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#22 May 10, 2010
Does anyone know why Dr Manthey left Abingdon Health Care for Women? I was a patient of his. I received a letter saying he was leaving the practice, but it didn`t say where he was going or why he was leaving.
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#23 May 10, 2010
Dr. Manthey and Lavigne both told me that they wouldn't stop me at this point but Dr. Manthey and the nurses at the hospital sure did try to. I moved from KY during this pregnancy and I know if I was there I would have had this baby already because they would have broken my water and hooked me up to pitocin to help things move along.
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Lebanon, VA

#24 May 17, 2010
just a little update... last week I saw Dr. Lavigne. He seemed concerned with all of my pain and said that the baby was in the correct position... I'm just not dilating still. I explained to him that with my last pregnancy I never did dilate until my water was broken. Then I dilated in about ten minutes flat. Dr. Lavigne said that he didn't want my water breaking on its own if I dilated that fast before. He said he wanted to induce me after 38 weeks. Well, Wednesday makes me 38 weeks. I woke up this morning having SEVERE pain (it just gets worse and worse and worse) and could barely walk. I called the office and asked to see Dr. Lavigne. They said I had to see whatever Dr. was on call... which just so happened to be Dr. Manthey. I went in and he came in there and said EXACTLY what I thought he would say... I told my husband word for word what he was going to say before he said it. He showed NO concern for my pain whatsoever. I tried to talk to him about Dr. Lavigne saying I'd be induced but he dismissed me and said that they don't induce there until 39 weeks... as if at 38 there was just no possible way the baby would be ready. Which is stupid because if that's the case, why would they supposedly not try to stop your labor after 36 weeks? I mean.. it's ridiculous. I don't recommend Abingdon OBGYN to anyone because you aren't guaranteed to get to see the dr that you want to see. They just give you whoever... and it seems like I have Manthey every time and EVERY SINGLE TIME he has said the same exact words. It's like they are pre-recorded for him to say. I'm so tired of it. I see Lavigne on Friday because I decided to keep my appt for this week rather than see Manthey again next week. I am in such bad pain right now I can seriously barely breathe. It's miserable and I hope no one else has to go through crap like this just because the dr doesn't want to do anything.

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#25 May 18, 2010
If any of you women out there have any sense, yes coming froma man, you would all be going to the office where Dr. Moore is, no he does not do ob patients but the others do and they are all jewels.

Paducah, KY

#26 May 21, 2010
Dr. Leight is AWESOME!!!!!!! Caring, compassionate, professional, smart, funny, THE BEST! Dr. Lavigne is a fat girl hater and basically a horse's ass. The staff at Abingdon OB/GYN are all really cool. Would recommend them to any lady, preggo or not!
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#27 May 28, 2010
Abingdon OB-all are good except leveine is strange. Dr. Mathney is strange and not a good doctor at all. He mistaked 40 lbs of fluid for it being hot outside...needless to say I had to spend a week in intensive care with fuild-overload...Strawbrige is the best Doctor in the World..she really cares about patients, while in the ICU she visited me everyday atleast once and some nights it was 12 and 1 oclock at night, I know she prob. had better things to do but she was really there for me...

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#28 Sep 28, 2010
Richard wrote:
Does anyone happen to know the name of the practice that Richard and Christine Mellon started after they left Abingdon OB/GYN?
I have been wondering the same thing. If you find out could you post it please? Thanks!

Santa Clara, CA

#29 Oct 1, 2010
RESP wrote:
<quoted text>
I have been wondering the same thing. If you find out could you post it please? Thanks!
they didnt start their own up but i found them in nc

Nashville, TN

#30 Oct 1, 2010
if you have them pains again. maybe go to bristol hospital ER...if asked why there. tell them...Get them to check your situation out. We dont want that baby going into stress...second opinion ,,just to be on the safe side okay sweetie?
good luck...let us know how the delivery goes...

Blountville, TN

#31 Oct 1, 2010
It's a great place.
Hometown girl

Crossville, TN

#32 Oct 14, 2010
I have been seeing Dr. Strawbridge since I was 15. Even when I lived 6 hours away I still went to her. She is amazing. I ask you to find any doctor that hasn't been sued or threatened with a lawsuit. Many of them are thrown out of court because they are BS and just some idiot trying to make money. Sooner or later w aren't going to have good doctors like Dr. S because it won't be worth keeping the malpractice insurance because of all those jackasses. Check your facts John, is interesting you get all your information from "Google"
john wrote:
<quoted text>
you had better google her name. i would not let her touch my dog.
look at the lawsuits against her.

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#33 Oct 16, 2010
Becareful wait to long and u could be in big trouble. Baby stress.

Johnson City, TN

#34 Feb 21, 2011
Abingdon OB GYN is a great office. Dr. Leight, Dr. Lavigne, all of their nurses and staff are patient and understanding.
Dr. Strawbridge has a sorted history with her personal past issues, but as for being a professional medical doctor, she is a good and caring doctor.
years ago I went to an office in Johnson City, but the practice began to grow, and as it grew, patients became less significant. Always seemed in a rush.

Abingdon OB GYN treats everyone with time and concern, and they never rush you or act as if you aren't worth their time. They are even respectful and concerned with the patients brought to their office from the jail, most of whom they don't know and who don't have insurance or much pre-natal care.
my mom

Brentwood, TN

#35 Feb 22, 2011
Content wrote:
Dr. Strawbridge is a wonderful doctor. Is Dr. Manthey still with her? He delivered my daughter and he is great too. Everyone in the office is really nice too.
my mom works for dr. strawbridge (becky) and dr, manthy is not there anymore, he's truely missed though.

Bristol, VA

#36 Feb 27, 2011
Dr. Lavigne is a very good Doctor.

Nashville, TN

#37 Feb 28, 2011
Dr Leight and Lavigne and all of them, I heard, were amazing with my sister. However, Dr. Manthey is over there now, and he purpously would do stuff in spite of my sister. I had dr. Strawbridge, but started out with Dr. Manthey, then he moved offices. But Dr. Strawbridge is simply amazing. My son was 2 months preemie due to placenta previa, and had to do an emergency c-section at 4 in the morning. Dr. Strawbridge was there within minutes after me arriving there and the doctors calling her. If it had not been for her, my son and I both could have died. She truly is an amazing and wonderful doctor, as well as a person to get to know. After my son was born, and was transported to JC, she would call to check up on his progress and see how he was doing. Later, I found out that a day before he was born, she had lost her father. And STILL did everything she could to take care of my son and I. I would highly reccommend Dr. Strawbridge.

La Vergne, TN

#38 Mar 14, 2011
i love dr. lavigne and his wife paula, actually everyone at that office is A no.1.

Johnson City, TN

#39 Apr 8, 2011
I have the same question as Richard, where did the Mellon's go after they left Abingdon Obgyn?? I really liked him!

Charlottesville, VA

#40 Jun 9, 2011
I believe Dr. Lavigne, and Dr. Briscoe are the best doctors at Abingdon OBGYN. I would recomend them to anybody. I however WOULD NOT recomend Dr. Manthey he is rude and just plain out mean. He doesn't try to help at all. I went in because I was in terrible pain and all he said was for me to deal with it. I seen him a few more times to at one appointment he told me " You have placent previa and it can kill you and the baby" and then he told me I could go, he didn't say anything other than that he didnt try to ansewer any of my questions or explain to me what placenta previa was. Also I am 30 weeks pregnant and I was having back pain and I wasn't sure if I should go to the hospital or not because I didn't want to go for nothing, so I called and asked for the doc on call for Dr. Lavgine and they put me thru to DR. Manthey and I asked him if I should come in and he very rudley said if you are having contractions 10 mins apart come in and hung up on me. and Ididn't say anythng to him about contractions I said I was havin back pain. Well I went to the hospital anyway and they told me I had blood in my urine but Dr Manthey told me just go home take some Tylenol and go to bed, so I did. 2 weeks later I am still having pain and go in for my regular check up and see Dr, Brisco and she tells me that I have blood in my urine and sends me to get a ultrasound at the hospital and well come to find out I have BAD kidney stones that can potentialy hurt me and the baby. But thankfully since she cared enough to see what was going on my baby is just fine. If it would have been up to Dr. Manthey only I'm not sure if she would be,

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#41 Jun 14, 2011
I believe all of the Abingdon OG/GYNs have their good and bad qualities, as I have been a patient of them all at one time or another for as long as I've lived in the area. It just depends on the type of doc you like, however, others do seem more caring and compassionate than others.
BUT, something the previous commentor needs to remember...even if you do not LIKE what the docs or the nurses tell you at the hospital, they are only doing their job to take care of you and what's in the best interest of your baby. YOU may not like to hear what they say, but it isn't about YOU, it's about the baby. There is some expected PAIN that you as a pregnant female will experience, especially in the latter weeks. AND it is best to carry your baby as long as you can!
Even term babies can have difficulties at birth, so the longer you carry the baby, the better it is for the baby...maybe not for YOU. You're pregnant, it's gonna be painful at times...that's just they way it is. Something that I cannot stand, is that I have heard some of the docs will give in to whiny patients and give in and give them narcotics for the "normal" pain of pregnancy! That, to me, is absolutely ridiculous! We have enough drug problems in this area as it is!
Look up Braxton Hicks contractions..those are normal and can be painful (normal. And if it is not TRUE labor, they will go away, no matter what side you lay on, how many times the monitor belts are repositioned, no matter what. Nothing stops TRUE labor!

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