Greetings, everyone just to let you know, our church Calvary Baptist Church 801 East Glenwood Dyer Road Glenwood,Illinois 60425 now have Sunday School for ages 3-11 of age, a teenage class, 20-39 year old breakout class,new member,regular adults class.
After Sunday School, is nursery. The nursery is for all kids who are 1-12 years old. Wont be bored!Plenty of fun activities in stored!. Like, a snack, devotion, a prayer to list just some.
Always welcome for ideas!
We do take up an offering for Sunday School,church!
Devotion 10:45am
Church 11:00am
Just knowing, that at Calvary, everyones always welcome to attend! So, dont come by yourself, invite family ,friends,coworkers,neoghbors,a ssociates. We'll be looking forward to seeing you all this coming Sunday, June 17,2012.