In brief

By Tim Bedwell
November 26, 2011
The Census Bureau has released new information highlighting the skyrocketing poverty rates in the United States. According to the Bureau's data, more than 49 million Americans are now living in poverty. Even those who consider themselves middle class and are not technically living below the poverty line as defined by the U.S. government are struggling to avoid falling below that line.

High food and gas prices, low wages, massive joblessness and rising costs for health care and education are major factors contributing to the increase in poverty. Those considered in the low-income group now number more than 98 million, almost one-third of the U.S. population. These economic problems, rooted in capitalism, are hurting those most vulnerable—the sick, the elderly and the children. We cannot fix these problems until we have a system that is structured to meet people's needs, not individual greed and profit needs. We cannot fix these problems until we have socialism.

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