!

Compton, CA

#54 Jul 8, 2013
Brenda wrote:
To answer the original question - We have a number of nice restaurants, two bowling alleys, Lancaster Preforming Arts and Palmdale Playhouse - that have things going on regularly. There's a motocross track at the fairgrounds and a roller rink off Avenue I. There's Apollo Park (daytime). A water park in Palmdale (summer only?) It depends on what you like to do and the safety of these things depends on what time of day you do them, right? There's a place to play pool called Sharkey's that doesn't seem bad - we've taken the family there and no one bothered us. Devil's Punch bowl has great hiking. A little imagination and "hanging out" is easy in the AV.
thank you for actually answering the question and not bashing the AV the people in previous comments obviously know nothing about the valley. It's much safer here than in LA

Compton, CA

#55 Jul 28, 2013
Okay Lancaster CA is not a bad place to live. I love it. There's a bunch of places to go and to do but people are saying there's crime and that stuff. There isn't trust me it's quiet beautiful and there used to be crime and that stuff but not today, it's safe I love it here. You could go bowling swimming watch the jet halks game go shopping go to restraunts have a girls night out do your nails it's so fun in Lancaster CA you won't regret coming to visit I promise you and you should give it a try in LANCASTER CALIFORNIA
quartz hills

San Diego, CA

#57 Sep 20, 2013
Pick her up in Lancaster and take her out to Canyon Country much nicer area

Honolulu, HI

#58 Mar 27, 2014
Get out!! I've been here 20 yrs! Omg! We came here after the Northridge earthquake. We were in Northridge and lost everything. We then moved up here. Biggest mistake of my life. The AV has turned into the biggest toilet. I can't wait to move away. The question "what to do"? I don't know. Wish I did. We have abandoned strip malls and Walmarts. Tons of fast food restaurants.(Gross).-good luck.

Palmdale, CA

#59 Apr 14, 2014
where r the drugs...

Lynwood, CA

#60 May 18, 2014
crusty wrote:
Six years ago Lancaster wasn't too bad. Now there are illegals everywhere, and it is getting worse all the time. The gang bangers are here in force, and it isn't safe anywhere. The forces that be aren't doing anything about it.
Illegals are everywhere. They are not the reason on why things are "bad" now. It always depends on the place in Lancaster that you choose to live in. I live in a very peaceful place in Lancaster, filled with Hispanics, blacks and whites. AndFYI, just because your born here, doesn't mean that you've never done anything bad. Stop blaming everything on the illegals, they are not all the same. You need to keep those ridiculous comments to yourself!
Ugh F off lancaster

Palmdale, CA

#61 Jun 4, 2014
Fck lancaster ghetto hoodrats and drug dealers hate this shit hole place fake pimps and bums beggin for money loud people rude Mexicans f this shit hole section 8 groupies


“Deport them all deport Now”

Since: Aug 13

The Woods

#62 Jun 8, 2014
Ugh F off lancaster wrote:
Fck lancaster ghetto hoodrats and drug dealers hate this shit hole place fake pimps and bums beggin for money loud people rude Mexicans f this shit hole section 8 groupies
When all the hard working tax payers have moved out of California what will be left? Who will pay the bills.
jack_dawwwwggggg gg

Rowland Heights, CA

#63 Jul 12, 2014
There ain't shit to do out here!!!!!!! Don't torture yourself. Suicide is a better option :)

Palmdale, CA

#65 Jul 16, 2014
i grew up in Lancaster & it just depends where u live. Up until i was 12 i lived on the West Side & it was great. Friendly neighbors good schools. Then i moved to the eastside. full of racism and poverty. My Moms car got stolen & so did our neighbor's. My friend was fataly shot in front of his home. My Aunts teen neighbor was murdered & the cops turned her home upside down looking for evidence and left her 2 kids traumatized... countless stories like this... AV High School is the worst!! Constant racial fights, gang fights & kids getting caught being sexualy active on campus. i could go on but i wont. Lancaster blvd is improving, but we still need more cool things to do. A waterpark in Lancaster would b nice, i have always wishes someone would build a park for grown ups. adult sized monkey bars, rock wall to climb, kind of like a ninja warrior park you know?

Palmdale, CA

#66 Sep 20, 2014
BDG wrote:
I guess it depends on where you live and when you do go out. I lived in east Palmdale for a few years and countless times had the getto bird helicopter flying over the house. This was one of the older gang infested neighborhoods in Palmdale. North of Palmdale Blvd, between 30th and 35th street east. There was a gangstyle ambush 2 streets over, I think a 17 year old got killed. House and car robberies all the time. Granted this kind of activity goes on everywhere to some degree, but this area is the armpit of the world. The daily newspaper does not report what really goes on. We bought a police scanner, and on any given night, or day for that matter you can hear calls for numerous stabbings,assaults,robberies and shootings or shots fired. Low income housing and a high concentration of section 8 does bring the low-life. I wouldnt walk down Palmdale Blvd at night, would you ?
I live on the west side of Lancaster. It is very nice and very low crime. We live in an older part of town in bigger houses. Sadly, other than going out to eat or the movies, we tend to go "Down below" (LA/San Fernando Valley) but usually go to Ventura. I am not a fan of the desert and get out as often as possible. Moved here for love, will move out due to necessity.
Simon says

Palmdale, CA

#67 Jan 19, 2015
You can cry in the desert next to a tumbleweed and a Joshua tree about how miserable it is. Then you can get up, go to the Boulevard on a Thursday evening and enjoy the farmers market.

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