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Upset with poor business

Johnson City, TN

#1 Aug 27, 2010
Just wanted to let the local or new residents of Abingdon be aware not to bank at Highlands. They treat you badly, and change their policies as they go along. I had a savings account with them and hadn't had time to open my checkings up yet. Within the two weeks they cashed two small paychecks both under $300. Went in today at 5:45, 15 minutes before the dump closes and they wouldnt cash the check. Said it was policy they couldnt without an account there. I told them I had a savings, but they said it didn't count. Needless to say, I requested they give me all the money out of my savings back and closed the account. I went to bank with them because they are only like three minutes from my house. I also have some family members that have banked there for years. They are closing out their accounts next week. One was with me and seen how they treated me and couldn't believe it. I am very upset with this. I only had 15 minutes before 6:00 and lets just say I will go through the weekend without having my check cashed. Thanks Highlands losers.
Out to lunch alot

United States

#2 Aug 27, 2010
recent rumor is that HUB is about to go under. bad loans, money mismanagement, serious drop in stock value, and other internal issues. HUB probably out of business by the new year or sooner based on some of those who have started to withdraw their funds. I quit banking there years ago, but I always found their staff to be quite pleasant and helpful. I hope the rumors aren't true, but they seem genuine.

Since: Nov 09

Wytheville Va.

#4 Aug 28, 2010
I actually use Woodforest bank for my checking and savings that I use for bill paying. At first I was skeptical about using a bank that is located in a Wal-mart, but after the BB&T pissed me off so bad by thier everchanging rules and never being open, I decided to give them a try. I have to tell you It's been a great experience. The only day they aren't open is Christmas, they are open until 7pm, they make depsits every hour, which means you don't have to wait until the end of a business day or the next to see your money in your account. And, one of the biggest things I like is that they deposit your money first, then they take your debits out. With BB&T I would put my check in the bank on Friday, Might go buy groceries and go eat and they would take that money out and not deposit my check until Monday. To me that is a scam to get more of your money in overdraft charges. Like I said I am very pleased with Woodforest, and I usually have to go to Wal-mart anyway so its convenient for me too!
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#5 Aug 28, 2010
My husband and I have banked at Highlands about 10 years. I love the branch bank at Exit 19. The ladies there treat you like gold. I have said many times that the other branch employees could take some lessons from this group. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with HUB.

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#6 Aug 29, 2010
I opened a savings account at HUB back in 1993 at the Exit 7 location. Back then, the people were fairly friendly. However, about four or five years ago, there was a change in the people running some of the branches in Bristol, and the women were quite insufferable and not very accomodating at all.

I had received a certified money order from my grandmother in Michigan, and even though I had both a checking and a savings account there and had banked there for 13 years, they refused to cash it, saying that "it was against their policy." I told them that it was "against my policy" to do business with banks that cannot accomodate my financial needs, and promptly closed my savings account. The nags that worked there didn't care that I had been a loyal customer. Ing Direct now gets to take care of my money!

For me, Highlands Union Bank does not accurately represent itself when it says, "Faces you know, People you trust."
Virginia Lover

Bristol, TN

#7 Aug 30, 2010
I have banked at HUB for years and have always been treated very nicely. I don't know about their policies regarding different transactions, but I make it a habit to notify a manager of any establishment I may visit when I receive rude or unacceptable customer service.
Bank Policies

Bristol, TN

#8 Aug 30, 2010
Most of the time a bank will not cash a personal check drawn on another bank unless the customer has sufficient funds in thier account to cover that check.
If you think of it... pretty smart on the bank's part.
Hope this helps.
not true

Fort Collins, CO

#9 Aug 30, 2010
I've been banking with HUB for over 3 years and have never had any problems or rude service. Maybe you caught someone on a bad day. I know there isn't any excuse for rude customer service, but c'mon, we've all been somewhat guilty of it in our own professional lives as well. As far as the policy goes, I see their side of it. If you wanted it deposited into your savings, I would have issue, but you said yourself you hadn't set up a checking account. Isn't that policy in most banks?

And no. I don't work for HUB...have no affiliation.

Murfreesboro, TN

#10 Aug 30, 2010
I have never had a problem with HUB either. I have banked there since they opened. I have had loans and have my checking and savings account there as well. They truly are faces you know and people you trust.

United States

#11 Aug 30, 2010
I'm not sure how much you have in your savings, but most banks won't cash a check that's more than you have in an account.

I've banked with HUB about 10 years now and have always been treated well at all their locations. They really won me over in 2008 when I was buying a vehicle and needed to get a cashiers check. I had called the branch on 394 since I knew I'd arrive shortly after closing time. Someone waited for me to arrive and had much of the paperwork completed as possible for my $28,000 withdrawl. As long as they're around, I'll bank with them.

The worst bank in my opinion is Wachovia and the biggest b!tches in the area work at the one near Kroger. My grandmother USED to bank there and had written me a check for some items I'd picked up for her. I figured I'd just drop in the bank since I was grocery shopping and cash it at their branch. My grandmother has misdated the check and put the date 3 or 4 months earlier than it actually was. They told me the check was out of date and they couldn't cash it. I called my grandmother, put it on speakerphone since they wouldn't call her to confirm it was a mistake and they still wouldn't do anything about it. A short trip down the road to HUB and I had money in hand and had explained to them what happened at Wachovia.

I'm guessing you think having a $10 balance in savings means you can cash a check of any amount?

Glade Spring, VA

#12 Aug 30, 2010
I too have banked at HUB since they opened. The people are always friendly. I've never experienced any negative receptions from any of their employees from Sam Neese all the way down. In these economic times, you can't blame a bank for not wanting to cash checks unless you have a checking account there. Rumors are always afloat when times get hard but I don't think anyone will receive rude treatment from this bank. I trust them.

Charlottesville, VA

#13 Aug 30, 2010
Banked at Highlands for many years.Never had a problem. You cannot please some people, no matter what you do. Keep up the good work Highlands. Why don't some people understand you have to have money in the bank before they can get money out.

Portland, TN

#14 Aug 30, 2010
Same here i have banked at highlands union since 1993 and they have been great and friendly and very helpful. Every bank has rules and policies they have to follow.I love the way i am treated when i pull up at the window they know who i am and help me as much as possible..As for the mr riffe comment, i know his family and it is very disrespectful to make such comments..No one knew what he was going through but himself..

Bristol, TN

#15 Aug 30, 2010
This reply is an idea to what possibly happened. You indicated you had previously cashed two checks, but could not cash the third check due to a policy. More than likely, on your first two visits, the employee who cashed your check was not following the rules, then on your third visit a different employee who does follow the rules informed you of such rules. This is a major problem all across the board in all aspects of life. Example: You may go one time to a fast food drive-thru and order a burger and fries, and when you get your order it will contain salt, ketchup, napkins etc. when a sign on the window clearly states condiments are available upon request. That employee broke the rules by dishing out condiments without being asked. Next time you go there, a different employee may serve you and when you pull away from the window you will not have ketchup. You get angry at the second employee, who actually did the job correctly. To further the example, let's specify McDonald's, and you ordered a 10-piece McNuggets. This should be served with TWO (2) dipping sauces. If you want extra sauce, the price is $0.25 each. The first employee gave you as many as you asked for, then the second employee informs you of the additional cost and all of a sudden you are all mad at McDonald's and never going back there again.

The problem lies with slack-ass employees, not with the established businesses who have had policies in place for years.

However, to remedy your problem, may I suggest establishing a checking account with Bank of America. If you apply in person you will pay a monthly fee but if you apply for a checking online it is free of monthly charges. Bank of America offers state of the art ATMs which do not require a deposit slip or an envelope. You can deposit a check just like sliding a dollar bill into a soda machine, the ATM scans the check and you get immediate credit up to $100.00. If the check you deposit is less than $100.00 it will be credited for the exact amount. If more than $100.00, you will get $100.00 credit now and the remainder the next business day.

United States

#16 Aug 31, 2010
What?? Why in the world would anyone want to bank with a bank that charges you for simply speaking with someone!! Let's face it. I'm all for technology advances, but sometimes you just need good, old-fashioned face to face contact with a live human being and I (along with many others, I'd assume) REFUSE to pay a monthly fee just so I could have the extra security of dealing with a human when dealing with something as important as setting up a banking account.
Furthermore, if I deposit a check that is in excess of $100, I want credit for ALL of it WHEN I DEPOSIT IT! I've never dealt with Bank of Amercia on a personal account, however, I have with business accounts and have, very frequently, had problems. It seems as if they are pushing for less face to face customer service and people are getting tired of it. While we don't need a smiling face looking at us every time we bank, we want that security when we're having problems or have questions...and we don't want to pay extra for it when we can go next door to any small town bank and NOT have to pay for it! I currently bank (personally and for our own small business) with HUB and BB&T are VERY pleased with both!
more rules

Johnson City, TN

#17 Aug 31, 2010
thanks to internet scams, banks will not cash money orders or cashiers checks from unfamiliar sources (banks they do not deal with regularly enough for employees to spot fakes). they will deposit them and the funds only become available after the item clears. the ladies at the glade branch always took the time to ask if i was familiar with the person who had given me money orders (a former renter) because scammers will use a bogus check/money order to obtain your account info & clean you out.
keep it local

Gainesville, GA

#18 Sep 1, 2010
the bank is showing how dumb they are and we that read these boards know how when a coverup is done, they need to uderstand that. good customers don't ever respond and don't try to expain your business. if it not true you want it to be the only post; it will go away.

Abingdon, VA

#19 Sep 1, 2010
I must have dialed the wrong number. click
Just a tad of fun

Bristol, TN

#20 Sep 1, 2010
the bank is showing how dumb they are and we that read these boards know how when a coverup is done, they need to uderstand that. good customers don't ever respond and don't try to expain your business. if it not true you want it to be the only post; it will go away.

I am here to notify you that your above post has been selected as the "Dumb Post of the Day". Your name will entered into an over all monthly "Dumb Post Award" drawing. Congradulations and please do not enter again for 30 days.

United States

#21 Sep 1, 2010
Just a tad of fun wrote:
the bank is showing how dumb they are and we that read these boards know how when a coverup is done, they need to uderstand that. good customers don't ever respond and don't try to expain your business. if it not true you want it to be the only post; it will go away.
I am here to notify you that your above post has been selected as the "Dumb Post of the Day". Your name will entered into an over all monthly "Dumb Post Award" drawing. Congradulations and please do not enter again for 30 days.
ha ha. Couldn't agree more. Can we get a translator to help us out with that post? Sorry, we don't speak dumb hick!

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