police corruption plagues sullivan co...

police corruption plagues sullivan county and continues unchecked

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Since: Mar 08

Sunapee, NH

#1 Mar 11, 2008
As Reported By Deb Bazell in:

New Hampshire....A Real Police State???

Forgery, Evidence Tampering, Purgery, False Reports, False Arrest, Jail Without Bail, Poisoning, Stolen Property, Abuse Of
Power, Physical Abuse, and other Crimes by Law Enforcement Officials, are all things you might expect to see in a
Hollywood Movie and believe as fictional.

However, in Sullivan County, New Hampshire it is ALL TOO REAL. It happened to me!

Sheriff's Deputies and 'those they involved', have committed the above crimes. Some of the known participants?
Captain Dennis O'Sullivan, Deputy Walter Coons, State Trooper William DiLegge, Charlestown Police Officer
Andrew Hart, and probably more individuals along the way.

The fact is that there exists Indisputable and Tangible Evidence of these Illegal Actions. The most disturbing fact that arises out of this?? That 'no one' has taken action against these individuals or even inquired into the allegations.

When I say 'no one' I mean the people who have been informed of the laws these perpetrators have broken. Those people that were informed? Get Ready for this!

Sullivan County District Attorney Mark Hathaway, Sullivan County Superior Court Judge John Arnold
(through motions filed), FBI Agent Paul Brown, State's Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, and even our own
Governor John Lynch.

Result? They turn a blind eye to it all... or so far this is what they have done.

So when I hear people refer to New Hampshire as being a 'Police State' as I often do, not to mention the media reports, I have to wonder if it isn't true.

In New Hampshire, if you disagree with a Cop- be prepared to lose everything as they will do what ever it takes and enlist as many people as necessary to make it happen. They have placed themselves above The Law and manufacture what they need, even if it doesn't exist.

To be truely honest and fair, I need to say that I have met and know some 'very honorable Police Officers and Officials'.

It's the 'bad cops' out there that are leaving some of us wondering if we would even feel safe pulling over for a traffic stop?

Since: Mar 08

Sunapee, NH

#2 Mar 11, 2008

'A Professional Source close to the Sullivan County Superior Court' has said the following about this Superior Court:

"The Sullivan County Superior Court is and has been notorious for their blatant denial of a

Defendants motions and rights. Everyone knows that the Sullivan County Superior Court always

leans in the favor of the Prosecution, sometimes granting outragous requests in definite

violation of a Defendants Civil Rights."

Apparently, Defense Lawyers have continually admonished the Court for their bias and pointed this out in Judge's Chambers, but to no avail.
please please anonymous

Albuquerque, NM

#3 Jun 11, 2009
i concur. i don't live in new hampshire but have many significant relatives there who have suffered not only at the hands of local town police and sheriff's deputies, but also the state police. these relatives were investigated based on false testimony filed by managers under kelly ayotte's direct supervision. the same folks are also involved in cross-border cocaine and marijuana smuggling from canada, common knowledge in some offices. they are still gainfully employed by the state in security-sensitive, high-level positions while the folks who've tried to report them are always fired, then repeatedly harassed by police, often driving unmarked state vehicles and utilizing the state's surveillance equipment and weapons.
this is not the only place where state corruption is getting out of control. i will most likely be tempted to become a police officer in order to exploit this power in the same way and gain rights that 'normal' folks don't have. i like to smoke weed. in many towns, officers are known to use a ton of drugs, and if caught they face no real legal ramifications, when if you're just a joe off the street you'll see prison for sure.
check out the steroid forums and see how many people professing to be cops love to juice. no wonder they enjoy violence!

Claremont, NH

#4 Feb 5, 2010
you guys are nerds
Mr Victim

Queen Creek, AZ

#5 Jul 5, 2010
There is no doubt that a police state is present in NH. The situation extends beyond the issues mentioned in the article. Murder, child abduction, and rape should be included as acts carried out by some of our police.
no name

United States

#6 Sep 23, 2010
Please..could only come from someone on the wrong side of the law..and not able to take accountaibility for there own actions...spend more time fixing yourself..and you wont come into contact with any of those folks...
not until suits are filed

Verona, WI

#7 Nov 5, 2010
Oh do I agree...and will outline the Prosecutorial abuses and civil rights violations of the Sullivan County Atty. NH Atty Gen. and others in not only a book, but Federal lawsuit

Fort Mill, SC

#8 Nov 8, 2010
no name wrote:
Please..could only come from someone on the wrong side of the law..and not able to take accountaibility for there own actions...spend more time fixing yourself..and you wont come into contact with any of those folks...
Wow, I almost can't believe the depth of ignorance evident in your statement. I have to assume you are just another typical internet troll, but if you truly believe that "keeping your nose clean" is the only deterrent from being prosecuted for a crime, than you are a naive idiot.

Do yourself a favor and learn about the history of humanity, and the history of our country.
living in sullivan county

Newport, NH

#9 Dec 18, 2010
I personally have never been in trouble with the law. But i was involved in a case as a witness and was disgusted by the prejudice that i witnessed by the judicial system. I also have witnessed trading info for the turning of an eye. Both happening right in good ol Newport, NH. Not to mention the cases that have been thrown out due to poor police work. So it be in your best interest to steer clear of this county if you want a fair shake

Vienna, VA

#10 Jan 6, 2011
I believe every word of it and in fact I have dealt with the same problems with the very same state and federal officials the AG, NH U.S. Attorney, SA Paul Brown and others. Unfortunately for them, I just so happen to have spent 27 years working in the criminal justice system, mostly in law enforcement supervision, and hold Undergradue and Post Graduate Degrees in C.J. I don't think you would believe the issue I have faced ever since I challenged a family court decision that unlawfully used my son's race to determine where he would attend school.(My son was ordered to attend an out of state high minority, persistently failing school in Haverhill, MA because of his racial classification and the NH Supreme Court affirmed the decision without opinion) They even retaliated against me by falsely charging me with a criminal offense (dismissed and annulled) because I exercised my First Amendment Right harshly criticizing the state and federal government for violating me and my son's rights. The U.S. Supreme Court put an end to racial segregation in education in 1954 with the decision on Brown v. Board of Ed.

I have the State in U.S. District Court right now on the false arrest charges. Stay tuned.

Haverhill, MA

#11 Mar 24, 2011

Dover, NH

#13 Jun 5, 2011
Alright, I agree with you all. However I would note that the largest problem is the state is that the disciplinary process of police officers in this state are managed by the same captains and chiefs who hired them. It's highly unlikely that this will stop until the state comes up with a new way to police itself. A group of very bold people need to stand up and speak for themselves both individually and and as a group.
Personally I believe the biggest problem is what i like to refer to as "legal bullying". A sort of tag game that Police in this state do. First of all you have to have a voice to get the attention of the police. Then they try to make "contact" with you as many times as possible. Even the nicest people can slip up. Then it's a process of finding how many charges you can file against a person for the same "crime". Ransacking their car and their life. Following them "on common patrol". Ultimately, ending in a "humbling" of the subject of bullying and them feeling they have no control over their lives. Do I expect this to change? No. So long as the same losers are working at these police departments they're gonna keep hiring losers like them. The cycle continues. I went to school with alot of current officers. The profile is the same. People who can't relinquish control in any situation. Usually two types of people. Either a sports jock with a continuing effort to shine...constantly be in the spotlight or rather in control. When the spotlight fades it's time to exercise control over whatever this individual can. The other profile is the shining student who gets bullied. Feeling almost a need for revenge justice this person will seek control like the jock, but they're mostly driven by a sense of necessity to right the wrongs. This is mostly the type of officer that will lead a normal existence in the department (aka be fair and NOT corrupt). The contradiction being that when this personality type is amongst fellow officers they will seek the approval or recognition of those officers. Leading to a similar pattern of behavior or treatment. Why have I bantered on. Some of the people above commenting loser or nerds...obviously don't care about their freedoms being trampled on. OR...They're the cops I'm talking about. Bunch of meat sticks seeking self gratification. The thing they could never have control over...is the fact that people either secretly or publicly still feel the way they do about them. They can be the bully...but they will never "win". By win...I of course mean intimidate, ruin our happiness, or be in control over us. Good luck in your efforts. I recommend that if you have proof of this wrongdoing you either file suit against those who have wronged you or seek out a lawyer to bring your evidence to the Attorney Generals office. Have a lawyer do it because you wouldn't want the evidence to disappear and you end up in jail on some bunk charge. Either way you slice it...Yapping on theses sites will not help you. Unless you're trying to organize a class action lawsuit.
William Miller

Rochester, NH

#14 Jun 26, 2011
not until suits are filed wrote:
Oh do I agree...and will outline the Prosecutorial abuses and civil rights violations of the Sullivan County Atty. NH Atty Gen. and others in not only a book, but Federal lawsuit
My name is William Miller, Founder/Dir., Northern Poverty Liberty Center.
I will soon be breaking a story of very serious police corruption.
I am looking for a lawyer, any lawyer with the balls and wherewithal to go after some criminals in a complex of personal and multi-party personal injury/rights violations suits, public interest and class action suits...and will not cave under pressure.
Anyone have anything to report?
Contact me at [email protected], or PO Box 847, Farmington, NH 03835.
I will maintain confidentiality until enough people are ready to come forward.
William Miller

Plattsburg, MO

#15 Jun 30, 2011
I lived there for four years,I have also lived in small towns all over the country,guess what,it happens everywhere! Welcome to russia!
No Joke AKA Jeesh Jack

Bar Harbor, ME

#16 Sep 1, 2011
Just added Your forum to My new forum. Corruption is everywhere in LE and more. I have been there Myself.


Thanx....jeesh jack

Richmond, VA

#17 Oct 3, 2011
no name wrote:
Please..could only come from someone on the wrong side of the law..and not able to take accountaibility for there own actions...spend more time fixing yourself..and you wont come into contact with any of those folks...
Are you one of the corrupt LE? If you are, then you know better than most of police abuse of power. If you are not, you are one of the sheeple that live in a utopian world of only good cops. So wish that were the case. Police brutality/abuse of power/corruption is an epidemic in America. If you do not care to do anything to help expose these criminals, move out of the way. More and more, American citizens are beginning to open their eyes to grave injustices at the hands of those hired to serve and protect. Have you heard the statement, we are coming...expect us? Nonviolently and legally protesting/petitioning, America is no longer tolerant of these behaviors. It is a cause and purpose that is long overdue. An innocent person can no longer expect to leave his home and return intact without grave injustices inflicted upon him/her by LE. An injustice to even one is an assault on justice everywhere. Expect us.

Salem, NH

#19 Dec 31, 2013
yes there is a lot of abuse by the police in nh. there is no system in place to account for the police actions such as. Shooting if you are shot by a cop you will be at fault. you can be tasered even to death in nh and there is not even an investigation. dont expect the court to system to protect your rights. same decision every time. guilty pay up i was tasered and beaten by police in my driveway in front of my children. no crime was commited no warrant existed.
took them 4 hrs to figure out what to charge me with. While i suffered a heart attack. i was refused bail because the didnt want anybody to see me in that condition. later at hospital (jail would not take me in that condition) i was ordered released on personal recon after being told i had a heart attack. we cant have him die under our custody the superviser said! Many more charges appeared soon after. they made a mistake but REFUSE to admit it. why are police allowed to act this way? are we under marshall law a police state? i think so

United States

#20 Jan 21, 2014
it's been awhile but its still happening and is it getting worse or are they so comfortable in their actions , that they know they have someone that will have their backs? I feel so lost and alone.:(
jimmy justice

Bristol, TN

#21 Mar 30, 2014
jUSTICE is coming 20/20 .Dateline Eric Holder Let's Pray !!!!!
you need to know

Grantham, NH

#22 May 31, 2014
Newport police department is corrupt.

sheriff d.o. says the facts about why most of the old cops quite and because sheriffs.

d.o says the corruption goes from falsifying evidence to writing false police reports to things I wont even mention.

he also states James burrals is more corrupt then hoyt ever was.

fact is the cops are nocturnal and will follow you after dark then pull you over claiming your tail light is out.

once you tell them they are lying they will then request you to take a road side dui test.

they try to drum up other charges and that is a clear violation of your 14th amendment rights.

a traffic stop with no probable cause.

if you refuse to go along with their game of corruption they will arrest you.

you better have a lawyer handy before court because they will and do write up completely bogus false police reports.

when they figure out they will loss the fight in court they will offer you a deal that you accept a lesser driving charge and will offer to stop the state automatic suspension if you take the lesser charge. accepting the lesser charge doesn't make the cops look like complete ideates. ether way you still loss. and the govoner will not do any thing to help stop the corruption because their corruption brings the state in revenue.

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