The federal government has already supplied 75% funding to support INDIVIDUALS of the blast of West Texas. However, it is really IRONIC that the governor of Texas is now criticizing the President for "not giving West Texas" more funds, when the SAME governor said while he was campaigning for the presidency that he felt the US government was too over reaching, too over spending, and that he would like to secede from the union. Further, the REPUBLICAN congressional members who now are whining about no funds for Texas are the SAME hypocrites who voted to NOT FUND the MILLIONS of folks in New Jersey and New York who are STILL struggling from the after effects of Hurricane Sandy. They cited that the federal government just doesn't have the money for that.
The thing that really chaps my hide is this:
Under George W. Bush's watch in Texas, when he was governor, this plant was in violation of safety and EPA standards, yet NOTHING was ever done about it on a state level to protect the people and their homes. On RIck Perry's watch, the same.
Further, Texas does not require businesses such as these to carry liability insurance. I guess that is too "big brother-ish" for the uber conservative legislature.
I am all for FEMA supporting victims of natural disasters. I am not so sure I am for the taxpayers bailing out a community \ state that did nothing to stop this from happening.
How IRONIC the Republicans who holler "socialism" at every turn when the US government subsidizes programs for the poor, homeless, or elderly, but do not see anything wrong with asking the same government to re-build their town because that's EASIER than going after CEO's and big business owner's and make them be accountable for their actions.
I would like to see Governor Goodhair Perry confront the owners of the plant, the state agencies who failed to follow through on their inspections, and himself for not putting his own boot down.
It won't happen, of course. It is the Republican way to completely dismantle government agencies through defunding, even ones Perry can't remember, and then complain when they need a helping hand.
The lack of oversight is GLARINGLY obvious. IT's too bad for the folks in West Texas, and that they had to take the brunt of this.
I am glad FEMA is helping individual folks. THey at least are getting more than the folks in New York and New Jersey got.
Until people begin to see that we are ALL AMERICANS, and not just a select few get to have free medical care for life, a government subsidized retirement system, and access to perks one can only imagine, this will never change.
For a party to stand up and declare themselves against government invasiveness, and refuse to fund health care clinics for the poor under the guise that they are "socialism", only proves what hypocrites they are now.
SUCK IT UP RICK! You put the people in WEST TEXAS in the middle of your stupid ideology. How's that seceding working out for ya??