Chicago, America's most segregated bi...

Chicago, America's most segregated big city

There are 1792 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Dec 26, 2008, titled Chicago, America's most segregated big city. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

First of three parts The paths taken by Colin Lampark and Rosalyn Bates help illustrate why Chicago is the most racially segregated big city in America.

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Southbury, CT

#26 Dec 26, 2008
NW Suburb Homeowner wrote:
As a white NW suburb homeowner, my family welcomed the diversity when a black family moved in next door. Unfortunately, the stereotype began to play out true. It wasn't long before the grass was left uncut, trash was left out on the lawn all week, snow is never shoveled, several junk cars are always left out. For several years the police were called to the house while the family's teenagers were growing up. People come and go all hours of the day and night - we suspect drug dealing. Worst of all the house looks like hell. No one will ever want to buy our house should we decide to sell. Too bad this particular family played right into our stereotypes. That's why we prefer to remain segregated.
If you are telling the truth, one family equals the whole race? Therefore, every African in America should be suspicious of all Caucasian Americans because of a negative experience? No. Your post is at best ignorant. However, I do believe segregration is a solution.

Chicago, IL

#28 Dec 26, 2008
People want to complain about racism, leave the country and you'll find out what racism is. How segregated is China, the middle east, russia, south america, etc. Get over it you guilt ridden Americans. We set the standard for tolerance in this country. Don't let the media try to convince you otherwise.
Nikki Patin

Lansing, IL

#29 Dec 26, 2008
I've thought about that often over the years and my answer is really simple: treat people how you'd want to be treated. I strive to do that. It works sometimes. Sometimes, to me, is better than never. I don't think the responsibility is solely on one group, but it's got to start somewhere. I think that empathy goes a long way in understanding how people feel and the way they act. You can't paint entire groups with one brush. That's counter-productive. I think that dialogue is important...most of the racist people I've interacted with can't even admit their racism, nor comprehend how it affects people. I think we need to get it all out on the table, then figure out why people feel the way they do, then decide that we're all human first and then act out of that humanity. That's a start.

Since: Aug 08

Chicago IL

#30 Dec 26, 2008
WTF wrote:
"While whites are willing to vote for Obama, they aren't nearly as interested in living in neighborhoods rich in color."

While on a bicycle trip in southern Mississippi several years ago, I heard an interesting observation:

In the south, the whites don't mind the blacks getting close, they just don't want them to get big.

In the north, the whites don't mind the blacks getting big, they just don't want them to get close.

I think there's some truth in that.


#31 Dec 26, 2008
This again??


You think you know how people *should* live? Take care of your own life and leave everyone else alone.
The real- really

New York, NY

#32 Dec 26, 2008
I am a Bronzeville resident of 2yrs and am happy about the diversity coming to the area. I have a number of white neighbors and they seem to be happy about where they are. Our block and the surronding blocks are quiet and there havent been any problems that I am aware of. The area is a bargain relative to the North side. The current state of financial markets has slowed growth as in every other area but when retail starts moving again it will be one of the hotter areas in the city for real estate..


#34 Dec 26, 2008
Why the compulsive need to lump everyone into skin-color groups and analyze?

We are individuals. Plenty of all flavors who are good and/or bad.

Collective identity is a scam.
Nifty Louie

Loves Park, IL

#35 Dec 26, 2008
Don't really see the point. Racism is officially over now. This article seeks to keep it alive. I've been hunting for real estate for the past year and half. Has anyone seen the south side lately? All the new developments down there. they are all cheaper than in equally white neighborhoods. I've seen alot of black people pull out of these nice new condos/houses and into some nice cars. So its bull to say that housing prices end up lower than in white neighborhoods, lack of equity, yaddy yaddy yadda, because the argument to that is that da blacks are achieving a higher standard of living at a lower cost than whites. They should be proud and protective of this. What about jobs, I don't know, they all must be working, because I drive around sometimes in the southside, and I see alot of neighborhoods that look decent and kept up, which means most of em are working, probably for the city. I challenge anyone to visit East St.Louis or North St. Louis. You can write an article about inequity and segregation there, but for Chicago, I say this article bull, and I say this writer should keep out. signing off, Nifty Louie, Milwaukee Ave USA
Big City Folks

Addison, TX

#36 Dec 26, 2008
I've always found it ironic that small town america is painted in such a racist light when it is actually the large metro areas that are the problem.

The two most racist cities in america are Chicago and Boston. Forget about the deep south, its the "progressive" northern cities that are far and away the most segregated and racist.
Nifty Louie

Loves Park, IL

#37 Dec 26, 2008
PJR wrote:
Why the compulsive need to lump everyone into skin-color groups and analyze?
We are individuals. Plenty of all flavors who are good and/or bad.
Collective identity is a scam.
Life is like an ice cream shop, don't ever deny to yourself the fact that 31 flavors exist.:)
Nifty Louie

Loves Park, IL

#38 Dec 26, 2008
American First wrote:
God's chosen can't live around Satan's chosen people.
You know what sir, I served 6 years in the Air force, currently in the Guard. I love America, but I don't love you. I don't like Chicago or do I not like Obama, but this garbage is living proof of the type of trash you really are.

Chicago, IL

#39 Dec 26, 2008
I just can't believe the Trib does not edit these blogs. Readers have freedom of speech, but you have freedom to publish.

Your other papers--Sun-Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sun do a much better job.

Glenview, IL

#40 Dec 26, 2008
Nikki Patin wrote:
I think you're all deluded. As a mixed-race, Black-identified person who grew up in the South Suburbs BEFORE White flight, I can tell you that it was NOT a nice place to live. I got called the n-word to my face, Aunt Jemima and then got punished for getting upset at being called these slurs while in a public institution of learning. Our family friends, also Black, who lived in South Holland got crosses burned on their lawn and petitions passed to get them to move out. The high school in Lansing, IL, had a Confederate flag for their high school flag until 1993. My family still lives in the same area and I still feel just as uncomfortable because the hostility from most Whites in Chicago (and the surrounding suburbs) has been and still is palpable. I can see it, I can feel it and I hate it. There's nothing civilized, nice or quality about unmitigated hatred. I was an honors student who never had a detention and followed all the rules, only to be ignored by ignorant teachers and harassed by ignorant peers. I've traveled a lot and Chicago is way more uptight about race than NYC, LA, SF, Miami, even Nashville and Atlanta. Sigh. I was born and raised in this city and have lived everywhere, on every side...even the much fabled, but definitely real, East side, where all the ghosts of the steel mills rest. What I hate the most is feeling like I'm a stranger/outsider to the city that gave birth to me, my Mother and my Father. I love Chicago, but I don't think it feels the same way about me.:{
Nikki Patin, how right you are! I grew up in poverty on the south side of the city. I 'escaped' by joining the military, educating myself and establishing a comfortable living for myself. I lived in the north suburb of Glenview which is tolerant but minimally so. So, I decided to move south to the Homewood/Flossmoor area and received the shock of my life. These folks are worse than those up north. I'm looking to sell but with the economic downturn, finding a buyer is hard. I can't wait to get out of here. My kids are treated the same way you were. They are smart well mannered children and have had their spirits damaged (schools, neighbors, etc). All are under age 14. I can deal with it because I grew up in the city and am tough but I don't want my kids to get used to being belittled. I spend a lot of time in damage control. It's a shame. I can't wait to get out of here. I will be looking for a private school for the kids. It's too bad that Marva Collins' school went under due to lack of funding. All I can say is try to SAVE YOUR CHILDREN.

United States

#41 Dec 26, 2008
Crime, shootings, muggings, etc.- since when did these social ills become exclusive to the Black community? You had better believe crime happens in White neigborhoods as well (e.t., shooting up your in laws and burn them because of marital problems). No doubt there are too many crimes in Black neighborhoods and we had better find ways to eliminate this nonsense, but don't sleep on the horrifc stuff that happens in white communities, too. There are MANY crack dealers and users there.

Bloomfield, CT

#42 Dec 26, 2008
Oh, shut up! People like to live around people they know or relate to. This tends to create segregated areas. If the media stopped trying to make race an issue, most of us would forget about it.
No Longer Viable


#43 Dec 26, 2008
This is hardly 'news.' Chicago's been THE most segregated major city in America for a long - long time. When I was growing up IN Chicago {north-side} we could take a map of Chicago and draw the lines down to which side of the street the boundaries were. Mayor Daley {senior} enforced strict 'do not pass' this 'line' enforcement for minorities. We whites knew NOT to go south of the Board of Trade, nor west of the Kennedy {and it's still pretty much the same}- 50 years hence.
The minority dwellers from their pockets on the north-side {e.g.the Green, Uptown and a handful of other places} have been moved south. The southern suburbs have been relegated to 'public' housing {Robbins, Harvey, Maywood, Dolton, Crestwood, Hazel Wood, Ford Heights, etc} and are the poorest communities in the state, as well as being Stroger's constituency.
And it's no different in the city,'neighborhoods' like Englewood, Pilsen, Logan Square, Lawndale, Humbolt Park, Jackson Park, Woodlawn, etc, are non-white; and the whites live from Deaborn Park on north, and mostly east of the Kennedy heading up the North Shore.
The African American 'community' in the Chicago area is overtly dysfunctional. Those who attain an education leave, and who can blame them. The gangs, unemployment, lack of retail services [grocery stores, etc] in poor neighborhods, crime and filth in minority communities speak for themselves. As do the store-front churches where the women hide their heads in the their bibles - instead of making demands on their men. African American women are enablers, they 'enable' their men to be... what they are. As for the Hispanic communities, Chicago's decision not to enforce federal laws and to allow hundreds of thousands of illegals in the 'sanctuary city' imposes huge brudens on those taxpayers left in the city.
No, Chicago's a racist and segregated city on the tipping point. The substantial number of disenfranchised - regardless of reason, makes Chicago a top-heavy pyramid where the ever fewer and fewer numbers of those with means have been leaving for decades. Failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, crime, absurd political policies [e.g. not allowing upstanding members of the community to conceal and carry firearms], absurdly high taxes [sales, real-estate, et al] are driving those who can/have the means to go elsewhere and will - eventually, kill the city. Chicago could easily become another Detroit, Washington, DC, New Orleans, etc, and it's high time to reduce the burdens on taxpayers, as well as to address the failing schools [all of the money in the world won't save 'em the way they ARE], etc, etc.
Chicago, Mississippi ain't got nothing on us.

Chicago, IL

#44 Dec 26, 2008
A huge "So What?"

As a Caucasian, do you expect me to move to an area with a disprorportionate number of criminal predators despite the fact that many good people also reside therein?

Take your "politically correct diversity" and put it where the sun don't shine". KEEP IT REAL!

I live in Lincoln Park. If anyone can afford the prices and act civilized, move in.
This is not News

Central District, Hong Kong

#45 Dec 26, 2008
So the story is people like to live by people who look like them? This is news?

This has always been true, and is hardly black and white only. Polish live by other Polish, Chinese by other Chinese, Mexicans by other Mexicans, Arab by Arab, etc....

What is in the Trib tomorrow? News on Eisenhower's election? Invention of the wheel? Seriously.

Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

#46 Dec 26, 2008
I am hispanic, employed, single mom with three teenagers. That's four strikes against me. Everywhere I went I was turned down for decent apartments. Automatically I was thought of as an illegal immigrant (puertorricans are citizens), immoral (I go to church 3 times a week) couldn't afford the rent ( you'd be surprised at how much a veterinary asistant makes) with hoodlum kids (all honor roll). So I left Chicago, I was planning on going back, but after reading this, I'm worried.

Plainfield, IL

#47 Dec 26, 2008
If I pay to live in a certain area, why should I have to tolerate free loading section 8 ghetto trash in my neighborhood?

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