It is time to tell the truth. You can make the difference spread the truth; the people have the right to know the true.
Fellow Americans our elected officials, from the president and his administration to our courts and most of the congress and the senate are liars and corrupt; that is why our government lost our trust. It is clear to every American that this government is dysfunctional they become servants of the multinational corporations and lost their values, honesty, moral character and responsibility to the people.
Hillary Clinton and Obama, they lie to the American people and they will go unpunished because Washington is full of actors that play a charade to appease the people that want the true from this corrupt government. The truth is that we in this corrupt U.S.A. are spendable; they can kill anyone without any remorse Hillary the liar said “What Difference Does it Make?", yes to an administration that is built on lies and deceptions perhaps it really doesn't make a difference to them. But to millions of Americans, to the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, information specialist Sean Smith and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Ty Woods it does matter!
Fellow Americans we must seek the true, I know that many in our government know the true; they should come forward and tell the true, be a “whistleblower” be a hero and let the people know the true. Americans have grown weary of this dysfunctional government and the lies and distortions that have sadly become the norm. We are craving for statesmen with integrity, who can be counted on to tell the truth to the American people and re-store our trust in our government.
Please help us to seek the true. Send this letter to every one you know, radio TV elected official ect.

Posted by Juan Reynoso – the truth not BS