Pretty much all locals of Chicagoland know that the United Center sits in the ghetto. But unfortunately, what few appear to realize is that Chicago is a very dangerous, violent, crime infested city; in fact Chicago is very little of anything else other than crime, violence, irrepairable corruption, lazy cops, and such. What even fewer appear to realize is that within the area between Lawrence Avenue (4800 north) and the Cook/Will County border, the entire area between Cicero Avenue (Austin Blvd north of Ogden Avenue) and the lakefront/Indiana border, is all endless ghetto. Nothing is safe anymore. Whatever neighborhood is not covered by street gangs is covered by the much more deadly Flash Mobs, which ruthlessly attack, murder, and then rob innocent people left and right, and when the flash mobs attack, they attack like packs of hungry wolves. Even the CTA trains and buses are no longer safe anymore.

And it is only a matter of time before even the United Center itself is no longer safe, until the United Center shall need armed SWAT teams to patrol the building and the parking lots.