I am writing in about Rachel Milano. Rachel is a single mother of 5 and
child abuse and neglect awareness advocate.

Ms. Milano is pushing a 3' x 8' wagon from Savannah to Atlanta
answering a call to raise awareness on these critical issues. Rachel will also
be placing a flag down every mile for the 77,760 children that have
died in the U.S.A during the last 36 years (36 years for her sister who
would have been 36 years old this year had she survived their
circumstances of abuse and neglect...she passed away at 7 years old).

The problem is just getting the word out and having people respond
compassionately. Like not being being malicious to her on the road or
finding Rachel a place to lay her head at night. Not everyone has turned
away but you would be surprised at how many have.

Rachel left on April 16 and we expect her to arrive in Atlanta in
roughly 4 weeks time. Ultimately, we are just trying to get people to
listen. Please Friends, help us get the word out in Georgia.

Look forward to talking with you soon,