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Georgetown, SC

#24 Jun 4, 2012

The Presidential debates later this fall are going to be veeerrrry interesting!

Instead of constantly criticizing President Obama and his policies, Romney will have to expound as to just what he would do in these situations.

He will have to come up with some concrete answers for the many problems facing this nation, instead of just criticizing what Obams is trying to do!

I can hardly wait!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#25 Jun 6, 2012

Several very ancient farmers grew corn, barley, collected milk from cows and eggs from chickens, and grew other food stuffs; they also cut lumber and built their own homes.

In other words, they actually fed and housed each other by trading their goods and services.

The one day along came a very cleaver “shiest-er,” and he told the farmers that he had this supposedly precious metal which he called “gold”- which is really almost worthless as a commodity - and that they might borrow this for his home - really a bank – for some of their food and building supplies; and that they – the farmers – might then use this “gold” to trade with each other their food stuffs and building supplies with.

But the “shiest-er” said that there would be “inflation” at times, and/or “depressions” at other times, and even though the farmers had plenty of food stuffs and building supplies to trade, they did not have enough “gold” to trade with!

So the poor farmers went without food and/or building supplies at times.

The “shiest-ers” were very happy though, because they had much more wealth than they really knew what to do with, and they really didn't do nearly as much work as the farmers did to earn this wealth.

The “sheist-ers” had VERY big houses, and they drove around in their shiny new autos, as well.

Then along came a fella name “Tricky Dick” Nixon, and he made the “sheist-ers' even happier, because “Tricky Dick” told the “sheist-ers” that they no longer needed the “gold”; all they needed was “FAITH” alone, and this then was put on the worthless “money” which the farmers used to trade food and building supplies with.

Well, one day the economy of the nation was so very, very bad, that it seems the farmers will soon decide just what they are going to do!

And I am wondering just what that will be; if anything!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#26 Jun 9, 2012

I have been slightly incorrect - periodically - on this forum at times, but it has not been because I misinterpreted the relevant facts regarding the situation; it was due to the fact that I was not aware of ALL of the facts regarding the situation.

Case in point was my stated belief that the Democrats would hold the House of Representatives after the 2010 congressional elections.

Only a little over 30% of the American voting age population actually vote in Off-Year Elections, and I was firmly aware that the TEA Party candidates were running against the traditional Democratic House of Representative members in the industrial heartland of mid-American.

Had all of the traditional voters voted in the 2010 election, the TEA Party Republicans would have lost badly - again – but that is not what happened in 2010.

The average voter in the industrial heartland of this country, they were very angry with the traditional Democrat s who,“supposedly,” represented them in Congress, so many of them decided to vote for the Republican opponent this time and “teach them a lesson”!

Little did most of the traditionally Democratic voters, in the industrial heartland of America, think that they were voting for anyone but a more traditional Republican, and to their regret they elected a TEA Party Representative who had won the primary in their district in the Republican Party in 2010.

Now the voters in the industrial heartland of this country are VERY MUCH AWARE of just who the TEA Party person IS that they helped to elect!!!

I presently wonder what is going to happen on Election Day this November!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#27 Jun 12, 2012

Did you know that Abe Lincoln was the first President of today's
Republican Party, and that South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union due to the Lincoln's victory.

Today, however, South Carolina in the CENTER of the Republican Party; just ask Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)!!!

I guess the Republican Party should have "gone to pot" during the late 1960's and early 70's, instead of being part of Nixon's "Southern Strategy."

Things would be much better today had it!

Dr. James E. Dunn,mn

Georgetown, SC

#28 Jun 15, 2012

Many of the American people relax now instead of doing the dishes every night. They, or course, now have an automatic dish washer.

Other Americans no longer wash their cars, they take their auto to an automatic car wash.

Almost all Americans today are employing more and more modern equipment which allows them to relax more and more.

However, medical doctors say that we need more daily exercise to help our hearts, to reduce our blood pressure and not have a stroke, to ....!

So the American people go to the store and buy some sort of exercise equipment, which they then use instead of washing their care and/or doing the dishes!

In the meantime we don't have enough money to go on the extended trip we always wanted to go on, we don't have the money to ....!

Did you ever get the feeling that the American advertisers has us really "hoodwinked"!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Sumter, SC

#29 Jun 23, 2012

The unemployment rate in several states - including Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania among others - has gone down in the last few years, and they are now well below the national average for unemployment.

The only trouble is, the Ding-bat Republican Governors of these several states, are in violent disagreement with the Republican Prsidential candidate - Ding-bat Romney - for criticizing the HIGH unemployment in these states!

Go gettum Ding-bat Mitt!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#30 Jun 26, 2012

A Republican/Conservative is much too often a pimple on the a$s of progress, while a Democrat or Liberal is often asking you for tax dollars for something which is totally un-needed!

To adhere to one of these two political positions is a travesty to human logic!

The only rational alternative is to be a moral PRAGMATIST, meaning you take EVERY issue independently, and then you support or oppose it on its merits alone!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#31 Jul 1, 2012

I am 67 years old - and part Baby-boomer I suppose - and I find the many mysteries of life more and more confusing as I go along and evermore get rapidly older.

For instance:

When a rather large stone of thrown into a small pond of water, it makes a rather tall ripple in the liquid at first.

The ripple continues to grow larger and larger in circumference as it expands outward, but the size of the tallness of the ripple becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears from view completely.

However, all of the civilized history of mankind seems to be exactly the same as the previously mentioned ripple made by the stone falling into the pond!

Whether it be the Mongols, the Chinese, the Arabs, the British, the Spaniards, the French, the Germans, the Soviets, or the what-ever, they have all fallen from their very high perch of social domination at the time of their power.

My question I want everyone to think about today is: Are the American corporate powers which control our federal government beginning to do this very same thing to the United States, while much of the rest of the civilized world is moving scientifically and/or socially ahead of this nation?

The union members will go where ever there are employment opportunities, so changes in the fuel we use isn’t going to make very much difference for them - they will just be employed by solar power plants, by wind power plants, by ethanol powered automobiles, by ….–but the white collar employees, and the many stock shareholders, they will lose a little bit, so in America at least, they are going to spend millions and millions of dollars supporting Congressional candidates of BOTH political parties to STOP industrial and/or technical advancements – that is, IF changes in the electoral process are not quickly forthcoming!.

In the meantime, this nation falls further and further behind much of the rest of the world in terms of newly modern technology!!!

And that brings me to a final question: WILL THE VOTERS OF THE UNITED STATES CHANGE THIS?

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#32 Jul 4, 2012


I was just listening to CNN's scientific news, and a new part of the atom was just discovered by the Super Collider in France and Switzerland (I forgot what scientists now call this new piece!)
when it should be equal given the "Big Bang."

Anyway, it would explain why the universe is expanding by INCREASING its rate of speed, and why different sections of the universe are moving away from each other at different rates of speed

No light can escape may escape from the universe you know, but this new piece of the atom would seem to indicate there are OTHER universes!!!

This would go a long way in explaining the different sections of this universe moving away from where the "Big Bang" took place at different speeds, and it would also explain why the galaxies of the university are increasing their speed rather than decreasing their speed as gravity would indicate!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#33 Jul 16, 2012

The Presidential election is now just several short months away, and many of the average voting Americans are beginning to pay more and more attention to what each of the two candidates are saying.

And just “What?” are they saying about the future of the United States?

Well, President Obama has said very little about what he has accomplished in the last 3 ½ years, but as your may see from the web page on the Internet at:< http://search.mywebsearch.com/mywebsearch/GGm ... ; he really has done a great deal!(Long, I know!)

It goes from the recent auto bailout saving Detroit and Central America literally millions and millions of jobs, to the ever growing popularity of the just enacted medical health legislation!

But this is just the beginning, as Obama has accomplished much more in the short time - 3 ½ years - he has been in office, than George Bush did in his total of eight years!

But he has just never advertised this fact – until now that is!

Mitt Romney on the other hand, started as the Governor of Massachusetts a state run medical health plant for the state, and it is working very well with most of the state’s population now able to afford and see a medical doctor when one is needed.

Also on the other hand, today the TEA Party Republicans are very much against literally any government having anything to do with medical healthcare for the people of this great nation, and so now is Mitt Romney who is running for the Presidency of America!

President Obama literally saved millions and millions of jobs in the American auto industry – in fact, he saved the whole auto industry itself – by giving them a temporary government loan over the objections of Mitt Romney and the TEA Party Republicans, who both said,“Let the American auto industry go broke”!

The TEA Party Republicans, and supposedly now Mitt Romney, are in favor of eliminating Social Security, they are in favor of eradicating Medicaid and Medicare, they are in favor of eliminating …..! In fact, they often say that they want to make the federal government much, much smaller.

But they are in favor of making very sure that every pregnancy goes to full term, and that the federal government will enact and control this legislation! A smaller federal government though!!!???

I am definitely NOT a traditional Democrat BY ANY MEANS: however, I ABSOLUTELY deplore the nonsense being literally preached by the TEA Party Republicans and the presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and I hope and trust that this guest editorial WAKES YOU UP TO JUST WHAT THE 99% ARE REALLY FIGHTING TO KEEP!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#34 Jul 19, 2012

I had an interesting dream the other night!

The regular Republican are being beaten in primaries by Ding-bat Tea Party Republicans. Others are not running because of the Ding-bats - Senator Olympia Snow for example.

Most of the House of Representative districts are now "jerry-mandered" such that a certain party candidate of a particular party will almost always win, no matter who the other party runs against them. The losing candidate usually gets about 40 to 45% of the vote, however.

What would happen, though, if the threatened by the Ding-bat Tea Party Republicans - the regular Republicans who currently holds any office - were to join the Democratic Party with their 40+% of the vote. Add to this the support of the Regular Republicans, and they would probably win over the Ding-bats!!!

Just a dream of course, I know, but ....!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Georgetown, SC

#35 Jul 21, 2012

Gosh, now that there has been another massacre in Colorado with a semi-automatic, I supposed that the National Rifle Association edict to allow all American citizens to have a concealed weapon, and/or a semi-automatic, will be severly citicized again.

What would we do without having a semi-automatic rifle to kill badly needed deer and bear with?

What would we do were it not legal anymore to have semi-automatics rifle, and we would no longer have the highest murder by gun rate in the entire civilized world, as well as being the only country allowing the general public to have these assault weapons???

Boy, I'm so happy we are so advanced and civilized in the United States today!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Santee, SC

#36 Jul 30, 2012

"Mitt" Romney is now making FRIENDS in Israel?!

Can he do anything wrong in his next stop too - Poland?

Dr. James E. Dunn

Santee, SC

#37 Jul 31, 2012

I'll bet that Barack Obama will win the General Election this November by, at the VERY LEAST, 10%age points!

The Congress will become heavily Democratic, the Senate will have close to, or more than, 60 Democratic votes.

All across this country, at every level of government, this coming election will be compared with the Goldwater debuckle of 1964!

And then in January when everyone takes their seat .... well, "Oh boy"!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Olympia, WA

#38 Aug 1, 2012
lol....someone from SC lecturing us in the most liberal state in the union.

Santee, SC

#39 Aug 2, 2012
I'm NOT from S.C. George,

I just found it necessary to live here temporarily. I'm from way upstate New York, where the nearest big city was Ottawa, Canada.

George the Great

Olympia, WA

#40 Aug 2, 2012
OK, a liberal from upstate NY, living in SC, lecturing individuals from a liberal state on how to vote like a liberal.

Santee, SC

#41 Aug 3, 2012
And they are beginning too, George!

Have many articles on all of the newspapers in SC for about 25+ years now, and much, much more.

Was elected to the Board of Education here in SC, and really much more!

George the Great

Olympia, WA

#42 Aug 3, 2012
Yet, they haven't listened to your advice. lol ;)

Santee, SC

#43 Aug 4, 2012
The have George, and they are listening more and more.

I've had over 500 Guest Editorials in the local newspaper since te 80's!

They have had an effect!


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