Why I believe it is a wise decision to vote "NO" on ballot Question #3 Sales and Use Tax Rates:

Furthermore, if you are not convinced yet to vote "NO" with me on Question #3, the Massachusetts Government will just invent new ways to try to make up for the $2.5 billion that would be lost in our state's revenue. Perhaps Massachusetts will do something similar to what New York has recently done and create a tax on clothing(?). Perhaps our cities and towns will raise vehicle excise taxes in order for them to prepare for wintry storm emergencies, forgetting about restoring our streets and bridges. Maybe just perhaps they will decide to raise property taxes as well.

The bottom line is that this is America and in America you are taxed. Of course, nobody likes paying taxes (especially newly invented taxes), but in America our taxes pay for things such as what I have mentioned in Part One. In America, our taxes support our schools, our fire departments, our police forces -- the bottom line, our taxes support us! This is just how America operates. We, here in Massachusetts, can be thankful that we are not in the same boat as some states like California. I can certainly understand why sustaining a 6.25% sales tax is vital to the best interests of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So, I am voting "NO" on ballot Question #3 Sales and Use Tax Rates, and I hope you agree too.