Backyard chicken coops crop up in bac...

Backyard chicken coops crop up in backyards in Chicago, suburbs

There are 125 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jul 30, 2009, titled Backyard chicken coops crop up in backyards in Chicago, suburbs. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Victor Michael spent three months building a chicken coop behind his Naperville home, an unlikely spot for animals more often found on farms than in subdivisions.

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Lisle, IL

#99 Jul 31, 2009
I'm surprised they can do this in town.

United States

#100 Jul 31, 2009
LisaG wrote:
<quoted text>
My dog caught a chicken that was running around last year near Irving Park and California. One quick shake, alas, and the bird was dead. Anyone who keeps chickens as pets or as food sources should make sure the birds cannot leave their pens or yards.
Good Doggie!

United States

#101 Jul 31, 2009
Sounds like a great idea. When society finally breaks down (and it will) the chicken owners will at least have at egg or too. Those living in extreme denial anything can rock their little worlds will look on enviously!

Since: Nov 07

Elgin, IL

#102 Jul 31, 2009
kati wrote:
I live in tuscany and we have a big chicken coop behind the house. Here, we eat the eggs ofcourse, but we also eat the chickens. I just told my italian husband about the latest fashion in chicago having chickens and he said to me, "where do they keep them in the winter?" Good question.
If you have a closed coop, chickens will huddle together for warmth. A light bulb left on should provide enough heat as long as you pick the right breed. Also, there are methods of composting the waste that provides heat from decomposition.

All in all, it isn't hard to keep a half-dozen or more chickens alive through a Chicago winter.
Casio Joe

River Grove, IL

#103 Jul 31, 2009
They are all over Pilsen, thanks to Daley. Do not forget Munoz!
Elpoy O Loco

Homer Glen, IL

#104 Jul 31, 2009
I'm not liking this one bit.
Dupage Donna

United States

#105 Jul 31, 2009
Next they'll want to have bacon with those eggs and start raising pigs.
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#106 Jul 31, 2009
Mark in Chicago wrote:
I hope the mayor starts a program of licensing/fining these backyard coops.
City could use the revenue and it might discourage some from being soloists.
We are all in this together and we don’t need to many people out for themselves.
CHANGE is here!
Looks like chicken coops and yards turned into gardens will separate the survivors from the lazies.. I would like to have some chickens but don't know what to do with them in the winter.. well I guess a nice chicken dinner with garden veggies would be on tap.. but I am thinking of the fresh eggs.. which would be better.. we already go to a local farm and get fresh eggs so having them in the yard would be cost effective and closer..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#107 Jul 31, 2009
Fizzy wrote:
Glad they are not around here. I like to sleep past 5 am. And how do the people in the suburbs keep the coyotes away from their coops ?
now that could be an issue, and the foxes too.. I live right next to a narrow strip of forest preserve with a bike trail and we have coyotes and foxes.. I don't know if my 6'fence would help.. however in the winter right across the trail we have a farmers field that has hundreds of Canadian Geese every winter, could be Christmas dinner if things get real bad..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#108 Jul 31, 2009
Tough Love wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe they close the door? Raccoons are the biggest problem.
Chickens are great bug eaters and will polish off any mosquito, slug, grub or beetle they can get their beaks on. Unfortunately they have a marvelous time shredding your garden to find them.
Garden or yard?? I have a garden but it's also fenced in with 4' chicken wire..and gate.. but your right about raccoons my neighbor had 3 or 4 Roosters they would follow him all over but something got at them we also have ground hogs.. it's kinda like a zoo now that I think about it..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#109 Jul 31, 2009
rob wrote:
This is nothing new. I grew up in the north center area of chicago. My grandfather and father alwasya told us that most people in the area years ago had chicken coops in their back well as eahc neighborhood had a grocery store, bakery, butcher,cleaner, etc within walking distance. now that was green. Now you wee some of these stores opening back up and you think their re-inventing something new.
Isn't that the truth.. I was born and raised in the Bridgeport/McKinley area we had a store on the corner where they actually sold fresh meat and other food items.. fact there was one on almost every corner and across from them was the local bar (very few DUI's is my guess).. my grandfather told me that he threw out the old coffee grounds into the yard because it was good for the soil as were eggs shells.. I have always done that and I have a beautiful garden.. although I had to move out of Chicago to get a decent size yard..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#110 Jul 31, 2009
Lettemeatcake wrote:
@Jim Psssst. Debt and economic stability are related, at least in theory.
Also, one could argue that the increase in at-home food production is tied to economic fears, i.e. if I can't buy food, I'd better grow my own.
If you accept that, then you can say that the bad economy = people raising chickens. Taking one more step, you could then say the causative factors behind the bad economy, have resulted, quite literally, in the chickens coming home to roost.
This isn't about politics. You have to eat to live.
What you mean the food doesn't just appear on the store shelves?? people don't understand the concept that it is very rewarding to grow, can and eat food you put love and work into.. most are so void of having REAL pride they want to be catered to which is EGO not PRIDE.. I do it so I KNOW what is in my food and WHERE my food came from.. it beats sitting on ones rear and watching AMERICAN IDOL.. you start seeds in Feb/March and plant outside in May season runs depending on the weather into sometimes early October.. by then you need a rest for the holidays and start over again..and it beats having to spend hours at a gym to burn calories..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#111 Jul 31, 2009
ILikeThisIdea wrote:
I think this is cool. I'd like to know where these people keep the chickens in the winter? In the basement? In a Chicken hotel?
Just called my ma she was raised on a farm until she was about 14 when my grandparents moved into the city.. she said you have to have a coop comparative to the amount of chickens you have and if it gets really cold all they did was put a light bulb in the coop.. apparently the chickens huddle in the cold like people without heat do..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#112 Jul 31, 2009
Cicero Unga wrote:
The city can make some good $$$$ by requiring licesning of the chickens, like for dogs. Each chicken can get a tag to wear around it's neck for, say $25 a year. If a million chickens get registered in Chicago, that an extra 25 million !!
Kiss off the city gets enough money from taxes and fees.. besides it's food.. even if you don't eat it..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#113 Jul 31, 2009
DaveB wrote:
<quoted text>
When I was a kid in Maine, we raised chickens; had about 200 at a time, for eggs and meat.(We ate lots of eggs; so did the neighbors.) Never had trouble with coyotes, but the raccoons were a plague. That is, until my Dad went out with his deer rifle one night and mowed a few of them down.
Raccoon is tasty, too; tastes like chicken.
Better remember how your ma cooked it might be handy if the economy gets worse...
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#114 Jul 31, 2009
kitty wrote:
My landlord had 2 chickens running all over the yard, stinking up everything and pooping all over the place. I finally called my alderman's office. The chickens were picked up by Animal Control the next day. And I would do it again if I had to. If you raised chickens where you lived in the past, then go back there if you want to raise them again.
how long did it take to get evicted?? why didn't you just move?? OH ya you THOUGHT it was your building right..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#115 Jul 31, 2009
Liam S wrote:
Several times I have come home to our condo in Albany park, to find a random chicken walking down the street. I'm somewhat comforted that this phenomena is not restricted to my neighborhood.
Guess someone didn't know you were suppose to clip the wings..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#116 Jul 31, 2009
Yoa wrote:
Let's spread disease and other nasty bugs around because folks want chickens. There is a reason we have farms.
Ya because most people are to LAZY to do anything that looks like real WORK..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#117 Jul 31, 2009
Jeyman wrote:
Yeah, I can't tell you how much I've been waiting to eat a nice fresh egg some friggin' chicken just **** out.
Well lucky for you they have that crap they sell at the stores.. enjoy..
Independent Voter Joliet

Joliet, IL

#118 Jul 31, 2009
CRS wrote:
Eggs are on sale this week at Krogger $2/ 5 doz. Not sure how much chicken feed you can get for $2.
ever had FRESH eggs?? the Krogger's don't have ANYTHING that can compare.. and when you buy them from a farm they are more expensive and well worth it..

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